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  1. ofelles

    Yoder Smoker YS640s or new Broil King Regal or something else?!

    On a couple of other forums. Actually the same person, different forums (not sure I'm allowed to mention names). The reviews are good his biggest con is no probe port. My response comes from; so far it look like it doesn't do anything better than the Yoder, including searing. Also in my...
  2. ofelles

    Grilled cheese sloppy dawg

    would never have thought of that combo, but now I must have one.
  3. ofelles

    Yoder Smoker YS640s or new Broil King Regal or something else?!

    To bad you had to dive so far to be disappointed. In the long run you'll be much happier. You'll get what you what and hopefully buy from an honest dealer. Either they don't know what they're selling or don't care. Either way buyer beware. I'm starting to hear some reviews of the new Weber...
  4. ofelles

    Should I update my Yoder?

    I, also, will probably wait for a problem with my YS640 before I upgrade. But by the reports, thanks Alphonse, it's worth the costs.
  5. ofelles

    Yoder Smoker YS640s or new Broil King Regal or something else?!

    Go with the Yoder. I have an older non s model (non Fireboard controller). It has preformed perfectly in the 2 years I have owned it. And as mentioned already it built like a tank.
  6. ofelles

    New to the forum. Hello from CA

    Another Nor Cal welcome from the Delta.
  7. ofelles

    Super Bowl Tickets!!

    Should'a seen it coming! You got me!
  8. ofelles

    New smoker coming

    I wanted the charcoal/wood profile so that ruled out electric and gas. I want quality and efficiency so that ruled out non-insulated and cheap. Spent some time reading people's reviews of different cabinets. I looked at the websites and asked some questions of the builders. Some of the...
  9. ofelles

    New smoker coming

    will do definitely will do Will Squared and 73saint thanks for the likes
  10. ofelles

    New smoker coming

    After doing a lot of research I decided a charcoal cabinet smoker would work better for me than a stick burner. I pulled the trigger yesterday on a LSG large insulated cabinet. Now comes the hard part about 10 weeks wait! Really looking forward to getting and cooking on this beast.
  11. ofelles


    I hesitate making enchiladas because of all the labor also. That looks so much easier. I have to put this in line the mac&cheese I'm making tomorrow. Thanks
  12. ofelles

    Bacon, potato, & leek soup

    That look real good. I always add more meat that the recipe calls for. Does that make me a real carnivore?
  13. ofelles

    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome from the Delta. Originally from San Jose. To heck with them just smoke! I've been lucky and no comments. I'd probably tell them to go talk to one on the rocks in my front yard because it cares about there opinion more than I do.
  14. ofelles

    Smoked Deep Dish Spicy Italian Casserole (Lotsa Pics)

    Late to the game. That looks great! On to the must try list! thanks
  15. ofelles

    Gumbo time! Chicken and Andouille

    I'd eat 2 bowls of that! Gumbo=good
  16. ofelles

    Zuppa Toscana

    looks delicious and filling. I will have to try it with spinach instead of the kale. Thanks!
  17. ofelles

    Cassoulet Cook

    Cassoulets are great. That looks and sounds great. Made Dartagnan Foods recipe a while back. It was a big hit at a potluck
  18. ofelles

    Recommendations (with recipes if you'll share!) for first smoke

    Pork butt is very forgiving. Plenty of recipes on here.
  19. ofelles

    New to the Game

    Agree with above post. The feel of probing is the best indicator. Temp can be anything from 190F to 205F Get a leave in probe and thermometer like a Smoke or Signals by Thermoworks which will allow you to see where the meat is at and start probing at 190F.
  20. ofelles

    Lang Clone Complete

    Nice looking build. Hope this burn works!
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