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  1. va_connoisseur


    I'm doing a couple of briskets Sunday if I can clear the honey-do list Saturday.
  2. va_connoisseur

    Stop me from wasting time and money!!

    How did it turn out? Do you have pics?
  3. va_connoisseur

    Dyna-Glo Wide Body Vertical Offset Smoker

    Great build log. I would like to see how the first cook went
  4. va_connoisseur

    Size of charcoal basket?

    I had mine made as large as possible to fix in the firebox door. Works great. 250 gallon reverse flow
  5. va_connoisseur

    First time smoking a whole pig

    That's good looking pig.
  6. va_connoisseur

    How do I tell when a 25 lb skinned suckling wild pig done ?

    I agree with Chef Willie, I would be leery of a truly wild hog. The farmed "wild" hog are much safer. With that being said, cooker her like a pork butt. Take it to 200-205 for some pulling. Truthfully, you won't have much meat on such a small pig.
  7. va_connoisseur

    how often rub a pork belly with cure (rub)

    Does the rub go on before the maple syrup or vice versa? OR is the rub mixed with the syrup then applied? I'm so confused.
  8. va_connoisseur

    Cure- Vacuum sealing?

    Thanks. For some reason I did not think it would be that simple. I should be getting started today. I'll post pictures when it's all done.
  9. va_connoisseur

    Cure- Vacuum sealing?

    How do I figure out percentages? I have an accurate scale to do the cure (it arrived today). The belly slab is ~7 pounds
  10. va_connoisseur

    Cure- Vacuum sealing?

    Thanks for all the responses. I have ordered some #1 cure and found a few wet cure recipes. Could anyone share a dry brine recipe? I am looking to do some natural sugar bacon? Thanks.
  11. va_connoisseur

    Cure- Vacuum sealing?

    Are you all dry curing or wet curing when using the vacuum sealer?
  12. va_connoisseur


    Keep it simple. Salt, pepper and smoke. No foil, basting, etc.
  13. va_connoisseur

    Clearance around WSM?

    Are you talking about a barrier where the midget can't get to the smoker? That's a tough one, those little people are crafty and quick.
  14. va_connoisseur

    How I start and use my WSM....

    How did your cook turn out?
  15. va_connoisseur

    need help choosing new smoker!!

    It comes down to do you want to tend fire or set and forget. With a guru, the G2 is pretty close to set and forget. The Lang requires tending. Depends on which you want to do. For me, I like tending the fire. However, when I get into vending, I will get a set and forget for consistency of product.
  16. va_connoisseur

    Best smoke stack placement, need help!

    You can angle the stack away from your face. It won't be an issue
  17. va_connoisseur

    Jeff Phillips coffee brine

    Interesting. It may be better on beef. Do you have the recipe? BTW: I am a paying member of the site and have Jeff's recipe. So if you just want to provide the amount of coffee needed, that will work as well. Thanks
  18. va_connoisseur

    Best smoke stack placement, need help!

    I've had both and I don't see a significant increase in fuel consumption with the reverse flow. I do see more even heating with the reverse flow. Have you used the pit builder calculator to calculate the size of your firebox and smoke stack? Here is the...
  19. va_connoisseur

    Best smoke stack placement, need help!

    You need to decide if your designing a traditional off-set or a reverse flow. That will determine where your stack goes.
  20. va_connoisseur

    Fourth of July whole hog smoke and after action report

    Thanks. Your hog looks good. The customer wanted the head on for presentation (and I love the jowl meat) and we had a request for the smoked feet. I always cook racer style so splitting the spine is not needed.
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