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  1. dave54

    We;ve been a little busy

    Making Supresatto with cyceltrash finally done ,100 lbs hanging to dry
  2. dave54

    another smoker hooked

    Built a 16 gallon smoker for my friends daughter and husband so they could get into smoking too. For their first attempt ,they smoked a 10 pound picnic ham and did an awesome job!  Neither one left the smoker the whole smoke and babysat the smoker from start to finish to make sure her Dad...
  3. dave54

    I need to go back to work

    This is what happens when you're off work too long and have a food saver broken and you steal the piston pump out of it , grab the transformer from the train set to control the motor speed and hook it up to a smoke generate  Transformer on High on low
  4. dave54

    uh oh!

    Wasn't me . didn't have anything to do with it.
  5. dave54

    cream cheese /pecans

    cold smoked 10 with pecans (with brown sugar) and 5 plain crushed pecans with brown sugar (2tb spoons butter and 1/2 cup brown sugar in a sauce pan over the pecans) ready to go in the smoker smokin! ( Apple) wrapped in foil  (Julia Childs' cook book hint says it will last in foil)...
  6. dave54

    canadian bacon : first try Question

    Picked up the bacon cure from Cabala's (Cabala's Smokehouse & Butcher Shop) and the 8# pork loin from Sam's club   My question is if I do the liquid brine, is one gallon enough to do 8 # of loin ? I thought for my first time the premixed route would be the simplest . Seems like 1 gallon isn't...
  7. dave54

    Another converted

    Got another friend into smoking and I told him I'd post pictures of his UDS when he got it done ,so here you go Gail!  The Weber grill he got free at a scrap yard ,fittings,drum and metal for the charcoal basket he got from raiding his Dad's garage and all together I think he has less than 30...
  8. dave54

    Weber score!!

    Was working 12 hour days and wife felt sorry for me  Now I'm gonna take a nap! 
  9. dave54


    I've been slacking on the Q-view and smoking lately so here's a little spam I threw on the MES while finishing up some peach marmalade i was canning . Made a nice snack while watching the last half of the game
  10. dave54

    ini fridge cold smoker

    Pops6927 made one a while back and I just got the old fridge from a buddy. Thanks Pops !!!! Here's the link to his http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/96435/old-mini-fridge-into-an-a-maze-n-cold-smoker     Gutted it and made a smoke generator from an old propane cylander.(took both...
  11. dave54

    Got an electical question

    Can I hook up a light dimmer switch to a fish tank pump to controll the pump?    Any input would be helpful.       Thanks' Dave
  12. dave54

    Sunday chicken and abts

    added the abts after about 1 1/2 hours {stuffed with smoked cream cheese} 
  13. dave54

    First smoke

    Built another one for another friend and his wife sent me this on his cell phone today, His first smoke  getting it ready for ribs here's some pics after painting with 2 lids
  14. dave54

    Weekend brisket

    the smokers . wsm and Gus's UDS jr Gus's uds worked as good as the wsm !Built it for him the first part of summer and he love's it (won't let me put legs on it because it makes for a great conversation at his campground ) He likes the rustic look  on the smokers smoked stuffed...
  15. dave54

    Cheese stash

    I can't keep ahead of the cheese heads so I smoked 9 blocks of cream cheese and 2 swiss,2 provolone and 2 monterey jack. The cream cheese goes quick,my wife mixes it with different jellies and sweet pickle relish and peppers for a dip and my buddy's daughter  likes it plain and uses Bugels to...
  16. dave54

    Another UDS

    Just finished this one for a friend ,lucked out by getting the last Grill from Big Lots for the lid .Got another started for another Buddy ,going to have to use the Lid that came with it 'till we find another source for domed lids.  Wallly world didnt have anything close to fit the second one...
  17. dave54

    Pittsburg area smoker on craigs list

    I was looking on Craigs list this morning and ran across this http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/app/1895591649.html
  18. dave54

    This has me thinking

    I think this could be my next project to make into a smoker  ( the kit to make a double)...
  19. dave54

    UDS had to build another !

    I  built one out of a 30 gallon drum and just couldn't help myself!  This one is built from one those patio fire places and a 29 dollar BBq grill for the lid which fits over the barrel perfect . Here it seasoning with the tbs. Cant't wait to use it!   
  20. dave54

    weber customer service

        I'm glad my wife got me the smokey mountain smoker!!  The bottom of my smoker had some of the porcelain coming off and everytime I've used it, it keeps getting bigger '.  Just talked to them and they are sending a new one!!!!  Got to love Weber!!!!
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