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  1. chorizodahitman

    Suggestions on Brats and Sausages

    So Friday is my alma mater's big rivalry game and I will be drinking a lot. The plan is for multiple meals (for 100+ people), and I would like to smoke some brats, sausages, and maybe some 1/4 pound dogs on Thursday. Roaster with beer for the brats and water for the dogs work? Any help would be...
  2. chorizodahitman

    Bacon wrapped string cheese: a success! Q-View

    First off thanks for all the suggestions Step one: put string cheese in the freezer for three hours Step two: took 8 slices of bacon, shook favorite rub on one side Step three: placed slices of bacon on the smoker, set at 225, for ten minutes Step four: take bacon off smoker to cool...
  3. chorizodahitman

    Needs some help: bacon wrapped string cheese, anyone ever do this?

    Yesterday saw bacon wrapped string cheese that was deep fried. Forget that, real men smoke food right. So my question to the board, has anyone done this before and how did you do it? Right now I just put the cheese in the freezer. Thanks to all in advance!
  4. chorizodahitman

    Orange Soda pulled pork with a Q-view

    Wanted to try something different for tonight's pulled pork (tailgating for a soccer match). Asked for some help yesterday and got one reply but it was a little to late in the day for that so went to Pinterest and found this idea. This is me getting it ready. My normal mustard and spicy rub...
  5. chorizodahitman

    Something new for a Pork Butt

    I want to try something different with a pork butt tonight. My usual is mustard and rub for 12-15 hours, but I have done a Caribbean Jerk where I do slow and low with the butt covered is jerk sauce, Hawaiin with Red Sea salt and ginger beer wrapped in banana leaves, and a stout beer pulled pork...
  6. chorizodahitman

    In a rut, need some suggestions

    Not that anyone can ever get tired of pulled pork, ribs, fatties and sausages, but wanting to try something different. Any suggestions? Been awhile since I have been on here. TIA!
  7. chorizodahitman

    Smoking a whole hog - Q view

    Tailgating pretty hard tomorrow so I decided to do a 40+ pound hog. Got some great info from SmokedStanley, wondering if anyone has anything else. I'm pretty nervous about it. Thanks everyone.
  8. chorizodahitman

    Smoked Burgers. Need help

    I am hosting a huge tailgate and am planning on smoking about 5 dozen burgers. I made the patties and they are resting in the fridge. I have read on previous threads to smoke them at 250 for about an hour. I mixed chopped bacon, shredded cheese, A-1, and spices to 80-20 ground beef. My question...
  9. chorizodahitman

    Help keeping an ECB warm

    I live in Denver and for the last two days I have been smoking an assortment of meats for today's Broncos/Chiefs tailgate party. It has been below freezing here, and my ECB with an electric attachment just has not been getting hot enough. I have it in a small part of my car port out of the...
  10. chorizodahitman

    Smoking a butt today for Sunday's tailgate, need advice

    So normally I would put the butt on tomorrow, smoke it and pull it off the smoker just before we leave to the Broncos game. However I have to hit the in-laws tomorrow for Christmas so really do not want to leave the butt unattended for 8-10 hours. I am going to smoke it today. My question is...
  11. chorizodahitman

    A Kahlua Pork and Teriyaki Chicken, for Scarbelly (Q View)

    This past summer I asked for some help on smoking a Kahlua pork butt, and Scarbelly gave me the link on how to do it.  Needing the recipe last Friday, I pulled up SMF and noticed that he had passed away.  So for SB, here is the pork, thanks for the help! I smoked a 9 pound butt I purchased from...
  12. chorizodahitman

    Help with a 4 pound Beef Brisket Flat part #2 (with Qview)

    so posted earlier in the week, and have to ask for more help.  I was looking for something different for a tailgate party tomorrow, and even though I love pork and chicken, I am going with a brisket.  Reading Pat Forde on ESPN, he talked about a coffee cured brisket he got at Smoke, a high end...
  13. chorizodahitman

    Need some advice on a small flat

    I am a pork and chicken guy when it comes to smoking meat, but would love to do a small flat and cut up into burnt ends. I have a ECB with an electric attachment. Would do this Friday late night to early Saturday morning for a Saturday tailgate. It is Ag day at CSU and want to go with beef for...
  14. chorizodahitman

    Help with kalua pork

    Want to smoke a butt for kalua pork. Any tips?
  15. chorizodahitman

    Need advice on a new smoker

    I have an ECB that I modded with an electric attachment. I love it, but am ready to move on. My question to the board is: what should I get? I was prepared for a MES40, then wa looking at a few of there 30's, but every Masterbuilt product has the same negative reviews. Heating element goes out...
  16. chorizodahitman

    memorial day smoked butt w/Q view

    smoked this butt for 21 hours. Absolutely loved it! put my mustard and Gates Spicy Rub on it, threw it in the fridge overnight.  Used apple juice and water in my smoker, a mixture of Hickory and Cherry wood, and a spray of water and Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey.  Would spray and add wood about...
  17. chorizodahitman

    First time doing whole chickens w/Q View

    So just curious, should I do beer can or just regular? I have smoked wings, legs, thighs, quarters, but never the whole chicken. I have them brining and have the hickory and cherry for he smoke. Any suggestions?
  18. chorizodahitman

    Been awhile since I posted. Supposed to be beautiful today so smoking some country style ribs

    Denver is supposed to be around 81 degrees today, so getting some cold beers, heading to the store, and going to smoke some country style ribs and beans, and sausage. Can't wait. Will update you throughout the day.
  19. chorizodahitman

    first time smoking brats - awesome

    First off, sorry, no Q-View.  So last week I asked if I should smoke brats and was told to just do my normal grill routine and boil them in beer and grill them (just add some wood to the grill).  Well, since I was doing a big tailgate for the Broncos/Steelers game, I didn't have time to do...
  20. chorizodahitman

    Smoked Brats?

    So the Broncos actually made the playoffs and we are going to tailgate.  I have about 5 pounds of brats, and was wondering if I should just do my usual and boil them in beer and grill them, or if I should smoke them.  Any thoughts?  Has anyone smoked brats before?  Is it worth it?
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