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  1. dad of four

    Maverick 732 about to go on sale at Amazon

    The Maverick 732 is slated to be a Cyber-Week special on 12/3/2014 If your a Prime member, you can access is at 10:00 AM (EST), if you are a non-prime member, you have to wait a little bit longer. amazon.com/gp/product/B00FYV3EBW I think to get the special price you may have to open the main...
  2. dad of four

    170 degrees in 5 hours?

    The search feature is hit-or-miss, so no one is gonna fault you for asking a question that has already been asked, BUT... You should really should have started a new thread, with your own subject line. I think you would have gotten far more responses that way. Welcome to the boards
  3. dad of four

    Thought a cut of meat was 2 pieces, oops, it's one

    Yesterday I bought what I though was 4-small Pork Shoulder Blade Boston Roast. I was planning on cooking them tonight/tomorrow, and promised 3 close friends that they could each have a butt. Upon further review, it turns out they a 2 Roasts of 9 pounds each. So now I am wondering what I...
  4. dad of four

    Mes 40 any tips for cleaning window

    I've had some success with soaking a towel in water, and placing it in the hot smoker for a while. Then I take my BBQ glove and wipe-down the glass with the piping-hot towel
  5. dad of four

    to much smoke?

    Two things: 1.  Make sure the vent on top of the unit is fully open.  You want a steady flow of smoke from the wood, around the food, and out the top 2. 220 sound low, but it depends on what you are cooking.
  6. dad of four

    $2600 brisket in my smoker

    OMG, talk about a Pavlovian response... I just drooled on my keyboard
  7. dad of four

    Re-arranging the Forums Home Page

    OK, I realize this comes under the heading of OCD... One of the forums I read the most is Electric Smokers. Judging by the number of threads, the Smoking Supplies & Equip is pretty popular. But... There it is under Cold Smoking & Recipes. Ughhh. This requires me to scroll an extra 1/2 second...
  8. dad of four

    Electric smoker safe for deck?

    Just a thought... How much does 1 lb of cooked PP cost?  $2, $3, ?? How about every 2nd, 3rd, 4th smoke you package up a pound of PP and give it to your neighbor? Cheap Insurance, if you ask me!
  9. dad of four

    Giving the Dog a bone!

    p.s.  Never make the mistake I made as a lad... I gave my dog a bone, he dropped it in the freshly mowed grass, and it was covered with grass clippings I reached down to wipe-off the clippings.... I still have a scar 40+ years later
  10. dad of four

    Smokin-It # 3 Arrived!

    I think your computer is broken... It accidentally uploaded every photo you took!
  11. dad of four

    Masterbuilt Smokers removed from the local Sam`s Club

    For many specialty items, like a Smoker, once every member who was gonna buy one has bought one, they do not order any more. It helps to create the "gotta buy it now" impulse buy. I'm not saying this is the case here...
  12. dad of four

    Pork Butt - Success with questions...

    Two words: Faux Cambro Which is better and more manageable? The butt finishes 3 hours sooner than you thought  OR The butt finishes 3 hours later than you thought ? I always time it for the butt to finish 2-3 hours before I plan to eat. Then I hold it in my Faux Cambro until it is time to...
  13. dad of four

    Pulled pork for SB

    Super Bowl is a registered trademark of the NFL (National Football League) While editorial postings here will not face scrutiny, notice how the businesses never refer to it as the "Super Bowl" The call it "The Big Game", or something similar.
  14. dad of four

    freezing pork butt?

    IIRC, Frozen Turkeys take 24 hours per 5 lbs of bird to defrost Given that a butt is a hunk-o-meat, I would allow a little extra time for complete defrost. I'd allow 3-4 days before you want to smoke one, take it out of the Freezer, and place into the Fridge. If it was not vacuum-packed, I'd...
  15. dad of four

    Easy way to clean MES 30

    Take an old terry-cloth towel (The bigger the better) Fold it to the size of the cooking rack Soak the towel with water Place it in the MES, close the vent Crank it to 275 for a good hour After an hour, turn off the MES, and then with rubber- hot gloves grab the hot-towel, and start wiping...
  16. dad of four

    Another butt question..... guidance needed.

    We all do butts differently, so here is what I noticed different about yours: 1.  The butt is full of internal fat, so I trim as much of the fat-cap off as possible. 2.  I only rub the butt for an hour before cooking 3.  The butt goes straight from the fridge to the smoker.  It is safer this...
  17. dad of four

    Vending for football game advice

    I'm not a lawyer, but I do watch a lot of Television... Here in the US, you can get sued for a lot of things. You invite your neighbor over for beer & bratts, and he/she gets sick, or gets hurt, etc. If the Grandparents were doing this a commercial venture, then they were fools to not have...
  18. dad of four

    Anyone know anything about the Meco - 5030 Electric Smoker And Grill

    Try Craigslist, I just did a search in my region, and there were lots for sale. Here's a hint, Search in the For Sale on "smoker -non" This will make it search for "Smoker", but exclude all the ads that say Non cigarette smoking house, etc. If you don't put "-non", it will find all the ads...
  19. dad of four

    Setting up a new MES

    After reading other forum members, and the reviews at Amazon, I bought this: Be sure to read the reviews.  For the MES40, choose the Large one
  20. dad of four

    First Smoke in my MES

    Looks Yummy.  Care to share your Egg recipe
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