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  1. gypc

    Mothers Day Rib with Q-view

    Haven't been here in awhile and the 1st thing I see is this beautiful grub!!!!!! Awesome!!
  2. gypc

    Druuuuummmm Ribs!

    Man those ribs are so beautiful that I could taste'm through the screen!!!
  3. gypc

    Jalapeno Cheese Smoked Summer Sausage

    Wow.......you look like pro!!!! I bet the taste is the YUM!!
  4. gypc

    New guy from southern indiana

    Welcome to the SMF.........and I too live in Southern Indiana!!!
  5. gypc

    Graduation smoke starting

    With all that butt it should be a great party!!!
  6. gypc

    Smokey Italian Beef Sandwiches Chicago Style W/Qview

    Wow....the pic of the meat layin on the plate looks perfect!!! Keep it going!!
  7. gypc

    4 Fatties with Qview

    I'm droolin ova here!! Best lookin fatties I've seen......bet they tasted the grub!!
  8. gypc

    First smoker

    Awesome!! Your gettin ready to enter the world of smoking and you can find all ya need to know within the halls of the SMF!!
  9. gypc

    Smoked Italian Beef for Sandwiches

    Yum yum....good job and good idea. My wife makes'm great to the slow cooker but we've never thought of the combination!!!
  10. gypc

    Ok...so I did it again!!!Pics..

    That why I have to come back every once in awhile to remind ya!! It's good to see ya again!
  11. gypc

    Ok...so I did it again!!!Pics..

    bumped for old times sake
  12. gypc

    Smoking Fresh Ham Qs

    Hey everyone..........thanks so much for the info. I'll be starting these Tues night and smoke'm low and slow until Weds night. I will be injecting the hams with a maple syrup, brown sugar and soy sauce mix. And bbq sauce on the outside!! Yumm!!!!! I will take some pics. I've smoked hams before...
  13. gypc

    Smoking Fresh Ham Qs

    Bumping for info.....
  14. gypc

    Smoking Fresh Ham Qs

    I'm gonna smoke some fresh hams Weds. They have not been cured. I was thinking about injecting 1st with maple and other ingredients. Ok, I've been looking up smoking fresh hams and most talk about a curing process for weeks. I only have a couple of days. Will it matter? What should I inject? I...
  15. gypc

    First time Prime Rib

    Oh man.............Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. gypc

    Thought I smoke a little butt!!!

    It's funny cause I'm not a big Colts fan but I support'm cause they're local. My teams are the Bears and the Dolphins. They both pretty much suck this year but I love'm anyway. I think the 2 best teams in football are the Colts and the Patriots so this should be a really good game!!
  17. gypc

    Thought I smoke a little butt!!!

    I hear ya and we feasted.........plus some were take home for family and friends!!
  18. gypc

    Thought I smoke a little butt!!!

    1 rack was just a taste tester along with the fatties but the other is just for me when I watch the Patriot/Colt game today!!
  19. gypc

    calling all smf musicians

    What has smokin done to us? Maybe it's time for rehab!!!!!!LOL Nah......put another log on the fire!!
  20. gypc

    Thought I smoke a little butt!!!

    Sorry it took me so long!!! Here's some to hold ya over :)
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