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  1. pantherfan83

    Hot Dog inquiry

    I was going to say to bite the bullet and use the food processor storing your meat in the freezer and doing small batches.  Then I saw you will be stuffing with your grinder.  I don't think there is any way you could get the emusulsified meat paste to stuff very well.  Also, it would make a huge...
  2. pantherfan83

    Newbie sausage smoker question...

    People are often confused by some smoking terms.  When talking about sausage, some people say "Hot Smoking" and are talking about something close to grilling (above 200F) except with the addition of smoke.  This does not require using cure, because the sausage will reach 140F internal in less...
  3. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    I'm only in the process of making one of these so I have no first-hand experience, but I'm thinking if your meat is cold to begin with mixing it for 1-2 minutes isn't going to cause excessive heating.  I also don't plan on running my drill at full-speed. 
  4. pantherfan83

    Water PAN Yes Or No?

    This sums up exactly my feelings
  5. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    Thanks, sam3!! Now I understand the purpose.   
  6. pantherfan83

    Dry Cure Fridge Build

    Nice Nepas!  I planted the seeds for building one of these one day.  I've been purchasing some good dry-cured sausage and have gotten my wife hooked on it.  Last weekend mentioned to her about making our own and said I needed a fridge and equipment for curing.  Now all I have to do is finish...
  7. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    Thanks Nepas, but that didn't really answer my question.  I was wondering why the blade is a two-piece design? Is it for strength/stability?  I'm trying to figure out why one couldn't eliminate the round piece and just screw the pipe directly into the blade itself?  Maybe I'm asking the wrong...
  8. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    Thanks.  I also wonder about the purpose of the 2-piece blade design.  The pipe screws into the round piece, then it attaches to the blade with 4 screws that are locked into holes/slots.  Couldn't the blade be made so the pipe could just screwed into it and eliminate the other piece?  What am I...
  9. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    Bump.  Hoping nepas will answer my question about the drill drive attachement.
  10. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    Nepas, I just found this thread on the Bradley forum where you expained it very well: http://forum.bradleysmoker.com/index.php?topic=22749.0 The Bradley thread only shows 2 shafts/pipes instead of the 3 in your photo at the beginging of this thread.  Anyway, i think only 2 pipes are...
  11. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

  12. pantherfan83

    My Meat Mixer

    Nepas/Cougar, where do the 3 shaft come in?  I see one shaft goes in the bucket and another shaft gets the paddle attached and is driven by the drill, but what's the 3rd shaft used for?  What is each shaft made from? Are one of you guys also known as Pikeman_95 on other forums?
  13. pantherfan83

    What's the title of a good book on sausage making?

    I agree with the other book recommendations, but I have to add one more.  I can't imagine only having one or two books on the subject and not having Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.
  14. pantherfan83

    Twisting Brats

    There is an easier way than remembering to twist the opposite direction every time.  When you pinch the links, pinch two at a time and twist the 2nd of the pair.  Using these symbols as representation of links (_____)x(_____)x , you can see that if you twist the 2nd link you are twisting between...
  15. pantherfan83

    Hello from Chicago!

    Welcome Mark.  Go Cubbies!  We'll get them next year!
  16. pantherfan83

    Got new AMNPS, had to smoke some sausage (BearViews included)

    The definition of your sausage is awesome.  Love the visible chucks of fat and lean. Using that 1/2-inch plate made the difference.
  17. pantherfan83

    Tasso using Ruhlman's recipe

    I used the last of my Tasso (from Ruhlman's recipe) in a big pot of red beans.  It was awesome!  The Tasso really spiced up those beans and gave them a great smokey pork flavor.  Gonna have to make some more this Fall/Winter.
  18. pantherfan83

    block smoker in progress!

         Quote: The box you are looking at in the picture is for the fire box from where smoke will be piped into the smoke chamber. The smoke chamber where the shelves & vents go is going to be built on the concrete pad.
  19. pantherfan83

    block smoker in progress!

    edit: see next post
  20. pantherfan83

    Need Help with Summer Sausage

    Butcher Packer's website says to use 1.5 oz of their Encapsulated Citric Acid (ECA) per 25 pounds of meat.  Other websites give different ratios, so you should check with where you purchased it from.  The important thing to remember with ECA is you cannot grind or machine mix the meat after the...
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