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  1. gypc

    Smoking Fresh Ham Qs

    I'm gonna smoke some fresh hams Weds. They have not been cured. I was thinking about injecting 1st with maple and other ingredients. Ok, I've been looking up smoking fresh hams and most talk about a curing process for weeks. I only have a couple of days. Will it matter? What should I inject? I...
  2. gypc

    Thought I smoke a little butt!!!

    20 butts.......2 racks.........and some fatties!! Put'm on at 4am. I think it's gonna be a good day!!!
  3. gypc

    Gas grill Q

    I have a Brinkman gas grill.........what is a good cleaner for the outside? It's starting to look dingy and I try to clean it but it just ain't cuttin through!! Here's what it looked like new,
  4. gypc

    Legal Question

    Ok.....I smoke alot for friends and family....What would I have to do to smoke for the public? I would really dig smokin on the weekends for people and make some cash also.......and maybe cater some. Anyway, thanks Brian
  5. gypc

    My new smoker!!

    This is the smoker me and my smokin bro did all of our big smokes on......well him and his family moved last weekend to penn......and I really miss'm but he gave me the smoker. So I cleaned it out and put a fresh paint job on it. Ya know he's good friend to give me his smoker!! Also I smoked a...
  6. gypc

    Yesterday's butt baby!

    Ok, me and my smokin partner smoked a whole-lotta-butt!! I had to show some pics. We smoked 40 butts, some deer meat, a head a cabage and 2 fatties!! Oh that butt!! My bro tending the meat! A piece of fattie, cabage and some cheese........oh what a snack!!! ........almost done and...
  7. gypc

    Just one pic!

    I would love for as many of us as possible to put up just one pic of a mouth watering smoked creation that you've done. Anything food.....like ribs, brisket, chicken, a sandwich or a pork butt........ya know! I'll put one up when I find a good one!! C'mon now, make us drooooool!!!!
  8. gypc

    Ok...so I did it again!!!Pics..

    Yes.......the famous Italian Beef Sammiches. I used a beautiful 6 lb rumb roast the butcher cut special.....the normal Italian spices.........a freshly cut lemon.......and smoked it a few hrs at 220 until the tempt got to 150 internal.......made a nice mix of purple onion, green peppers and...
  9. gypc

    All night Brisket smoke!

    If you've never pulled an allnighter.....it's time!...and it's fun! I started at 9:30pm and ended at 12:30 the next day. Prep!!! 2:30am....a little over 3 hrs in. I just had to eat some breakfast 7:00am.....a nice, yummy smoked Italian fattie! We ate the meal at 4:00pm Yummm!!!!!
  10. gypc

    Gas Grill?

    Hey my fellow smokers............I'm wanting to buy a new gas grill. I have a great smoker and charcoal grill but my gas grill is old and falling apart. I've already replaced the guts several times over the years........so now I'm just gonna buy a new one and want to know which one I should get...
  11. gypc


    It's been awhile since I've been here and everything has changed. Have the old threads been deleted? Oh well, it's good to be back! I'm smoking a brisket tommorrow btw!
  12. gypc

    Alot O butt

    Don't they look so good? They were!!
  13. gypc

    Tried bells

    Ok........we cooked the hamburger meat 1st with mushrooms, onions, chile powder, shot of wor sauce and garlic spices. Then we drained the grease and added stewd tomatos and sauce. We cooked the rice then added it all together. Cut the peppers and stuffed away. :D Oh...
  14. gypc

    Meowey's recipe

    If ya havn't tried Meowey's meatloaf your missin somethin special. I followed the recipe and WOW!!! Yummy :shock: :D
  15. gypc

    The 3:00 am smoke

    I just started the loin. I picked one with a nice fat bottom so I could smoke it to 200 Deg. I want it moist and tender. Cut it in half.........injected with a mixture of pickle juice, apple juice and Wor sauce...........put on the rub............then on to the smoker with wonderful cherry...
  16. gypc

    Smoked Italain Beef Sandwich

    I love to smoke for these sandwiches. I took a big rump roast the night before..............showered it with Soy and Worcestershire sauce, thyme, oregano, garlic powder, ground pepper and lemmons. Wrapped it in foil all night. Then the next morning smoked it with cherry on 225 for about 8 or...
  17. gypc

    Love that Smoked Lemon Chicken

    I love smoked chicken. Next time you smoke whole chickens, slice up a lemon and shove it right in the butt. After about 8 hours of low and slow smoking, you can taste lemon in every bite but not overwhelming.
  18. gypc

    Awesome website!

    I've already posted once............I was tempted by the trimmins thread. 8) Also, I've been reading alot of post and everyone seems really cool and helpful. I have a Brinkman PitMaster offset. I got it a few years back and I'm addicted to smoking........every weekend :lol: I can't quit and...
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