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  1. triplebq

    Anybody own a Lang ?

    Thanks guys !
  2. triplebq

    Anybody own a Lang ?

    Am looking at buying a new trailer smoker and am looking closely at a Lang. For my budget I think they are excellent but would like to know everybody's opinion or suggest another brand . Thank You Buddy
  3. triplebq


    Yes sir. I would look at about five hours depending on your smoking temp to be safe. You can always pull'em ,wrap them and let them rest in a towel in your cooler. What time are we eating ?
  4. triplebq

    Lets talk sand vs water!

    I have always used water without any problems what so ever. I also have never had any excessive creosote build up . Just keep on smoking, we all have different ways to do things. Keep trying until you find your happy zone.
  5. triplebq

    More smoke in the meat...

    You could simply try going to Mesquite Wood which gives off a stronger wood taste in most cases. I don't use anything except the moisture of the brisket for my rub to stick to it on briskets. I do however use mustard on Pork Butts for a base for the rub. Sometimes I use Jack Daniel wood chips...
  6. triplebq

    No Fatcap Brisket?

       Just a thought here , You could cut the point off now and butterfly it . Then lay it on top of the flat for the fat of the point to melt through your flat . Most points have a high fat content . Enjoy it !  
  7. triplebq

    No Fatcap Brisket?

    Bacon makes anything taste better . Did you buy a flat or a packer ?
  8. triplebq

    Transporting Meat

    Man staying at a REAL house is like cheating ... Have fun , enjoy the race ..
  9. triplebq

    Transporting Meat

    I am first and foremost a country redneck. I would not slice the brisket,leave it whole. Refridgerate and not freeze it. Set it out like under the back glass so the sun will hit while you are driving and serve it room temp . You will love it this way .  Just make sure you drain off any talo (...
  10. triplebq

    Q-view of my Last smoke " A Brisket"

     Hope you got it before i took it off .
  11. triplebq

    Q-view of my Last smoke " A Brisket"

        A teacher drilled that into me . Set yourself a flavor profile and try to duplicate it each smoke . I think it is the rub and the pecan wood does the rest . Thanks to all .
  12. triplebq

    Success of a bbq related store?

    After re-reading your post I offer you this place BACKYARD BASH http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=beth's%20backyard%20bbq%20supplies&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CEUQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbackyardbashkc.com%2Fabout-us%2F&ei=fPVPT6PIIcqIsgLx0bioDg&usg=AFQjCNHNKz7cBZNnCtR14lp03SbJWb6ubA  . They are...
  13. triplebq

    Q-view of my Last smoke " A Brisket"

    T H A N KS
  14. triplebq

    Favorite BBQ Sauce!

    This one works well for me !   I change it somewhat to make it my own but this is a good basic bbq sauce . reminds me of Sweet baby Ray's and Bull's Eye Bold mixed half and half . Ingredients1 1/2 cups brown sugar1 1/2 cups ketchup 1/2 cup apple cider1/2 cup water1 tablespoon Worcestershire...
  15. triplebq


    T H A N K S for sharing .
  16. triplebq

    What does everyone think of Sam's club meats?

      S A M E  here !  
  17. triplebq

    Success of a bbq related store?

         I wasn't trying to offend you
  18. triplebq

    Success of a bbq related store?

    There are several in this area . But as with any other store there is always room for one more ! The path I would take is to open a BBQ joint that happens to sell this line of goods . That way you have a profit margin off the food you sell while growing the retail side of selling the hardware ...
  19. triplebq

    New chick on board

    Welcome to SMF ! Be sure and sign up for the 5day e course as it is packed with info . Look forward to reading your stories !
  20. triplebq

    Q-view of my Last smoke " A Brisket"

    My last weekend smoke a brisket . Pecan wood used during the smoke . Rub was my own homemade . Smoked on an old Brinkman converted to wood use . Flavor profile was dead on , moisture was very good and the burnt ends were goner before I finished slicing ! I smoked it trimmed side up and fat side...
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