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  1. bradger

    New " Jersey " group

    Morristown area for me.
  2. bradger

    Another new weapon for the arsenal

    there is an unwritten rule that says you must use a new appliance within 24 hours of receiving it
  3. bradger

    How many kinds of smoking wood is too many?

    i got this color on my turkey breast i was told it was from the cherry.
  4. bradger

    How many kinds of smoking wood is too many?

    check this site out. i found. https://www.cuttingedgefirewood.com/cooking-firewood/cooking-wood/ fully disclousier i have an electric smoker
  5. bradger

    Coffee Finally

    i use grounds for hounds coffee, i you like brands that donate prophet to things. id go with them. my morning return is turn kureg on feed dogs get coffee pod ready take dogs out brew coffee drink coffee. this whole returnee usually takes about 15 minutes
  6. bradger

    The Best Hangover Cure!

    i pretty much stopped drinking at 45, im 47 now.
  7. bradger

    Insulating smoker in a cold climate?

    i have heard some people throwing a welding blanket on it.
  8. bradger

    Featured my first turkey breast

    brined for about 28 hours, in salt brown sugar and onion powder.
  9. bradger

    Featured my first turkey breast

    it was nice and juice
  10. bradger

    Featured my first turkey breast

    this was the first time i smoked a turkey breast. was in smoker for about 4 hours in the smoker using apple,maple chips. then finished in oven at 400 for 30 minutes. the pick is after the oven.
  11. bradger

    Will this wood be ok to smoke with

    doesn't look like an oak to me,
  12. bradger

    went a little crazy

    thanks, thats why i bought a chest freezer
  13. bradger

    went a little crazy

    winged this one if it comes out good will try to replicate.
  14. bradger

    went a little crazy

    i was at the store when i saw the price for whole chickens 99 cents a pound a price i wave not seen in almost a year. i couldn't resist put 3 in the freezer and started brineing one to smoke tomorrow, brine consists of salt,apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and orange peal.
  15. bradger

    End Of Summer Storm Halts Outdoor Cooking...

    some areas of the U.S had temps near 100. 24 hours later snow was predicted.
  16. bradger

    How To Use Electric Smoker 2020

    what are you trying to say.
  17. bradger

    Asian sauce

    well no added sugar, just realized need to make and edit
  18. bradger

    Asian sauce

    I mentioned this sauce in my stir fry post, and since no one asked here it is 113g sesame oil 113g ginger paste 43g rice vinegar 105g soy sauce so their you go, nice and simple and great tasting
  19. bradger

    first stir fry on my blackstone

    a small might be fine for you.
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