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  1. scootermagoo

    Standing Rib Roast vs. Rib Eye Roast

    Without trying to sound like a boob or a moron, what is the difference between these two cuts?  I searched the forums and got some really good information, but the reason I ask this question.......AGAIN......is:  Can these cuts of beef be used interchangeably?  Is this a simple yes or no...
  2. scootermagoo

    Saturday afternoon ribs.

    We were having just a little lake effect snow event today, nuthin' huge. Maybe 4-5 inches. That ain't going to stop me though. Got some fresh ribs from Sam's yesterday. Rubbed them with my tweaked Bilbo's rub. Fired up "the Reefer". It was a bit chilly as well. I don't think it made it to 20...
  3. scootermagoo

    Major Bummer!!

    Hello all, Not a good start to Thanksgiving.  I had an incident this morning.  I got Reefer Madness up to temp and placed the turkeys in.  While the smoker was pumping in pellets to recover from the heat loss of opening the door, about 15 minutes in some of the bacon butter from under the skin...
  4. scootermagoo

    Turkey Brining Question

    2 questions as a matter of fact.  Here goes: Is it important to submerge the bird completely or can it be sticking out a little.  I am brining 2 birds in a tub because it fit in the fridge so well.  There is a little bit of bird sticking out of the brine.  Should I sweat it or are these things...
  5. scootermagoo

    Expedited Turkey Smoke

    I would like to smoke a turkey on Sunday for a trial run for Thanksgiving.  I have purchased a 12 lb. turkey today and it is currently in the refrigerator.  Is it going to be possible for me to get this bird thawed and in a 12 hour brine in time to stick in the smoker by 10 or 11 a.m. this...
  6. scootermagoo

    Baby Backs and a small eye of the round.

    For today's smoke, I am doing up 3 racks of BBs and a small eye of the round.  My wife got the eye of the round at Sam's, somehow thinking it was a prime rib roast (?????, noob), but anyway.  I did a search on the forum, and, of course, got some good advice from the archives on how to prepare...
  7. scootermagoo

    How I light my AMNPS w/ video link

    I have a link to my youtube video of me lighting my AMNPS. Enjoy!
  8. scootermagoo

    Baby Backs and CSRs today

    Hey all, Today, I am firing up "Reefer Madness" and doin' up BBs and CSRs , 25 lbs total.  Conditions are crap here in WI.  Mother Nature is suffering from PMS or something, we got a whistling north wind with 35-40 degree temps and .............SNOW.  We had a snow squall about an hour ago. ...
  9. scootermagoo

    I got my AMNPS......I'm pumped. PLUS a lighting tip!

    I got my AMNPS last Saturday.  I was so pumped I had to try it out, not in a smoker, just a dry run.  I just used the pre-loaded pellets and lit er up.  I used my mini butane torch and lit it up.  Didn't burn that well, so I gave it a little help.  HERE IS THE TIP:  Right or wrong I gave it a...
  10. scootermagoo

    Quality Cutlery

    A few weeks ago, a SMF member had a high quality Japanese knife for sale. Apparently, it was a real steal at 200 bucks. I did some research into these knives and they are really something to see. Fantastic craftsmanship and so cool to look at. After further review, my knives at home really blow...
  11. scootermagoo

    First all-nighter, Boston Butt w/Q-vue

    Here are 2 pictures of my 30 lbs. of Boston Butts.  I used the potato cam, so the pictures are not that great.  The butts turned out great.  I smoked them on my heavily modified Chargriller-Pro.  It was cold out, about 15 degrees.  It worked pretty hard at first to keep temps up, but once the...
  12. scootermagoo

    Whitetail "Hind Quarter", how do I smoke this?

    I have a friend that want me to smoke the "hind quarter" of a deer.  I am not sure what the hind quarter includes, but I am assuming it is the pork equivalent of a ham.  Isn't deer a little too lean for smoking?  Do I inject, rub? Any input would be highly appreciated.
  13. scootermagoo

    Temp Probe Modification

    Hey all, I am currently doing a fridge to smoker conversion.  I have a 1/2" x 3" long conduit raceway between the interior and the exterior for running temp probes into the cook chamber.  I noticed that the 2 probe Maverick thermometers have different styles of probes for measuring meat temp...
  14. scootermagoo

    Last minute Baby Back ribs w/Q-vue

    The local volunteer Fire Department, which I have retired from, has requested that I make pulled pork for a get together they are having next weekend.  They pick up Christmas trees and then have a party afterwords...................works for me.  I was picking up (3) 8 lb. Boston Butts from...
  15. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    Hello and Merry Christmas, I figured I'd start a thread on this fridge conversion since it seems nobody else has tried it.  Pictures included.  I will post as it progresses.  I have a 40s or 50s era Admiral fridge.  Everything is steel, the inter tub is enameled steel.  I have gutted it already...
  16. scootermagoo

    WTF is this!!??

    Maybe not so much a joke but more like "What the F*#@!!"  I ran across this in Ebay, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stove-BBQ-electric-blower-combustion-hairdryer-portable-barbecue-grill-tools-/400346681098?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item5d36858f0a. What in the hell kind of garbage is this? ...
  17. scootermagoo

    Fridge Build Opinions

    I have an old fridge that was in my basement when I bought my house, an old Admiral.  It is probably from the late 40s or early 50s, just a little thing.  Maybe 15 cubic feet.  It worked for years keeping my beer cold.  Eventually, it stopped cooling and nobody would fix it (freon, damn tree...
  18. scootermagoo

    New Guy sayin' "Hey"

    I am reposting this thread here cuz I posted it in the wrong place before, oops. How's it going, fellow BBQ brethren?  Just sayin "hi".  I'll give you a brief (or not so brief) intro.  My name is Scott.  I live in a little town in Wisconsin called Algoma, right on lake Michigan.  I am a project...
  19. scootermagoo

    New member sayin' "hey"

    How's it going, fellow BBQ brethren?  Just sayin "hi".  I'll give you a brief (or not so brief) intro.  My name is Scott.  I live in a little town in Wisconsin called Algoma, right on lake Michigan.  I am a project engineer by trade.  My current inventory of outdoor cooking appliances include a...
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