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  1. jcam222

    Texas style beef chili and biscuits

    I have seen a few chili cooks on here lately that had me ready for some chili. @73saint posted on that got my attention so I decided to use it as a starting point for what I would do. https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/texas-brisket-chili/ First up was to make the chili sauce the recipe calls for...
  2. jcam222

    Valentines for my wife

    Desserts not really my forte but for Valentine’s Day I thought I’d give this a try. As many of you know my wife and I have been eating Keto style for well over a year. Her absolute favorite thing prior to that on Valentines days was Shari’s berries. I decided I’d do my best to recreate that Keto...
  3. jcam222

    Simple quick cod for supper

    Not a lot of time after work to do anything to crazy. I had bought a couple nice pieces of cod over the weekend to cook for my wife. Funny story I cooked this up and plated it just before her normal arrival time before remembering she had a dinner with her co workers after work! Very simple...
  4. jcam222

    Big Beef Shoulder clod smoke and some sides (lots of pics)

    Finally not feeling under the weather AND the weather itself is conducive to smoking. Its 30F , not snowing or raining and not a hint of wind. Feels like forever since I have fired up my 270 to do some food. Time to get going on the shoulder clod I bought a couple weeks ago. I am going to also...
  5. jcam222

    SV Sirloin Roast

    Well I have a few pieces of Piedmontese beef and decided the first thing I would try would be a sirloin roast. The roast weighs 2 lbs. I have not done much meat in the sous vide lately so decided to give that a shot. Here are a few pics along with way to the finish. The roast was beautiful...
  6. jcam222

    Leftover Rotisserie chicken goes Mexican

    Wanted to get out and fire the smoker up today but still feeling under the weather. Had to do something to pass the time and have seen a few posts on Mexican dishes lately that looked awesome. We love Mexican style foods and haven't whipped up any keto Mexican lately. I decided I would make a...
  7. jcam222

    Tuscan Soup and Garlic Parmesan Biscuits

    I am going to park this in sausage since the soup is sausage based. Not sure if this is the right forum or now :) I have had some kind of bug for the last couple of days and feel like crud. I am convinced that soup would make it all better so I started to scrounge around for ingredients. Had...
  8. jcam222

    Sams Club deal

    Saw this online and thought I’d share it if anyone is interested. I always use these deals for our membership. Usually route between me and my wife Year to year. Sign up for $45 and get $45 in instant savings...
  9. jcam222

    Breakfast smorgasbord for supper

    Love the new forum. Your posts over the last couple days made me crave some breakfast. I am not big on breakfast in the morning but I sure will tear it up for supper!! I have planned for some time now to create a keto version of sausage gravy and biscuits to go along with all the other goodies...
  10. jcam222

    Salmon patties and more

    Another rainy then snowy day with no specific plans. Decided as usual I might just play in the kitchen. My wife and I both love salmon patties and have not had them in ages. Went off to the store to buy a few things to combine with on hand items and leftovers. I did not have time to catch a step...
  11. jcam222

    Gyro sliders and Greek Salad

    I had a lot of lamb leftovers from the leg I did sous vide this past weekend. After a couple meals of it with chimichurri it was time to repurpose some. My wife had to fast for 24 hours for a routine medical test (read colonoscopy ) so I wanted to make something for her she would love. I know...
  12. jcam222

    Chimichurri Leg of Lamb

    It was pretty rainy, windy and cold out today so my original plans for smoking took a detour. Moving activity indoors and digging out the sous vide was the new plan. I haven’t used my sous vide in quite some time so maybe the weather did me a favor. Although I was going to smoke the lamb I...
  13. jcam222

    Philly Cheesesteak Taco

    Well it was pretty windy and rainy out today so no smoking or grilling. Wife is still gone skiing so bored and had to come up with a cook. Txsmoker posted a cheesesteak and that got my mind going. Decided to do a taco version of cheesesteak with a side. First up it was time to make some cheddar...
  14. jcam222

    Bean soup and cornbread keto style

    I have always loved good soup beans and often made them after holidays with leftover ham and ham bone. I decided today to try to recreate that meal in a low carb version. I have used black soybeans before very successfully for baked beans and chili so they are the perfect choice. An entire cup...
  15. jcam222

    New Years Eve Pizza

    Our big plans last night was to make pizza and play games while watching the New Years Eve shows. Yea I know we are getting old :) Not sure if I have posted our low carb pizza in the past so here is what we did yesterday. Below are the ingredients for the crust. 24 oz mozzarella cheese, 1/2...
  16. jcam222

    Smoked burgers

    How many of you throw on some burgers during or after a smoke? Often I do for lunch or at the end depending on what I’m smoking and when it will be eaten. Double smoking some spiral hams today for about 6 hours for tomorrow. At the end I let the smoker cruise up to over 300F and threw on a tray...
  17. jcam222

    Hot Kroger Lamb Shank Sale

    I was in Kroger today and by chance noticed a sign at the meat counter. They had whole organic lamb shanks marked down from $7.99 / lbs to $0.99 / lbs!!!! Scored the last 4 of them. Four nice big ones came to about $28 total. I’ll post up pics later.
  18. jcam222

    Christmas Eve Breakfast at the Campbell's

    Thought I would share a little of our day for a couple reasons. One you are just a cool group to share things with and two some of the breakfast wouldn't have been possible without things I have learned here over the past year. Because of one of the boys work schedules we did our immediate...
  19. jcam222

    Time for some smoked wings

    Been cravings wings for a few weeks now. Picked up a 10 lbs. bag of already cut up pieces for $25 at GFS. Labeled as first and second quality but overall they looked really good. At that price with no loss on trimming tips I thought it was a good start. Laid them all out between pads to dry...
  20. jcam222

    Pops Brined Belly and Buckboard Bacon

    Wanted to get a nice big batch completed for the holidays as presents and for the freezer. Started about 50 lbs. between belly and butt brining on the 30th. Pulled it after 15 days. Dried it and peppered it up with coarse bacon and into the fridge for a couple days to dry out some more...
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