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  1. fpmich

    test 2

    test 2 test 2
  2. fpmich

    Results of removing some mods, for stick burning.

    Well, my idea about which stuff to take out of modded smoker, was right on!  IT WORKED MUCH better for stick burning.  I've still got a ways to go to learn this stuff, but I think I am on the right path now.  Thank you Cliff Carter. and others, for all your help and patience. See this thread to...
  3. fpmich

    Chuck Roast took 10 1/2 HOURS! Yikes!

    Anyone ever have some chuck roasts (about 3+ lb. each) take this long to cook? I smoked 5 chuck roasts for a benefit fund raiser dinner item.  4 of them were about 3 lb. or more each.  One was smaller at 1 3/4 lb. At 6 3/4 hours, two of them were done with IT of 200*-205*.  The smaller one...
  4. fpmich

    Question's & more following probably, on using cure #1 in sausage.

    1.  If I cut meat to fit throat of grinder, and cure it first.  (as in Pop's Brine, or a dry brine, for time appropriate to size of meat pieces)  Would it be okay to then grind and add spices as I grind, then just mix a bit more, and leave in fridge to meld overnight before stuffing. 2.  Does...
  5. fpmich

    Ribs and Chicken Quarters

    I've finally got to smoking again, between too high of heat.& humidity days, and now between rains. The last three smokes I've done has been a pleasure in spite of heat and humidity.  I quit worrying about side to side, or top to bottom, temps so much.  As long as chamber stays consistent...
  6. fpmich

    Do mods help? Really?

    We all like to do the mods.  They are fun, and we think we making our CG fool proof.  I'm as guilty as most are. But I think for the most part we just fooling ourselves.  I've tried a lot of things.  Side to side temp regulation for starters.  Every time I think I have it nailed down, on the...
  7. fpmich

    1st smoke of the year.... Man am I late!

    Cold rainy spring and other things kept me from the smoker this year, but I finally got the first smoke of the year under my belt. One rack of ribs, and three chuck eyes.  I took the chuck to about 180* and will freeze for future dinners.  Stopping just short of "done" will let me roast them in...
  8. fpmich

    1st smoke of the year - 06-14-2016. Yeah, I'm late.

    Cold rainy spring and other things kept me from the smoker this year, but I finally got the first smoke of the year under my belt. One thing I noticed was the top rack vs bottom grates ran between 40* & 50* hotter on top rack without any meat in smoker.  When I added the meat, and the temp...
  9. fpmich

    TIP for shaved dried beef, or SOS

    I usually slice my dried beef for SOS on my slicer.  But I only had about a half lb left in freezer, and didn't want to have to deal cleaning the slicers for so little meat. Now I know my mandolin slicer says not to use for slicing meat, but what the heck...I'll try it. Worked better than the...
  10. fpmich

    mechanically tenderized meat? 140* in 4 hrs?

    Does the 140* in 4 hour rule apply to mechanically tenderized meat?  1. Store, or processing plant, mechanically tenderized meats? 2. Home mechanically tenderized meats using a Jaccard? 3. Is any meat mechanically tenderized safe for smoking longer before reaching 140* in under 4 hours...
  11. fpmich

    Arm cut chuck roast, (Boneless English cut)

    Arm cut chuck roast, (Boneless English cut) is how it is described in their AD. Label after picking my roasts from the meat case only shows this. I bought 4, almost 2 inches thick, with a cartilage seems down the middle and at ends. (thinking of buying more before sale runs out.  Can always...
  12. fpmich

    Internal temp of smoked salmon

    Fall is a long way off before my son brings me some more Kings to smoke,  But I am already thinking about it.  May do a test run with expensive "store bought" wild salmon, if I can afford it. Two reputable sources recommends 120* to 125* as safe IT for salmon. America's Test Kitchen...
  13. fpmich

    I don't know about you guys...

    But I'm checking my meat labels more closely, before I tear open the package. LOL  
  14. fpmich

    Is a reverse switch important?

    I know it may be a goofy question, but just how important is a reverse switch on a grinder? When grinding just 5 or 10 lb. of meat, just how often do you really use it?  Just once, never, or multiple times avoiding to take apart grinder to clear cartilage, silver skin, or the like, out? I...
  15. fpmich

    1st smoked chucky for pot roast.

    I thought I had discover something new.   And was so proud of myself! Smoked Chucky only part way done, to use for pot roast later in winter. I bragged to wife, and got my attaboy's from her.  She LOVED the pot roast from it. Then before I decided to post it, I discovered through search, that...
  16. fpmich

    Is this true when using dry salt/sugar cure on fish?

    According to this site. http://www.meatsandsausages.com/fish/processing/curing if you use a dry cure mix... The processing time is shorter as fish does not need to be dried before the smoke is applied. Is this true?  You don't have to form pellicle when cold smoking? If it is, then I'm sure I...
  17. fpmich

    Give and recieve Points?

    I've been a member for awhile now and I still see no way to give points to a poster.  How do I do that?
  18. fpmich

    Double smoked ham on CG

    I've been double smoking hams for a long time.  First on my grill, then in the smoker when I got it.  It's all good.  I had always done them whole, and sometimes the smoke didn't penetrate deep enough for me. But, I got to thinking, why separate the ham after smoking for slicing and packing? ...
  19. fpmich

    why smoke after foiling any meat?

    Just a question I've been wondering about for some time. A lot of foiling goes on, after some meats are smoked to temp, or time.  Then we foil it and put it back in the smoker for X amount of time. Then we un-foil and still using the smoker, with or without smoke, to finish it.  My question...
  20. fpmich

    Safety of pre-cooking prime rib/ for later searing? OK or Not?

    ____________________________________________ My questions are: 1. Would I safe if I slow smoke a prime rib roast to 125* IT resting to 130* and freezing, or quick cool in freezer, then fridge, for later final searing? 2. Would this be an acceptable method, for transporting roast to another...
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