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  1. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    i am looking to branch out to the carnival/fair game ..they're pretty good undercooked/cold smoked, breaded, and deep fried, too (dark guys on the right)
  2. Hamdrew

    I'm back!

    i too have recently ventured into the whole stick burning thing @smokin peachey sent some pics i sadly lost the laptop on nearly the next day, sort of a log cabin bed of ~7" splits, two running parallel with the cooker and two perpendicular. quarter chimney or so of lit coals poured onto the...
  3. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    feel free to call it ham sticks 'n italian pasta salad, or whatever you'd like:emoji_wink:
  4. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    ive been brining pretty much all the pork ive cooked the last several months. even when it's just overnight and i dont need the salt+sugar as a preservative, a little prague #1 on chops or nuggets (stir-frys, kebabs) makes a big difference
  5. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    Leftover bones are gonna be reheated a la Korean sticky ribs with a seasoned soy dipping sauce (sesame oil, garlic, strawberry or blackberry gochujang). Might have to make some tofu fries too, there was a block of low-moisture in that free produce box too..
  6. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    Honestly, it seems to me like anything over 3 days is unnecessary (even overnight makes a huge difference), but it keeps them ready to smoke whenever I get time to. and thank you! best slab ive smoked in a long time. red and white oak, little Royal Oak lump. i always try to run the first 3hrs...
  7. Hamdrew

    Featured Simple Rib Sammich

    Looks delicious; sometimes i'll use a little butt slab or rib tips. i really like making a relish so that i get some pickle and onion in every bite.
  8. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    8-day cure on the low-salt end of Pop's brine. All brown sugar, lot of black pepper and pasilla chiles in the brine. This pic was before the wrap of strawberry jam, miso gochujang, and parkay Pasta Salad was just free macaroni, grape tomatoes, and green onions I got free from a produce...
  9. Hamdrew

    Smoked Spinach and Artichoke dip - (garden to table) - will freeze and smoke later....

    I'm impressed STL's processed pride-and-joy Provel cheese, or just white American makes for beautiful scoopability
  10. Hamdrew

    ~3 day wet cured butt ham/bacon on pretzel rolls, smoked franks and smoked beans

    About 2" max thickness on this butt slab Red and white oak, some hickory and mesquite chunks, steady 200-225* Smoked some hot dogs separately (kept taking them off and baptizing in Blues Hog Tennessee Red), garbanzos and black beans and onions in the cast iron, I got all of 'em free in a...
  11. Hamdrew

    Pulled Ham BBQ

    heres a recent one https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/cured-butt-chunk-cajun-pulled-ham-sandwiches-cured-ribs-and-tiger-potato-salad.305584/#lg=thread-305584&slide=5
  12. Hamdrew

    Pulled Ham BBQ

    nice. ive been a big fan of curing butts for "pulled ham (bacon)"
  13. Hamdrew

    Help! Is my brisket ruined?

    this. i dont mess w/ my vents, either. if i happen to throw a few too many coals, going down from 275* to 250*F is a lot smoother than 350* to the same
  14. Hamdrew

    The Shady world of illegal Oregano

    You can always grow other plants with the same zealousness, ya know! I just love how the ounces come wrapped in the same little wrapped tins as the grams
  15. Hamdrew

    Glazed Doughnut burger

    https://www.mashed.com/73361/steak-n-shake-frisco-melt-recipe/ (available through at least Walmart.com . love the stuff so much more than Big Mac or fry sauce) maybe some of this stuff too with that fried egg, and a tough enough donut to withstand a little patty melt smash..
  16. Hamdrew

    Black pepper and coffee

    i like this as my alkaline. tastes pretty damned delicious, too.
  17. Hamdrew

    The Shady world of illegal Oregano

    no thats just a different variant. get some GOOD mexican oregano and it smells/tastes like spearmint.
  18. Hamdrew

    Yeah, I can believe it's not butter

    yep, great way to get some better IMO, no u got that wrong. fake is better for both. the oils will prevent scorch from the honey,whatever, when you're on the last hour.
  19. Hamdrew

    Black pepper and coffee

    white is better b/c you wont end up with so much in the bottom, but some of the aromatic compounds are in the shell/black. I honestly like the taste better because it is a little more purely earthy. The health benefits are in both, more concentrated in white.
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