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  1. ryanhoelzer

    Butchers around Nashville/Murfreesboro?

    I'm moving to TN in the next few weeks.  Specifically Murfreesboro probably.  Did some Googling and found a couple butcher shops/meat markets in the area but haven't checked them out yet.  I was curious if anyone had any recommendations.  I'm looking for non cryo briskets and babyback/spares mostly.
  2. ryanhoelzer

    15.59 lbs Of Yummy

    Got another fresh brisket this weekend.  15.59 lbs at $2.89/lb, $45.06.  Similar in history to the last one I got from this market.  Natural grain (corn) fed for 250-300 days and aged 40 something days.  It's Western Choice and he said it was probably close to being Prime.   I didn't trim it at...
  3. ryanhoelzer

    My best brisket yet

    I got a brisket from a local meat market Friday.  It was a fair amount more expensive than the cryopacked ones I've done before but I think it might just be worth the money.  I'd have to do the math but I didn't have to trim it at all.  It had a nice thin fat cap on the bottom and that was it. ...
  4. ryanhoelzer

    My best Craigslist find ever..

    Found a 40" new style MES for $100.  Picking it up in the morning.  They guy's had it 3 months and only used it a few times.  He has a BBQ restaurant and was trying to simplify some things but it just didn't work for what he wanted.
  5. ryanhoelzer

    New MES 40 for $200 in Statesville, NC

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/for/1865085456.html I should really buy this and give my dad my 30...
  6. ryanhoelzer

    LEM Smoker At Sams

    Saw this tonight looking at other stuff on the website. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/shop/product.jsp?productId=prod1480458&navAction= Looks like a very affordable electric smoker.
  7. ryanhoelzer

    First Brisket With The AMNS In The MES

    Picked up a 13.94 lb brisket from a local meat store.  The ones I've gotten there in the past have been IBP select, this one just says Excel and Angus.  It was $2.39/lb so $33.32. I decided to trim and separate it, I don't think it would have fit in the MES if I hadn't.  I finally got a scale a...
  8. ryanhoelzer

    Looking for a metal box

    I'm working on an a way to use the A-Maze-N-Smoker externally with a MES.  I'm looking for a metal box about 8x10x8.  Not having any luck so far looking at project boxes, etc.  I might end up looking for a metal shop and see if they can build it for me but has anyone seen anything that might do...
  9. ryanhoelzer

    First smoke with the AMS in the MES 30"

    Got my A-Maze-N-Smoker yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out.  Ran a little maple in it yesterday just to try it and it's pretty cool.  The first issue is where to put it in the MES.  I figure since I'm not planning on using chips in the MES I removed a bunch of the chip tray mounting...
  10. ryanhoelzer

    First Turkey Breast In The MES

    I've done turkeys and breasts on the ECB but this is my first one on the MES.  I used an Alton Brown brine recipe I found here (honey, soy sauce, salt, apple juice) and brined it for about 18 hours.  Might end up being a little long for a 7lb breast but we'll see.  This is the first brine I've...
  11. ryanhoelzer

    Extra Meaty Baby Backs

    I've been buying steaks at a meat counter in a little convenience store for years.  They expanded a while back and now have baby backs, briskets, and pretty much anything else you want.  The guy was telling me last weekend that sometimes they cut the baby backs "extra meaty" when they have a...
  12. ryanhoelzer

    Baby Backs On Sale At Target

    They're Hormel (previously frozen).  $1.79/lb through tomorrow.  Someone said they had spares for $1.49 but were out.
  13. ryanhoelzer

    Back To The Basics Brisket

    Got an almost 12lb brisket on the Char Broil today. I've separated the last few I've done and trimmed them quite a bit. I've also been injecting and didn't on this one. I'm leaving this one whole and tried to leave a little bit of the fat cap. Been on since 10 at between 220 and 240. I've...
  14. ryanhoelzer

    Went to the store for a steak and ended up with my first butt..

    Figured I'd take a break from smoking this weekend and have a good ribeye but the store I went to had butts on sale for $.99/lb so here I am. This will be the first butt I've ever smoked. Going to do it on the MES at 220, foil at around 165, and take it to about 200. It's about 7.4 lbs. I'm...
  15. ryanhoelzer

    Baby Backs on the MES

    Getting ready to throw some baby backs on the MES. I'm going to go with my new favorite 2-3-1 as seen here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=91822 In that experiment I actually started them on the Char Broil and then moved to the MES, I'm doing these completely on the MES but...
  16. ryanhoelzer

    Offset on CL, $75, Clover, SC

    Wish this had been here a few weeks ago. Would have saved me a few bucks. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/for/1692325813.html
  17. ryanhoelzer

    MES on CL, $100, Troutman, NC

  18. ryanhoelzer

    How fast can I cook a 10lb brisket?

    Picked up a 10.34lb brisket from WalMart tonight. Going to do another test tomorrow or Saturday. I'm going to separate, trim, and inject with beef broth and apple juice. I'm going to start with about 2 hours on the CharBroil offset, then foil it and move it to the MES for easy temp control...
  19. ryanhoelzer

    First spares on the Char Broil

    I did some baby backs last weekend. Started them on the Char Broil and then finished them on the MES for temp control and saving charcoal/lump. Going to do spares the whole time on the Char Broil today to see how much fuel I use and practice temp control. Doing a kind of modified 2-3-1...
  20. ryanhoelzer

    Char Broil offset electric conversion

    I played with using an electric element in the Char Broil last weekend but it didn't get very hot. I decided to make a plate to mount it to that would close up the ash hole (pun intended) and see if it got any hotter. I'm going to make jerky in it tomorrow because it gets plenty hot for that...
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