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  1. scootermagoo

    What can I smoke tomorrow with no prep tonight?

    Probably beating a dead horse, but I never prep the day before.  One, because I'm lazy and two, I noticed no difference in the final product between prepping the day before or prepping at the time of the smoke.  My mantra is "simpler is better".  I take the butts straight out of the package...
  2. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    I can elaborate on my experience with the Smoke Daddy PID controller.  It doesn't work too well with my fridge, but that has nothing to do with the controller at all.  My fridge holds heat pretty well, almost too well.  The problem with that is it calls for very little heat, but it still needs...
  3. scootermagoo

    Smoker custom Window install tips ??

    A window on a smoker is as handy as a screen door on a submarine.
  4. scootermagoo

    Coldspot conversion

    Thanks for the shout out!  Once she's up and running, you're going to LOVE it!
  5. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    A Maverick ET-732
  6. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    Just to keep things clear, both vents are exhausts on this smoker.  I am not sure how having "vents" anywhere on this smoker would work because the inside of the smoker is slightly pressurized by the pellet burners draft induction fan.  Because of this slight pressurization, every vent or hole...
  7. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    The reason I have 2 is because I wasn't sure how the smoker was going to behave.  This smoker was basically an experiment, so the exhaust configuration is not specific to anything.  I was worried that one located high in the cook chamber would allow heat and smoke to escape too quickly.  I...
  8. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    Eat it and get FAT!!  In the video, I was preparing the pork butts for my sons' graduation parties.  My son and step son both graduated from high school last spring.  People just went bat-shit crazy over the pork.  I served it up nekid and with an optional whisky sauce or mustard sauce that they...
  9. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    I can get a range of between 225° and well over 400° if I want.  I generally never go over 350°, which is what I go up to when I want crisp chicken or turkey skin.  The smoker won't go any lower than 225° for a few reasons:  1) The smoker is very well insulated and it holds heat like crazy, and...
  10. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    Here is a video of Reefer Madness in action.  I haven't really posted any action shots of the smoker.  Some more details are that at the time of the video, the smoker went through the night and was at the 12 hour mark and ended up going for 17 hours.  I have 6 more butts back in the smoker going...
  11. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    Sorry about not answering, but, yes, you are correct.  You don't need to control the exhaust because the Smoke Daddy is a forced draft unit. Scott
  12. scootermagoo

    What is everyone smoking, grilling or stewing for Labor Day 2014

    A little over 100 pounds of Boston Butts for a wedding reception.
  13. scootermagoo

    Just needed an ABT fix

    Your ABTs are some of the neatest, most well prepared ones I have ever seen.  They look like tasty little cocoons of deliciousness!  Mine look like crap.  I am not very patient.
  14. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    You're right about the controller. The one that comes with the pellet pro does a good job. But I definitely think it would benefit from a more precise PID unit. The controller that comes with it is more like an on/off type deal and the temperature may be a little bit spiky. A PID controller that...
  15. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    She burns pellets at a rate of about .75 to 1.25 lbs/hr.  It burns more in the dead of winter (below zero) because the burner unit is drawing in cold, outside air and the cook chamber temp falls just a tad quicker.  I'd have to guess the hopper will hold AT LEAST 15 lbs., if not more.  So to...
  16. scootermagoo

    Rib question

    1)     Personally, I wouldn't use plastic wrap in a hot environment.  Who knows what chemicals are being released from that stuff.  Maybe I'm way off on that. 2)     About ribs being tender, typically, what "tender" is, is a persons opinion.  I prefer a little tug on my ribs, but that doesn't...
  17. scootermagoo

    Pellet Smoker Fridge Conversion

    Thank you, sir. So far, so good.  It's working great.  I will be putting it through the paces this weekend.  I'll be doing just about 80 lbs. of Boston Butts this weekend.  2 loads, 6 butts each load, 12-14 hrs. per load.  The smell is going to drive the neighbors nuts!
  18. What do you drive?

    What do you drive?

  19. scootermagoo

    What do you drive?

    Picked this up last week in PA. A 75 Yamaha XS650, 5600 original miles. I was intending to do a cafe racer but don't have the heart to chop it up. I still plan on rephasing the engine, though, and a full restore.
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