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  1. whistlepig

    Reverse Searing Steaks

    I never owned a cast iron skillet but read that steaks seared in a cast iron skillet are good. Local store had Lodge 12" skillets on sale so I picked one up today. Looking for some cooking temps and time. I am thinking of smoking at 225 until until an internal temp of 110. Pull the steaks off...
  2. whistlepig

    Sweat Breads recipe

    I haven't had any in decades and finally found a place online that sells them. I got a pound in the freezer that I am dying to try. As I remember we just cut them up, flopped them in flour, and in to a frying pan they went. Does anyone have any sweat breads recipes?
  3. whistlepig

    What's a Picanhas and what's better about it.

    I have read good things about Pichanhas but never tried it. I found a place I can buy it. Just wondering if it's worth trying.
  4. whistlepig

    Smoking in the winter cold, wind, rain, and wind

    I kind of do this a lot. Doing it tomorrow. Midwest flat croplands here with high winds. A beef rib roast I bought on sale during the holidays that I am smoking tomorrow with 3-5" snow and windy. It's not that big a deal for me. No weld blankets. No wind shelter. I will have to adjust the temps...
  5. whistlepig

    A little more baby back rib advice

    For years I did 2-2-1 foiling in apple juice. Not bad. Far better than any restaurant. But the ribs were always a little too mushy ( I.E. a little to much fall off the bone) for me, Then recently I tried 5 hours without foiling. A lot better. But still a bit on the tough side. Need to meet in...
  6. whistlepig

    Brine recipes

    I have a couple of turkey's in the freezer from Christmas sales that I will be smoking soon. I feel the brining step for turkey well worth the effort. I recently tried a brine recipe using vegetable broth as the brine (I know, that doesn't even sound good!) and that was a disaster. I have also...
  7. whistlepig


    I have limited experience with smokers. My first a MES30, which is a good smoker, and now recently have a Masterbuilt 560. The 560 is a combination grill/smoker. Having no experience with pellet smokers are they also able to smoke/grill also? Any other smoke/grill combos available hatg are...
  8. whistlepig

    wing hoarding

    I suspect wing hoarding for the Super Bowl festivities. I just want my favorite wings from Kroger's to smoke and they are wiped put.
  9. whistlepig

    Ribs and a new camera

    I finally bought a decent camera today. These ribs are in the smoker now. Rubbed with mustard, Simply Marvelous Cherry rub as a base and then Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction over that. Rubbed and in the fridge overnight. No membrane and no foil @ 225 degrees till they hit 205 degrees. See how...
  10. whistlepig

    What are your small smokes?

    I do occasional briskets, pork butts, hams, ribs, and turkeys. But mostly I do small smokes like wings, burgers, shrimp, scallops, brats, chicken breasts and thighs. Tonight getting ready to smoke some burger and brats. Looking for some good small smoke ideas from others.
  11. whistlepig

    B & B charcoal

    Since purchasing my Masterbuilt 560 I have used both Royal Oak Lump and B & B Lump. Mostly because these are on the shelf at the local Krogers and Ace hardware. I quit using Royal Oak Lump after trying B & B Lump. I am thinking of trying the B & B Char-Logs or B & B Briquettes. The Char-Logs or...
  12. whistlepig

    Ground Waygu beef

    Been looking around at some of the online meat suppliers and ordered some Wagyu ground beef to try this weekend. Best burgers I have ever tasted. I can't afford the Wagyu or Kobe steaks but I will definetly be ordering some more Wagyu burger soon.
  13. whistlepig

    Shrimp on the Masterbuilt 560

    Lots of chopped fresh garlic. Two pounds of frozen raw, deveined, and peeled shrimp thawed. Two sticks of butter, a sprig of fresh Rosemary and a liberal dusting of Savory. Lots of Parmesan cheese. 275 degrees for 30-60 minutes in a foil pan. When it starts turning pink it's done. One of our...
  14. whistlepig

    Easier grill grate cleanup

    Thinking abut getting something a little bit easier to clean to put over the cast iron grates on my Masterbuilt 560. Something that's maybe dishwasher friendly and doesn't block the smoke from the charcoal or wood. Maybe Frogmats or a wire rack or something similar. Wondering if anyone had any...
  15. whistlepig

    Keeping food hot while traveling

    Been asked to bring some smoked foods to a family gathering an hour away from home. I was asked to bring a smoked turkey breast and shrimp smoked in butter and garlic. The turkey breast I can foil, towel, and cooler. OK with the turkey breast. Trying to figure out how to keep the shrimp warm.
  16. whistlepig

    Windy days smoking

    It's rural here and we are surrounded by flat crop fields. I can see the state border (Ohio/Indiana) from my front porch and it is one mile + away. Anyway it's pretty windy here when the wind is blowing. Tomorrow 45 mile wind gusts and rain and I have a turkey breast to smoke. Maybe I'll do it...
  17. whistlepig

    Charcoal smoking in winter.

    With winter coming on here the local stores are not so good for stocking good charcoal and wood chunks on the shelves. Ace Hardware has free Ship to Store for my B&B lump charcoal and Fruitawood has wood chunks at reasonable prices. Any other online suppliers for wood and charcoal that is...
  18. whistlepig

    Cooking Chili in a smoker

    We have a good chili recipe we have used for years that we always prepared on a stovetop. Meats are 2 pounds of sirloin, 2 pounds of ground beef, and a pound of Bob Evans sausage. Thinking about smoking the sirlion, ground beef, and sausage before it goes in to the chili pot and then simmering...
  19. whistlepig

    Wireless with range

    I have owned a Maverick and presently own a Thermoworks Smoke ll. It's rural here and cell phone apps work very poorly here. Looking for a wireless remote that will penetrate my garage doors and the brick walls of my house while I am sleeping and doing an overnight smoke. Neither the Maverick...
  20. whistlepig

    Crispy wings on indirect heat

    Thinking about trying wings on my Masterbuilt 560 tomorrow. It's indirect heat and I am wanting some crispy wings. The temperature range on a 560 is from 0-700 degrees. Just wondering if someone has a heat suggestion for crispy wings over indirect heat.
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