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  1. WV_Crusader

    Another Sunday Butt Day!

    Been smoking this gal since around 5am at 225F. I’m using My GMG Daniel Boone with lumberJack Char-Hickory pellets (honestly trying to get ride of my last two bags). Temp was monitored using my ThermoWorks Signals. I used a combination of OakRidge Dominator Sweet Rub and their beef and pork rub...
  2. WV_Crusader

    Bottom of Jar?

    So I had a wing sauce that was at a local bar tonight and it was called Bottom of Jar. It tasted exactly like the jerky called the same!! Has anyone ever made this or know where to find a recipe for it?
  3. WV_Crusader

    My wife sure loves me...

    So I’m on Home Depot’s app going through and adding stuff to my wish list and taking old stuff off. I just so happened to add a Weber 22” Premium . My wife also uses the same account on her app and must have saw me add it cause within 5 minutes, she bought it and said I needed to go to Home...
  4. WV_Crusader

    Weber Smokey Mountain 18”?

    So being as I’m always looking for options with my cookers and being a pellet head for over a year now and not remembering the last time I actually used propane, lol, I’ve started to research the WSM 18”. Anyone have this cooker and run it in cooler to cold climates? I’m also curious as I seen...
  5. WV_Crusader

    Favorite wing sauce

    So I seen the hot sauce thread and figured why not a wing sauce thread to go with it!
  6. WV_Crusader

    How’s the wife take this site?

    So today is my wife and I’s 11 year wedding anniversary. We kept it super simple as always, a Hallmark ornament for each other and a card the same. There was a small stipulation though this time, I get 1 hour on this site today and not a second more! LOL that being said she loves the food I...
  7. WV_Crusader

    West Virginia Butt

    I’d say Boston but being from West Virginia you always add a little Appalachia to everything we do! So I smoked this butt on 225 in my GMG Daniel Boone with Lumberjack CharHickory pellets. I ran my DG Downdraft and monitored the whole cook with my ThermoWorks Signals. The rub started with the...
  8. WV_Crusader

    German Bourbon Cinnamon Roasted Nuts

    Anyone have a recipe to share of where they have made their own? I just had some whiskey flavored but the guy won’t tell me the recipe, but in his defense I think he is trying to start a business.
  9. WV_Crusader

    Turkey Brine for smoking

    So never brined a Turkey 🦃 before so went on a limb and ordered Tacticalories Gobbler Hollow brine kit. For those who have brined and smoke, I’ll take all the help I can get!🤣 Smoking on a GMG Daniel Boone.
  10. WV_Crusader

    ThermoWorks Signals Help!

    So we had a quick burst of rain the other day and my Signals is now showing -49.2 and slowing going up and down. Before it was showing all LLL. This is only on port 2. The rest were not being used and work correctly. Do I just hope and pray this with dry up and go back normal? It’s only 4 months...
  11. WV_Crusader

    West Virginia Booty....

    Well normally I would call it a Boston butt but this ol butt came from West ‘By-God’ Virginia lol! Anyhow, this is a 9lb bone-in seasoned with Oak Ridge Competition Pork and also their SPOGOS! I’ll be smoking this at 220F starting tonight at 12am with Lumberjack 100% Hickory in my GMG Daniel...
  12. WV_Crusader

    Hopper extender GMG

    Does anyone make a hopper extender for the GMG Daniel Boone Choice series? thanks!
  13. WV_Crusader

    Got butt?

    Well since 3am...thinking I might have wanted to do an overnight smoke instead but life happens. 8lb butt with Oakridge BBQ Dominator Sweet Rub smoking at 225 on the GM Daniel Boone with Weber Connect WiFi probe.
  14. WV_Crusader

    Weber Connect kinda disappointing

    It doesn’t do graphing which sucks because I always geek out on stuff like that but the WiFi is great and I even checked it from work and it was still going strong!!! anyone else have it yet? Thoughts?
  15. WV_Crusader

    Oakridge BBQ Rubs

    So who here is a die-hard fan of Oakridge BBQ rubs and their duck fat spray like me?
  16. WV_Crusader

    Smokin’ Blade pork shoulder

    Well here we go on a nice brisk 14 degree day! 5.5lbs butt rubbed with Oakridge Competition Pork rub. Smoking on the GMG Daniel Boone at 225 with Lumber Jack Competition Blend. Also trying out the new Weber Connect WiFi thermo.
  17. WV_Crusader

    Pork Ribeye Roast w/ Q-View

    Started at 8am, GMG Daniel Boone with COMP blend Lumber Jack at 225 and A-Maze-N tube smoking. Going to 145 then wrapping to 205.
  18. WV_Crusader

    Jerky help

    So I have always made jerky from the premix packets of 5lbs ground to the pre-measured cure and season packets in the dehydrator but never whole meat smoked. anyone have a link or care to elaborate on how to make whole meat jerky on the pellet grill? I have a GMG Daniel Boone Choice WiFi...
  19. WV_Crusader

    Weber Connect

    Has anyone saw Weber is stepping into the WiFi world with their new Connect thermometer coming later this month early February? Looks pretty good, be interested for $130 how well it’s made.
  20. WV_Crusader

    Beef Shorts

    So doing my second time on the GMG for the beef short ribs tomorrow and rubbed with Black Ops from Oakridge BBQ, they smell and look good already. The marble was perfect to me so I can’t wait!
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