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  1. triplebq

    Anybody own a Lang ?

    Am looking at buying a new trailer smoker and am looking closely at a Lang. For my budget I think they are excellent but would like to know everybody's opinion or suggest another brand . Thank You Buddy
  2. triplebq

    Q-view of my Last smoke " A Brisket"

    My last weekend smoke a brisket . Pecan wood used during the smoke . Rub was my own homemade . Smoked on an old Brinkman converted to wood use . Flavor profile was dead on , moisture was very good and the burnt ends were goner before I finished slicing ! I smoked it trimmed side up and fat side...
  3. triplebq

    Be sure ( like winter ) to check on the OLDER friends & family in this HEAT ~

    Hey old friends and new friends alike . Please be sure and check on the older people in your life with this record heat . This heat is just as bad as cold . In closing I am good, still raising my daughter alone, still smoking, added catering ( which keeps me very busy ) & fishing every chance I...
  4. triplebq

    What YA cooking for the weekend ? In Texas we have 77 degree weather &

    In Texas we have a great weekend inline and I am smoking a prime brisket from Mill Street Market in Lewisville Tx . I also plan on smoking some chicken to take for my lunch next week . Plus while I am smoking I plan on doing some bass fishing .... I hope each of you has a great weekend and...
  5. triplebq

    My TIP of the Winter

    Make damn sure the CAT is out of the dryer before starting it !  Just Sayin . Yes I have been missing in action but I now have internet back at home so hopefully I will be around a little more .
  6. triplebq

    Chisoxjim ~To all "Mother's Day Butt Smoke "QVIEW"

    chisoxjim ~ Some Qview of Mother's day butt smoke . This is my 3rd attempt at Qview . These are some pics taken Saturday and thne early Sunday of Mother's Day smoke . The little WATT burner got it done yet again . I own three on these things . They put my cajun electric smoker to shame . Now...
  7. triplebq

    Happy Mother's Day to all moms & What Ya cookin this weekend ?

    Happy Mom's day to all our moms from TripleBQ and what are you guys cooking for mom ? Have great weekend ! TripleBQ
  8. triplebq

    Happy Birthday FATBACK JOE ~

    Be safe you old buzzer ~ lmao Happy b-day and rock the pit this weekend .
  9. triplebq

    Where's the smoke this weekend & what ya smoking ?

    I am doing a brisket while doing outside yard work ( trimming downed trees ) .
  10. triplebq

    Spring BASS Fishing in Texas

    I took my daughter fishing and this but a sampling of the fish we caught ~ Gotta love fishing and bbqing ~ And YES I always take the camera fishing cause we catch and releash most of our catch back to be caught another day . My daughter caught this monster on a Zebco 202 with 8lb test...
  11. triplebq

    Mabank Texas tornado damage

    My home town was hit hard Friday night by an f1 tornado . I lost 7 large trees off 3 acres of land but escaped with no home damage . I did lose the lid off my Brinkman Electrci smoker . At my last count there are still 36 light poles in town broken in half , roofs gone off several homes , one...
  12. triplebq

    My tip of the week save on your water bill

    I just finished a three month test of water usage . I cut 20 bucks a month off my water bill by setting my washing machine water leavel to medium instead of large . Two things happened ... my clothes came out cleaner and I cut my water bill . Less water in the drum allows the machine to agitate...
  13. triplebq

    GOOD Morning Friends ! What's Smoking this weekend ?

    Hey just a shout out to all of my fellow smokers . I won't be doing any cooking this weekend as I am going to my son's track meet . With that said I was wondering what you guys and gals are cooking ~ Buddy
  14. triplebq

    Kroger Ribs

    My local Kroger has pork spare ribs for 97cents a pound . I bought 5 racks for just over 26.oo dollars and some change last night . The sign says everyday low price and I did not see an ad for these ..
  15. triplebq

    Qview from last Sunday ~ enjoy

    I will let the Qview do my talking on this one .
  16. triplebq

    For The Record

    My Easter brunch ended up serving a 199 people . I cooked four butts and served beans . Ran out of everything and ended up serving grilled hot dogs with cheese , beans , carmalized onions finely chopped for uers choice . All in all a great day . Thanks for all of the ideals .
  17. triplebq

    Sweet TATORS ~ How to ??????????

    I have been asked to cook sweet tators .. I don't even eat sweet tators so I need to know how you cook them . Thanks for the space
  18. triplebq

    Attention in the pits ~ Albertson's has 97 cent lb briskets

    Albertson's has 97 cent lb briskets ..... full packers
  19. triplebq

    Serious help & suggestions needed

    It seems my church had an oversight and called me last night . Problem ~ they someone to cater a brunch for 50 up to 100 people Sunday @ 10:00 am . Well they called me and I accepted . NOW WHAT ? The good news is that they are having a sunrise service @ 5:30 am serving a large buffet breakfast...
  20. triplebq

    Anyone Watch Man Vs Food ?

    It comes on the Travel channel and this dude eats some really huge meals . To me it's kinda a take off of Triple D on the Foodnetwork . I really enjoy it . My question is this : Last evening I recorded the show and the guy eating a 40" brat .. boom I lost the show .. did he finish it ? lol
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