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  1. schlotz

    Leg of Lamb and smoke level ?

    Did a boneless leg couple of days ago. Nothing special just a paste of fresh thyme, garlic in oil slathered on the inside along with salt & CBP. Smoked at 275º for 2.5 hrs using a mixture of cherry & apple pellets. Pulled & rested for 10 min, then under the broiler for 5 min followed by...
  2. schlotz

    Transporting 4-5 dozen Pig-Shots best way?

    Well, I got roped into providing some appetizers for the our daughter's Thanksgiving spread. After smoking them for approx 2 hours, I need to package them up and dive for about 40 minutes. Looking for ideas of how best to get this accomplished without destroying them, ie keeping them intact...
  3. schlotz

    Holding a smoked to 115º Tri-Tip for 2-3 before reverse searing?

    Running into a situation where I'm being requested to prepare a Tri-Tip for a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter's house. The issue is travel time, etc.. which will end up having the Tri-Tip sit (obviously well wrapped in a cooler) for approximately 2-3 hours before it gets...
  4. schlotz

    Weber officially is entering the pellet smoker field

    https://www.engadget.com/2019/11/18/weber-smokefire-wifi-pellet-grill-announced/#/ https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/wood-pellet-grills/smokefire-series/#explore
  5. schlotz

    Chicken Pâté

    This has been a staple in the family for over 50 years. Try it once and you'll be hooked. Pâté - Chicken Liver Recipe By: Matt Serving Size: 12 Ingredients: 1.25 lb chicken livers, full container 1 1/2 Tbs chicken bouillon granules 1 tsp celery seed 7 Tbs mayonnaise, Hellman's Light 1/2 tsp...
  6. schlotz

    Piggy Shots - dang these disappear FAST!

    Smoked skinless sausage, bacon wrapped, cube of extra sharp cheddar, piped in mixture of cream cheese with 4 tbs of rub, plus sprinkled rub on top. Smoke 2 hours at 250-275º then get out of the way of hungry hands :emoji_sunglasses:
  7. schlotz

    Watching the Brisket climb

    Prime trimmed to 13# salt & pepper only and went on the MAK set to 275º at 6am. About an hour ago I lowered it to 250º as it was making too much head way. Currently IT is 176º, was going to wrap but don't want to speed this up any faster.
  8. schlotz

    Small brisket get even smaller

    I had tried out Crowd Cow an number of months back. Was reasonably pleased with the meat I had selected. In that purchase also was a brisket which has been in the freezer for a while so it was time to do something with it. Hadn't paid attention to its size until I removed it from the fridge...
  9. schlotz

    My Father's Scrapple

    Sometime in late fall my dad always made a triple batch of Scrapple. It never lasted the winter though. Seems to me we always ran out in late January. Scrapple Recipe By: Dutch Schlotzhauer Ingredients: 1 1/2 lbs pork shoulder steak 1 medium onion, finely chopped salt & pepper 6 cups water...
  10. schlotz

    What's on your menu for Xmas?

    We have our traditional dinner on Christmas Eve. I've done all sort of things over the years but this time I'm going back to one of the family's favorite. For appetisers it's smoked Moink Balls & Piggy Shots plus homemade Paté. Main meal is a Mixed Grill: Smoked & Reverse seared Tri-Tip, CSRs &...
  11. schlotz

    Smoke your turkey and have crispy skin!

    There is an easier way to get an excellent smoked turkey with yummy crispy skin too! A number of years ago I decided to use the gas grill with a rotisserie and the A-MAZE-N tube smoker. Set the grill to 350º, use indirect heat, ie no flame under the bird with the tube in the same area. If tight...
  12. schlotz

    Oh yeah, these short ribs are gonna be great!

    Went looking for some decent short ribs to braise slowly for 6-7 hours. Tonight's dinner's went in the pot at 1pm. See recipe in sig below. ;)
  13. schlotz

    Reviewing Brisket smoke notes & still wondering

    After having great success on a previous smoke and re-reading my notes on it, I started yesterday's run of a trimmed to 13.9# choice brisket. Basically ran at 275º grate temp and it probed tender at the 10 hour mark with an IT of 201º. Pulled, let is cool for 6 minutes then wrapped in foil and...
  14. schlotz

    Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

    Short Ribs Braised w/Red Wine Serving Size: 4 Summary: Haven't had too much luck attempting to smoke the small short rib pieces our local grocer carries but this recipe done slowly via crockpot (approx -7 hrs) has turned out some great eats! BTW: I don't use the optional leek & fennel, anymore...
  15. schlotz

    Finally, a brisket everyone liked!

    Like many, brisket has been my nemesis. While I've smoked many that have been acceptable, I never was satisfied that the end result was at least a 9 out 10. The son-in-law brought me a 13# Wagyu from a Ranger buddy of his (who has gone into raising cattle) and asked me to smoke it. Well, I was...
  16. schlotz

    4lb Butt vs 8-9 lb, how much faster

    I usually get my 8-9 lb butts done in 10-14 hours depending on what temp I smoke at. Tomorrow I have a 3.8 lb piece I'm planning to smoke most likely around the 225-235º range and I'm trying to figure a reasonable time to put it on considering at least an hour rest at the end. Would it be...
  17. schlotz

    Too much fussin' - go with naked ribs

    A number of years ago I got tired messing around with the 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 methods and went back to putting them on an leaving them until done. I won't say this is anything special but it's the recipe I've been using for quite some time with consistent success. BTW, signature has some sauces if...
  18. schlotz

    Cedar Salmon w/marinade

    Salmon on Cedar w/Dad's Marinade Recipe By: Matt Serving Size: 2 Summary: Dutch (my Dad) developed this wonderful marinade that allows the great flavor of the salmon to stand tall and not be covered up by over powering ingredients. Ingredients: Marinade: 4 Tbs olive oil, extra light 2 Tbs...
  19. schlotz

    So you want to try smoking your first Pork Butt

    There are many ways, and all of them can give great results. One of the reasons is that pork butts are very forgiving. Here is the recipe I usually pass on to those first starting with a smoker. The results are predictable and we haven't heard from anyone who hasn't enjoyed the end result. It's...
  20. schlotz

    Smoked Pork Loin - Rotisserie

    Rotisserie Smoked Pork Loin Roast What makes this so good is the flour capturing all the drippings and turning the outside into delicious gold. We go heavy on the lemon pepper. Enjoy, Matt Ingredients: 3 1/2 lb pork loin tied together to make a roast, fat side out 2 tbs salt, maybe 3 2 tbs...
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