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  1. jimpeterson

    Quick Asian hot wings W/Qview this time with recipe

    I hate to turn down a free meal, but I have too many things going on at the wrong time. Have fun at the show, and I hope you can find some BBQ that's fit to eat here in Nevada. Poor place for BBQ, but some of the best buffets in the USA. jim
  2. jimpeterson

    Quick Asian hot wings W/Qview this time with recipe

    Hey, Ahron...Looks like you're still going strong in the kitchen. I do almost all the cooking here at my house, but everyonce in awhile, my wife wants to cook something her Mom cooked in Mexico. She usually can't remember all the ingredients, but it turns out good anyway. Almost all Mexican food...
  3. jimpeterson

    No Rub smoking

    My wife didn't like the idea of me keeping a close eye on the BBQ while downing a few beers for the 5 or 6 hours it took, until I gave her something she could not argue with: Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more. Proverbs 31:7
  4. jimpeterson

    Hey, Guys...I need some help here.

    I'd like to ask you guys for your opinion on which 30" MES you would buy: I can buy a 30" analog Masterbuilt for 150 bucks. 547 cu/in inside. I can buy a 30" digital for 170 bucks. 640 cu/in inside. Which one is the better deal? What's the skinny on analog vs digital? I remember reading where...
  5. jimpeterson

    Electric Smoker...

    Hi, Guys...I want to build an electric smoker, using an old milk refer, measuring about 2'x3'x1'. I'd like to know what everyone is using for the heat. I guess I need about 1500 watts, from what I've read. Can I use a hot plate? Just lay it one the bottom of the refer? With these measurements...
  6. Gold Earrings.... 008.jpg

    Gold Earrings.... 008.jpg

  7. Gold Earrings.... 006.jpg

    Gold Earrings.... 006.jpg

  8. jimpeterson

    What do it cost?

    That's a milk machine, that originally held two 5 gallon boxes of milk. It's all stainless, with a good sealing door. I'd really like to make a smoker out of it. The guys on the forum, have convinced me to go electric. jim 
  9. jimpeterson

    What do it cost?

    OK...This is the third try at sending a reply with photos attached. I hope I'm not overloading your computers with screwed-up messages. This is the milk machine I want to make a smoker out of:
  10. Gold Earrings.... 006.jpg

    Gold Earrings.... 006.jpg

  11. Gold Earrings.... 008.jpg

    Gold Earrings.... 008.jpg

  12. jimpeterson

    What do it cost?

    I want to thank all you guys for the quick response for my question. I have been hashing around the idea of building a smoker, and I thought the cost of electricity would be a factor; glad it's not. I have one of those milk machines, that hold 2 five gallon boxes of milk, like they had in the...
  13. jimpeterson

    What do it cost?

    Hi, Guys...I have a charcoal smoker, and a Masterbuilt 7 in 1 grill and smoker. I am kicking around the thought of building an electric smoker. My first concern is the cost of electricity to run a smoker. I live in Nevada, and also have a winter home in Mexico, where if you go over the...
  14. jimpeterson

    Just got my 3" Smoker thermometers in.

    Yeah..they're pretty. I just got mine in today, and from 200 degrees back down to 100 degrees, it's 20 degrees off. I played with that thing for 2 hours, adjusting the dial, and checking with two Taylor digitals, and never could get it accurate. I called Bob on three different lines, and the...
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