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  1. mcockrell

    Pork butt

    yeah that looks tasty indeed :) thanks for sharing!
  2. mcockrell

    When to separate point from flat for burnt ends

    i did the same as little smokey. pulled at 165 and separated. put the flat back on and but the point into cubes. put in a small roasting pan with some rub and a generous amount of jeffs bbq sauce. put back in the smoker. i let them stay in there until the flat was done and rested. then i pulled...
  3. mcockrell

    trying ribs today...

    those look awesome! i love doing ribs but my wife doesn't eat them :( so spending $15 for a rack of ribs for myself isn't very cost efficient. i think what i will do next time is keep half a rack for myself and pull the meat off the other half and just tell her its pulled pork or something and...
  4. mcockrell

    Thanksgiving Sale at AMZN?

    every time ive ordered from Todd it has shipped the same day. as a matter of fact every time ive called the number (for some reason the web order page doesn't like me) he has answered the phone personally. really great to order from. and he always says the same thing before he ends the phone...
  5. mcockrell

    Best replacement thermometer.

    supposedly the 733 comes with "hybrid" probes as opposed to the 732 with one dull probe and one sharp probe. they didn't have pics on amazon of the probes so i don't know what a "hybrid" probe looks like. the term seems to indicate you could either for either. hopefully that's the case. and also...
  6. mcockrell

    my turkey question

    you could always smoke the bird low and slow if youd like and then stick it under the broiler for a few minutes after you pull it. it will crisp up the skin very nicely. if you want crisp skin from the smoker then don't start high and finish low. ive tried this a few times and it didn't work on...
  7. mcockrell

    Pork butt

    i don't foil mine until i pull it off the smoker for good. lots of people pull theirs around 160ish or whatever and foil until its 190 or so then pull. i don't. i smoke mine until about 195 then pull and wrap in foil and towels and put in a cooler for about an hour or more if i have time. my...
  8. mcockrell

    Pork butt

    that looks delish! what temp did you take it to? did you inject?
  9. mcockrell

    Best replacement thermometer.

    was just looking a little more closely at the features on the 733 and although it comes with presets it says you can actually change those to your liking. so that's pretty cool. we know we are going to take our shoulders and brisket way over the recommended settings. and we pull some items below...
  10. mcockrell

    Best replacement thermometer.

    you cant go wrong with either one. the 733 is probably a little more expensive than the 732 but other than the display there probably isn't much difference between the two. go to amazon and pull up both and compare side by side and see which one you like better. i don't have a 733 but i hope...
  11. mcockrell

    my turkey question

    definitely don't want to shove stuffing into the cavity. its almost impossible to get both done at the same time. you are on the right track as far as your bird goes. although there really is no real benefit from 225 as poultry doesn't really have any connective tissue to break down like a butt...
  12. mcockrell

    Questions for my first turkey smoke...

    hahah every question you asked has varying opinions. if you aren't using an AMNPS then there really isn't any harm in putting something in the water pan. when I first did turkey in my mes I put a little bit of apple juice in the water pan and threw in some herbs and stuff. you don't NEED to put...
  13. mcockrell

    Best replacement thermometer.

    that's great! you are even closer now! yes, I got mine from Todd as well when I bought the AMNPS (which incidentally if you don't have one of those that would also be a GREAT addition to your MES). one of the probes burned out after about 2 months so I called Todd and asked what I should do. I...
  14. mcockrell

    Temp Fluctuations

    not bad! my best friend lives in San Diego and he was complaining the other day that he couldn't find a decent brisket. you will get fluctuations like that on every electric because when it gets to temp and turns the element off there is still a lot of residual heat on the element. 20 degrees...
  15. mcockrell

    Best replacement thermometer.

    I see you are from Batesville. Brandon here. lovely weather we've had the last few days eh?
  16. mcockrell

    Best replacement thermometer.

    maverick 732. its wireless and has two probes. one for the smoker which can alarm if temp too low or too high and one for the meat which alarms at high. its waterproof and has a really good range. my mes temp display can be as much as 30 degrees off in cold/windy weather so I would definitely...
  17. mcockrell


    thanks jimmy for the clarification! I wasn't sure how big the dust particles were. thanks for the info!
  18. mcockrell


    according to the website the dust may burn a lot faster than you want it to if you get over a certain temp. youre best bet is give Todd a call or email. hes a great guy and has answered all of my questions. im sure he will point you in the right direction. A-MAZE-N Products, Inc. 12372 River...
  19. mcockrell

    cajun injector double door

    does anyone have this model? i was thinking of getting one to replace the old MES 30 work horse. nothing wrong with the MES but i wanted something with more room. this one looks very nice. the only thing i didn't really like about it was the magnetic seals on the doors instead of the hinge that...
  20. mcockrell

    Smoking a 20lb Bird

    the rule is to go from 40-140 in 4 hours or under. with whole cuts of meat like butts or brisket you can kinda sorta get away with more than 4 hours as long as you don't inject or poke holes in them. but since a turkey or a chicken has a huge cavity in it you need to make sure that you get it...
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