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  1. bennyshaik

    Mailbox Mod, AMNPS still going out. Ideas?

    Thanks everyone. I'll try packing them in a lot more next time. I'll also zip a few holes lower down on the door. We'll see if it works the next time!
  2. bennyshaik

    Mailbox Mod, AMNPS still going out. Ideas?

    I felt the need for some cold smoking this winter so it was time to do the mailbox mod on my MES. My first run a few weeks ago (salmon) had my AMNPS consistently not making it through the first row. This was OK because the salmon only needed 3-4 hours of smoke, but I had to relight the AMNPS two...
  3. bennyshaik

    Just got MES 30 2.5 gen (I think). Where do I put my AMPS?

    Good points. Mailbox may come down the road, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. There definitely wasn't a fire in there...the temp inside never spiked like a fire would generate. I just checked (normally I wouldn't open the door, but today is a test run) and in 3 hours I've got 2 inches left...
  4. bennyshaik

    Just got MES 30 2.5 gen (I think). Where do I put my AMPS?

    I had the chip loader fully out, worrying about it going out due to not enough air flow. I just put it back in so we'll see how much better I do on load two. My pellets are also several years old and have been stored in a humid basement so as a precaution I hit them with 1:00 in the microwave...
  5. bennyshaik

    Just got MES 30 2.5 gen (I think). Where do I put my AMPS?

    OK, I've set her up the way Bear does with the AMPS sitting on the bottom rack and half a roasting pan on top of it for drips. Today is the first long smoke...pork shoulder's been on for 6 hours now at 225. The AMPS stayed lit without an issue, BUT it just used up all its fuel and I had to...
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  8. bennyshaik

    Just got MES 30 2.5 gen (I think). Where do I put my AMPS?

    I just picked up a MES 30 on sale at Lowes for $169 and best I can tell, it's a 2.5 gen. Seasoned it and my first try with a whole chicken is just wrapping up now so we'll see how it goes. I have noticed that in my 3 hour smoke I've had to load up wood chips like once per hour. This just isn't...
  9. bennyshaik

    Gobble Gobble...Temperature in the UDS for Thanksgiving

    Thanks, guys. I have no problem hitting 300+, but this time was different. I like David's idea of pre-heating the gravy. Any insight to what effect throwing it on once at temperature would have?
  10. bennyshaik

    Gobble Gobble...Temperature in the UDS for Thanksgiving

    Hey guys, Just posted in another thread about my turkey preparations (and you can see the awesome results over in the Poultry section). I had some questions relating to temperature in my UDS that I hope you can help with. I am smoking a 14lb bird for Thanksgiving. My family is large and my...
  11. bennyshaik

    Who's smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving?

    I followed the Huffington Post The Ultimate Turkey recipe on a test run a few weeks ago and it turned out amazing. I'm going to halve the salt next time, that's the only change. Going to start a thread momentarily about temp problems I had I think related to gravy heating, but I maintained temps...
  12. bennyshaik


    I have been delegated to make one of our Thanksgiving turkeys this year, and since I've never done one before I figured I should practice. I picked up a 14lb bird and threw it in a brine on Saturday morning. I know I'm not allowed to link to another site, but it was the Huffington Post "Ultimate...
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  16. bennyshaik

    Maple Bacon??

    This weekend is going to involve smoking some bacon. I've got ~10lbs that's been sitting in Pop's Brine (modified with a little less sugar and some pepper) for the last 2 weeks and I'm going to pull it out to dry tonight. The cuts are split into 3-5 pieces so I'd like to do some experimenting...
  17. bennyshaik

    It's pork time!

    Didn't get to post it last night, some very important drinking and backyard firing was going on. But it came out great. 12 hours at around 230, it was sitting at 185 when I got hungry and decided that was close enough. It sure was. The one on the left is salt & pepper only, the one on the right...
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