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  1. buck futta

    Dutch's "Wicked Baked Beans"

    Just wanted to finally say thank you Dutch! Been making these beans since I joined the forum 5ish years ago now! They get cooked up just about every BBQ event I smoke something for. Though I have now resulted to making a quad batch and tweaking things a bit to the suggestions of many. First...
  2. buck futta

    2012 Masterbuilt Smokers - NEW 30" & 40" Models!

    Did four butts yesterday with the larger water pan and it worked great. I filled it to about the same amount as the stock one and it only filled up to within two inches of the rim with drippings. Temps seemed a little more consistent, I ran at 222-225F all night long with my maverick ET-73. You...
  3. buck futta

    2012 Masterbuilt Smokers - NEW 30" & 40" Models!

    I have both the old MES 40" and the new 2012 MES 40". Going on about three months with the new unit. Had to have a replacement left foot and plastic sure handle shipped as mine mysteriously cracked. Other than the cosmetic things I've been pretty pleased so far. However when I first got the unit...
  4. buck futta

    has anybody ever smoked 8 pork shoulders at once in a MES 40?

    Glad it worked out for you, I do four #8-9 pounders every week for the last two years in my MES 40". This last summer I did stuff it with a full load of eight butts a couple times, and it worked out great. I think this is because of the 1200 watt element that can totally keep up with that amount...
  5. buck futta

    My "Wi-Fi" Maverick ET-73

    We're on Time Warner cable with 25/down 5/up and it works fine. We actually have an 8 camera system with dvr from Costco and setup is pretty easy. Though you may have to call your provider and have them set you on a static IP address. After that you only have to download one of the many ip...
  6. buck futta

    My "Wi-Fi" Maverick ET-73

    I have seen the iGrill, unfortunately it's only bluetooth capable which is fine if you're within 200 feet of the device. I need miles lol! Like five at the most. However if someone were to develop an app where you could connect the iGrill to a PC and post the monitoring to the web that would...
  7. buck futta

    My "Wi-Fi" Maverick ET-73

    I have searched the interweb high and low but alas I have not been able to find a Wi-Fi digital thermometer. I know it sounds like a crazy and trivial option. For me to go off site to be able to monitor my smoker temps a few miles away from work while catching a few zzz's or running errands its...
  8. My "Wi-Fi" Maverick ET-73

    My "Wi-Fi" Maverick ET-73

  9. Screenshot_2012-12-07-09-29-30.png


  10. Maverick Remote.jpg

    Maverick Remote.jpg

  11. buck futta

    MES 40" busted element.

    After working in the Tech Support/IT Industry for eight years I got used to negative complaints. Now whenever I personally have a good customer service experience I make sure to compliment/rave about the company as positive feedback is hard to come by these days. Sent from my LS670 using Tapatalk 2
  12. buck futta

    MES 40" busted element.

    I've owned a MES 40" all stainless w/ window for over a year now and about two weeks ago the element went cold while I was smoking some peppers. Thank the smoking gods it didn't break the night before as I was smoking 45 pounds of pork butt overnight! Using the unit 40-60 hours a month for over...
  13. buck futta

    Baby Back Ribs at Costco

    I noticed this too. Yesterday.I stopped into costco to pick up some spare ribs for my uncles girlfriend's birthday party tonight. All they had were st. louis cuts, normally it would have been fine but I wanted the skirts to chop up for the Dutch's Wicked Beans. The meat guy must have noticed how...
  14. buck futta

    Smoked Sockeye/Coho Salmon Step-By..

    Hey Rich / Alaskan Bear, just wanted to drop in and say thanks for your awesome brine recipe. My Aunt flew in from Anchorage for my cousins wedding on Wednesday and brought some fresh Sockeye fillets caught last weekend. We brined them Thursday morning and I smoked them Friday morning after...
  15. buck futta

    MES 40 Temp Probes

    Maybe a coincidence but Toxxy was my nickname last summer. ...Not in a good way though http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/94464/i-cooked-myself-qview
  16. buck futta

    MES Smoke Box FREE!

    You can see the difference here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/99348/all-mes-model-numbers
  17. 788x402px-LL-43c8b5e8_chiptray.png


  18. buck futta

    MES 40 as a dehydrator

    The fan is blowing cold air into the smoker right? Interesting, what is the power source?
  19. buck futta

    has anyone else used electic smoker as a dehdrator

    What temperature? Pretty low I'm guessing, like 125-150 degrees?
  20. buck futta

    How Many Mes Owners Here?

    Just picked up a 40" MES with a window from Cabela's a couple days ago. I noticed in-store that the 30" MES had the bigger wood burning tray and low and behold when I got home and checked this site there was info about users calling up Masterbuilt customer support and getting the larger wood...
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