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    I love the smell of ground up,chunked and spiced pork!! New Sunday pic...

    Looking mighty fine there Craig. Can't wait to see the end result.
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    New WSM 22.5, Lump or Briquettes?

    I use Royal Oak lump in my WSM with great results. Never tried the briquettes mostly because of the use of binders to form them. I know plenty of folks use them and like them. Most say the Kingsford comp bags are better than the traditional blue bags FWIW.
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    Virgin rib smoker - couple questions

    That would be correct sir.
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    Virgin rib smoker - couple questions

    Hi Thomas, a couple things. 3-2-1 is low and slow. The temp range for that process is around 225f. Most folks use 3-2-1 for spares and reduce it down for BB's to something like, 2-1.5-1 kinda depends on if you want fall of the bone ribs or ribs with a little tug. I spray with apple juice about...
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    Rotisserie chicken with QView

    Thanks Dan, appreciate the info. Guess I was so focused on looking for a diffuser I completely overlooked the temp on the PID lol.
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    Rotisserie chicken with QView

    Fantastic looking birds there and I bet they tasted great too. May I ask what your chamber temp was on your UDS? Looks like direct heat with no diffuser am I correct on that? Thanks!
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    Boiling meat

    Almost as good as the water they came out of.
  9. placebo

    Smoked Burger secret?

    I agree with eman, there is no need for binders to smoke a burger unless your making meatloaf. I prefer to reverse sear them however. Put em in the smoker for 30 minutes or so to get a good smoke flavor then toss em on a nice hot grill. Yum!
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    Boiling meat

    Lol just figured the four pro's before me had him covered well. Is FUN no longer allowed here?
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    Boiling meat

    Mmmmm boiled ribs..... Shhhhhhh! Don't tell Bubba
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  14. placebo

    when you want help

    it's bump thirty.......somewhere.
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    HTTP Zombie Exploit Toolkit Request <SOLVED>

    I run Symantec and have not had any problems. This is what the Symantec site says for this threat: http://www.symantec.com/business/security_response/attacksignatures/detail.jsp?asid=23979 and this: http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/http-zombie-exploit-toolkit-request
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    First Smoke!! Pulled Pork with Qviews

    Looks great, job well done. why do all the pics have a bluish hue to them?
  17. placebo

    TQ is REALLY hard to find in PDX!

    Not sure where in central CA you are but I get mine here   You won't see it listed on the web site but they do carry it. Like Smoke Dawg suggests check any surrounding butchers/meat processors they usually carry it.
  18. placebo

    Sending Jerky to Soldiers (NOW WITH Q-VIEW!)

    Good on ya JT Jerky was my main staple during Desert Shield/Storm, couldn't get enough of the stuff. Like Mark says though do make sure it is cured properly so they can ration it if need be. Jerky really is the perfect protein that you can carry in your ruck for long periods of time without it...
  19. placebo

    I am entering my first cookoff. Update Third Place Ribs

    Looks like fun! Oddly enough my first comp, and so far only one, was also at a church. I was doing ribs and there was a mixup about when the gates would open. Long story short the gates opened about 2.5 hours later than I was planning which gave me exactly 4 hours to setup and smoke 4 racks of...
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