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  1. phrogpilot73

    How’s the wife take this site?

    Yeah, unfortunately - that won't cut the mustard/answer the mail/insert witty phrase here. We've tried everything, A2/Lactose Free, aged/hard/soft/semi-soft, etc. Even clarified butter gets her Fibro kicking up. So, oat milk for milk (after trying after type of non-dairy milk, it's the one we...
  2. phrogpilot73

    How’s the wife take this site?

    I'm on this site, as well as another cooking forum, a couple of aviation forums, etc. I just dropped $300 on an Ooni Karu 12 that someone clued me into that was on sale on one of the other forums. My wife didn't bat an eye - and just said "now you have to figure out how to make a good tasting...
  3. phrogpilot73

    Greetings from Virginia

    Right down the road from my classmate from USNA's restaurant. You've probably been there, Shaffer's BBQ...
  4. phrogpilot73

    Food Trucks

    There's a restaurant down here that started as a food truck called "Bite of Maine." The woman who started it was born and raised in Maine, and meets a truck from Maine at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Thursday night, and opens for business Fri-Sun. A couple years back we went to Maine...
  5. phrogpilot73

    2020 Jinxed My Thanksgiving!

    We're in the process of re-doing our deck, so a lot of my cookers are stashed in the garage and would have been a pain to get out. If that happened to my pellet pooper - I would have been screwed with a capital S. Glad you had several backup options. And I agree that 2020 sucks big time.
  6. phrogpilot73

    Ideal Turkey smoking temperature

    After brining overnight, I smoke mine at 275 (spatchcocked), and it usually takes 20 minutes per pound or so. I also baste the skin with melted compound butter (the compound butter is made from butter and the rub I use) every 30 minutes. Ends up with a pretty crispy skin, a nice amount of...
  7. phrogpilot73

    Fried Turkey Newbie

    I've done a brined and non-brined turkey in the fryer before, and I legitimately can't tell a difference. Injecting however, I can tell a difference. As for tips for frying, as mentioned - measure the oil first. Also, make sure to bring the temp up to about 25 degrees over your frying temp...
  8. phrogpilot73

    2020 is the worst year. Ever.

    Haha! I like the way your daughter thinks - guess that means I'm coming up on 10 years!
  9. phrogpilot73

    2020 is the worst year. Ever.

    The year started promising, then I lost my Dad in February and it's been downhill ever since. Last week, we had to say goodbye to another member of our family, the little man that has been the one constant in our life for 10 1/2 years. When my wife was stationed at the Pentagon and lived in...
  10. phrogpilot73

    Turkey practice

    I found after spatchcocking my first turkey, that I wouldn't go back to normal (unless I decide to fry). It was definitely a much more even cook.
  11. phrogpilot73

    Smoked, then fried turkey question.

    I'm intrigued, and may actually think about trying it. I remember reading somewhere that once something reaches IT of around 140° it doesn't necessarily take on much more smoke flavor (that's about the point the smoke ring stops). I'd pull it out of the smoker around 120-140 and then fry until...
  12. phrogpilot73

    What your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

    So, I don't have a family recipe per se... When I was a kid growing up, my Dad's brother would come down with his family from upstate New York (with the cheese) and he and my Dad would get together in the kitchen and collaborate on how their Mom used to make it. Since 2020 is the worst year...
  13. phrogpilot73

    Christmas Exchange 2020

    I'm in, I missed it last year - but have done it on other websites and it's fun!
  14. phrogpilot73

    What your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

    My wife hates it, but my friend's Canadian wife was intrigued - so I'm making it this year. Creamed pearl onions au gratin. Made with extra sharp New York cheddar (if I can find it - if I can't an extra sharp white cheddar).
  15. phrogpilot73

    When is it too cold for a pellet smoker??? Or never

    Reading all these posts about smoking in subzero temperatures makes me thankful I live in Virginia Beach. I think the coldest its been when I smoked was 27 degrees F.
  16. phrogpilot73

    Should I Pull the Trigger on Traeger Deal?

    I think Traeger has tried to be all things to all people at this point, and that's why they're getting a bad name. At the upper end, I know several people that have the Timberline and have had zero complaints, and sing their praises. At the other end of the spectrum is their mass-market...
  17. phrogpilot73

    Pellet dust in grill?

    I clean out my pellet grill after 12 hours. If I do three 4 hour cooks, or two 6 hour cooks, it gets cleaned. I also use either Cookin' Pellets from Amazon or Pit Boss (both competition blend) only, and no problems with ash/dust. I have used other pellets with a lot of dust, and if I don't...
  18. phrogpilot73

    Food Lion $.99 pork butts 01/10/19 (NW NC)

    <Makes note to self to go to Food Lion today>
  19. phrogpilot73

    Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano | Bluetooth | 750W |

    I lose connection when I'm in the living room. Right next to the kitchen. Yeah, the BT is a joke on it. The app (on Android at least) is about worthless, because it keeps switching to C vice F. I'll select F, then look up my recipe and guess what? It's back on C. I rely on Serious Eats...
  20. phrogpilot73

    Uses for Beef Fat?

    Costco's eye of rounds are pretty cheap, cube it and alternate running it through a grinder with eye of round. Good quality ground beef that way.
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