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  1. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    Its been awhile since ive posted anything ( along while I got a new born in the house). Anyway I thought i'd post up this one as this yard bird came out amazing. Its stuffed with bacon, spinach , and pepper jack and corn and a little zucchini i had left over. I smoked it at 250 with the apple...
  2. bratrules

    Bacon wrapped pork loin

    Here is some bacon wrapped pork lion i did!! This was a 3lb center cut lion that i did a salt dry rub for overnight just to act like a brine and hold in more moister. I smoked it at 275 for 30 mins to impart smoke flavor then i grilled it to crisp up the bacon. I pulled it off the grill when it...
  3. bratrules

    Butifarra sausage with white beans spinach and bacon

    Butifarra is a very simple and tasty sausage. All it is pork, salt, pepper, a pinch of nutmeg, garlic and wine vinegar. But man does it taste good. Here is a very pics Hot of the grill oh and a little baguette i made to go with dinner!!
  4. bratrules

    Smoked Hot links & Bratwurst with Q-View!!

    So I had some family come over and i decide to greet them with some hot smoked extra hot links and bratwurst. They came so good am glad I had left overs  As you can see I served them up on a roll with some creamy slaw and grilled onions and peppers!! 
  5. bratrules

    Spanish style salami (salchichon) fermented with yogurt!! With Q view

    Well I've been making dry cured sausage for awhile now. And I've been wanting to try to make salami but didn't have the correct casings for it. But in Dec. i got my hands on some hog middles so decide to give it a shot. Also i want to try to ferment this sausage using yogurt instead of bactoferm...
  6. bratrules

    Pulled Chicken Sandwich

    So I've been in the mood for a good BBQ chicken sandwich so here is what i came up with. I love to use chicken thighs they always remain moist!!! I just made a spice rub and left them to marinade for a few hours. Then its off to the smoker. I smoked them for 1 hour and 45 min using apple...
  7. bratrules

    Cleaning hog middles???

    Well am here at my in-laws of the holidays they have a hog that they are going to have butchered for various dishes.But i told them that i want the hog middles for making sausages. I want to what is the proper way to clean them for making sausage? If anybody know please give me hand thanks!!!
  8. bratrules

    Fermenting sausage with yogurt. Has any done it here??

    Am looking to get some feed back on making fermented sausage with yogurt. The reason i want to give it a try is because the Bactoferm F-LC expired on me. I heard that you can ferment sausage with yogurt but i want to know how much it need per pound of meat and any other info that would be use...
  9. bratrules

    Oktoberfest Bratwurst with Q-view

    Well its been awhile since I've posted anything thing. But i have been meaning to so here it is. I had a Oktoberfest party this past weekend at my place so i decide on making Brats. Nothing like Homebrew and Brats to enjoy the night. I did 10 ten pounds of bratwurst All stuffed and ready for...
  10. bratrules

    Cold smoked dry cured chorizo.

    I just got through making another batch of dry cured chorizo but this time i cold smoked it for 3 days. and it came out amazing. this was my first time cold smoking something for such a long period of time. so believe you me i did my research. now this is a dry cured fermented sausage it...
  11. bratrules

    BBQ whole chicken with red beans and rice!!

    So i had been it the mood for BBQ chicken for awhile now i here's what i came up with to feed the need lol.  I brine my bird for 4 hours  then i smoked it using apple wood logs for 2 1/2 hours @ 325 or so i like my crisp skin. also i did some chiles that my buddy gave me a bag of. just made...
  12. bratrules

    Pâté de Campagne (Country Pate)

    Well i have been wanting to make this for a long while now but since this feeds about 15 people i need the right occasion. And Christmas was it. So this is my recipe for a country pate!! 2 1/2 pound of fresh ground  pork( i ground it trough a large plate ) make sure you have a good % of fat in...
  13. bratrules

    Rustic French Country Sausage with Q-view

    Inspired by Jacques Pépin.  After watch one of his programs on PBS. I decided to make a spin off one of his country sausage recipe's. This is what i came up with. 2 pounds of ground pork 1 pound of button mushrooms 1/2 onion 1/4 cup of a good dry red wine 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts a pinch...
  14. bratrules

    Cold Smoked Salmon!! Q-view of course

    Well i have been dying to make some cold smoked salmon for a long time now but with out the means to cold smoke and no funds to buy a cold smoking unit it was impossible till now. Thanks to smokingmeatforums.com and Todd for providing me with a AMNPS as a prize for the Oct. throw-down. Anyway...
  15. bratrules

    Buffalo chicken/bacon sausage!!!

    I have been wanting to make this sausage for awhile now and i final decide to give it a shot. My recipe it simple all it is 1 1/2 chicken breast (chopped by hand i was to lazy to pull out the grinder) 5 strips of bacon about less than half a pound. 1/4 cup of hot sauce i used red rooster but...
  16. bratrules

    The World's Healthiest Food (well not really)

    Man these poppers were good i stuffed with smoked sausage and cream cheese and Cheddar!!! then i put them in the smoker at 300 of about 1 hour. damn i must have ate about 20 of them.
  17. bratrules

    Dry Cured Chorizo

    Well i have been wanting to make dry cured sausage for awhile now so i did my research on-line and i decide it was time to give it a shot and here is what i got. and damn is it good!!!!!!!! Here it is fermenting after fermentation after curing for 2 weeks at 55 degrees  and 75-80%...
  18. bratrules

    Anybody dry curing meat?

    As i stated in the title of this thread i would really like to get some more input on dry curing meat and sausage. I have been smoking meat for a good while now. As well as making lot of different kinds of sausage. Now i want to get more in to the dry curing aspect of charcuterie. I have a mini...
  19. bratrules

    Citrus brined Smoked Game Hens!!

    Here are some game hens i did over the long weekend Those chillies are stuffed with pepper jack cheese and i smoked them along with the game hens!!!!
  20. bratrules

    Hot smoked Salmon

    Here's some salmon i hot smoked today at 275 for about 1 1/2 hours!! i brined for 3 hours in kosher salt, brown sugar, garlic powder, and black pepper. then i dried it and added some paprika and more black pepper.
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