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  1. Hamdrew

    Slab a la Ham/Bacon-on-a-stick feat. Gremolata Milanese Pasta Salad

    8-day cure on the low-salt end of Pop's brine. All brown sugar, lot of black pepper and pasilla chiles in the brine. This pic was before the wrap of strawberry jam, miso gochujang, and parkay Pasta Salad was just free macaroni, grape tomatoes, and green onions I got free from a produce...
  2. Hamdrew

    ~3 day wet cured butt ham/bacon on pretzel rolls, smoked franks and smoked beans

    About 2" max thickness on this butt slab Red and white oak, some hickory and mesquite chunks, steady 200-225* Smoked some hot dogs separately (kept taking them off and baptizing in Blues Hog Tennessee Red), garbanzos and black beans and onions in the cast iron, I got all of 'em free in a...
  3. Hamdrew

    Let's call it Cajun Mediterranean Pulled Chicken on Everything rolls

    skin and start marinating chicken drums in my proprietary greek viniagrette in the morning, throw some of them on the top rack of the oven shortly past 4pm, with a stainless skillet underneath to catch any drippings. broiler was on high. flipped once, pulled the skillet and the chicken and...
  4. Hamdrew

    Request- Sandwich forum

    I'm sure it would get a lot of use
  5. Hamdrew

    ~4wk Cured Tasso Ham (butt), ~3wk cured spare ribs

    Bought a real old, very much salvageable offset cheap yesterday. Once I got done burning off the cobwebs and wasp nests, figured I shouldn't let the coals go to waste.. Pretty much just Pop's brine. About 1c salt and about 1c sugar/gallon, but I used 1c of strawberry jelly instead of any...
  6. Hamdrew

    American Cheese

    Came up in chat, figured I'd post this here as there's not too many videos (to my knowledge) of making it at home. I have yet to try making it. Thinking white American though.. Maybe brick, monteray jack, white cheddar, a little liquid smoke..
  7. Hamdrew

    My general rub rundown

    Herbs de provence and a new green curry powder that tastes mostly of lemongrass were the differences this time
  8. Hamdrew

    Cured Butt Chunk/Cajun Pulled Ham Sandwiches, cured ribs, and Tiger Potato Salad

    (STL trimmed these a little too tight, i know...) (Left the fat cap on heavy so i could give it more time, knowing how pretty it'd be once i peeled it off..) (My GOOD cleaver couldn't even cut through it clean..) Tiger Sauce (obv) Sriracha Kraft Catalina Thai sweet chile sauce Honey...
  9. Hamdrew

    High-stress growing

    Simple concept, the more you stress the harder she works. Water can legitimately become a cost issue (those tomatillos required about 2-3gal water, 4x daily). Using whatever regular soil you do is fine, but you can try adding in some sand or other well-draining anhydrous medium to your soil (a...
  10. Hamdrew

    Breeding Chiles

    Step 1: Grow 2 different chiles Step 2: Go to the store sometime before flowering and buy your first box of Q-tips ever Step 3: Rub one of the plant's UNOPENED flowers/pistils (inside) with a Q-tip (the more open the flower is, the higher chance it's already gotten knocked up) Step 4: Rub a...
  11. Hamdrew

    Surf & Turf & Pitbullrito's (Shrimp, Flat-Iron, Cured Pork Shoulder Chunks) w/ Pics

    Many more details to come throughout the day tomorrow-
  12. Hamdrew

    3-day wet cured strawberry ghost spares and fancy McRibs w the tips

    3 days seems about the sweet spot for tightening everthing up in attempt of better pulling away from the bone, before totally falling apart (3:2:1). rolled them up in their ziplock backwords/upside down this time which may have made a difference but will have to do a control relish for the...
  13. Hamdrew

    Thaw-Brined (With cure) Spatched Turkey & Corn+Cabbage+Chickpea(+your own great turkey stock) Sage stuffing/dressing [With Extras]

    Birds been on a little over an hour now at ~250*F.. Will probably brush some of my finishing sauce and sear that into it. Helps having one foot long and one foot wide spatula, lol. Speaking of sauces, running low on my master hot sauce so I started a jar in between stuff. Made a $2 lasagna for...
  14. Hamdrew

    Ham STL spares and mojo jerk hamribtips [+Loaded MojoJerk-Schmaltz-browned Hassleback Potatoes melted/finished on the smoker]

    Really still figuring out cured ribs.. First pic is after the damn unfoiling!! FTC'd for a half hour even though I knew they weren't done after 3:2:1, didnt bother unwrapping so threw back in the oven at 225 still wrapped in parchment then foil. After about 30-45 to hopefully bring them back to...
  15. Hamdrew

    ~2wk cured ~5lb boneless pork loin

    Only my third smoke on this new chargriller smokin champ, which was apparently assembled by a bunch of jabronis. must be karma for losing so many tools during a move this summer pretty much pops brine for the most part, havent been into curing too long. smuckers grape jelly instead of honey...
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