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  1. grabber

    BBQ bologna

    I've been watching businesses making this on TV shows, as it seems popular down south. Anyone care to share some info on the process- time, temps, etc, it'd be much appreciated. Take care of yourselves and be safe.
  2. grabber

    Can you freeze boudain

    Good morning. I prefer to make sausages in larger batches and then freeze it. Question is, can and does anyone freeze boudain. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. grabber

    Venison liver

    Good morning. It's deer season here in WNY. I try and use ever part of the deer. I've got a few questions on correct way to process the liver. 1.Do you need to skin the liver before slicing or grinding it and how is it done. 2. Are there any things inside that need to be removed before...
  4. grabber

    Uses for sheep head

    Hi guys. Buddies girlfriend raises sheep and sells them. Nobody want the heads, so I was wondering if anybody has a use for them and would be kind enough to share ideas/ recipes. Thanks in advance.
  5. grabber

    Smoking smaller fish

    Hi Guys. I've never smoked smaller fish that we've caught with the grandsons. Perch, sunfish, crappies, etc. I don't want to eat fish from bigger waters here in WNY, as they're restrictions on consumption amounts, due to pollutants. Anybody can give me advice or help on how to smoke the...
  6. grabber

    Uncured corned beef

    Hello everyone. Just bought some corned beef but it was titled uncured. Figure, I'd give it a try. Cooking now. Any idea or opinions on the difference in taste, etc. between cured and uncured corned beef. So far, only difference is color. It doesn't have the traditional red color. Thanks.
  7. grabber

    Lamb heart

    Buddy got a lamb heart and he wants me to figure out the best way to enjoy it. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. grabber

    Why to make your own sausages

    Here's why we should make our own sausages. http://nationalpost.com/life/food/one-in-five-sausages-tested-across-canada-had-meat-not-on-label-study/wcm/f259ffe4-aad5-4f69-a6e0-d38a47b94d4c
  9. grabber

    Freezing cooked briskets

    Anyone out there do the above.  I'm thinking of cooking several smaller briskets and than freeze them to save time for future use.  Just defrost and reheat.  Any input or ideas are welcome.  Thanks.
  10. grabber

    Master Built recall

    FYI.  Saw this on the local news today. cpsc.gov/Recalls/2013/Masterbuilt-Manufacturing-Recalls-Electric-Smokers/#
  11. grabber

    Smoked chuck roast

    Has anyone ever smoked the above, low and slow.  My Dad used to do it in the oven and it came out moist, tender and crispy but not dry. I've never been able to duplicate his success in the oven, so I do it like a stew. Any help would be appreciated. My biggest concern that it's a tough cut of...
  12. grabber

    Mozarella balls

    Been looking into making these but have a question.  I'll be starting with 1 1/2 gals. of store bought whole milk.  Was wondering if I could add a pint of heavy cream to add richness to the cheese.  Thanks in advance.
  13. grabber

    Check out this deal- heat resistant gloves

    A local station has this guy on.  Heat resistant gloves for $12.99, normally $59.99.
  14. grabber

    Pickled pork

    I got some ham hocks to pickle for a friend and noticed, they're loaded with bones.  I  was just wondering if anyone ever trimmed out a pork butt/ shoulder, pickled the meat and has a recipe they'd like to share.  Thanks.
  15. grabber

    Brining beef

    Happy New Year to all.  Just curious if anyone tried brining beef.  I've done fish, fowl, pork, etc with excellent results.  Have a 5 lb. prime rib and was wondering if brining it would help.  I've never tried it or heard of anyone doing it.  Thanks in advance.  Any input much appreciated.
  16. grabber

    Drying prosiutto

    My brother and his friend have made and are drying 3 prosciutto hams. The guy drying them is using a dehumidifier to help the drying. I told them that seems like a bad idea, as IMHO, time is needed in order to produce a proper product and not force it. Any input from you would be greatly...
  17. grabber

    For those who use wild game in sausages

    This is a FYI for those who  use wild game in sausages. http://honest-food.net/2015/03/02/on-trichinosis-in-wild-game/
  18. grabber

    Digital thermometer

    Hi everyone.  I'm new to bread making and read, depending on the bread, internal temps should be at a certain temp.  The digital thermometer with probe I have doesn't cut it.  So, if anyone could recommend a good one, so I could insert the probe and monitor the inside temp, without constantly...
  19. grabber

    Filtering fine particles

    I make my own homemade Krupnik and have a problem getting out the fine particles- ground cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.  They settle to the bottom but I don't want to loose any of it, when bottling.  Anyone out there have a solution.  Thanks.
  20. grabber

    What part to use

    Hi Guys.  I've been making bacon for awhile but I always seem to get the portion with the fatty end.  Is there any way to order a specific section to get a lot of meat from the belly.  Mine doesn't have anywhere near the amount of meat that the store bought stuff has.  Thanks in advance.
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