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  1. dreamer

    My first "Q" View. Short Ribs

    Well it was about time for my first, so here goes. This pig was home grown by a buddy and his wife. FREE PORK!! I rubbed with a local product "Drakes meat rub, Blackened rib Spice", and am using the 3-2-1 method Rubbed up and ready. Got my temp Perfect In the GOSM Ready for the foil. After...
  2. dreamer

    Cool Pics (FIXED)

    I was smoking up some cheese, saw this, and had to grab a pic. Dreamer
  3. dreamer

    Cool Pics

    I was smoking up some cheese, saw this, and had to grab a pic. Dreamer
  4. dreamer

    For us Diabetics that love sauce

    I am currently on a VERY LOW carb diet to get my sugars under controll. This spring I was really wanting some BB ribs, but if I am going to eat ribs, I WANT MY SAUCE. Well my loving wife found this recipe someplace on the net. At first I was not willing to try this. She made the effort, so I...
  5. dreamer


    I have used mesquite lots, and love it lots. I just bought a bag from WMT, and it seems to have a chemical smell to it. I have not noticed this with others that I have bought. Most I have was in a mesh bag. This was in a plastic bag. Is this normal?
  6. dreamer

    Todays fresh smoke

    Mom is heading on vacation to the coast, and always likes to take something from the smoke shop. Turkey breast with applewood smoke and apple juice steam bath. Sure does taste good. Dreamer
  7. dreamer

    Oregon howdy

    Hello all, My name is Chris aka Dreamer, Dreamchaser, or C-Dubb. I will answer to any of them. I live in North East Oregon, the dry sagebrush side. I am an avid outdoors man, hunter, griller, smoker, and dutch oven cook. I have been smokin things since I was bout 14. Mom and dad never liked...
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