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  1. ron petersen

    WB Vent Sizing

    What is the method of sizing the vents on the warming box. I want to use the warming box to bake, smoke or keep warm. I added a baffle plate above the firebox to keep direct heat off the bottom of the warming box. Want to make sure I have more than enough vent openings to do whatever I want to...
  2. ron petersen

    Insulating Firebox and Heat Box

    Having a hard time searching here on how I can attach insulation and steel to the firebox and heat box. This is on a trailer and don't want the insulation to drop to bottom creating a hot spot at top. Like to insulate for safety as well as holding heat in conserving fuel and staying cooler on a...
  3. ron petersen

    First Time Making Bacon

    Was given a slab of pork belly to make bacon out of. It's about 2" thick and good size slab. Guessing about 7-9 pounds. I used Pops Brine to start with, no seasonings. What do I look for to make sure the bacon is safe to eat? Assuming it's supposed to take 10-14 days in brine, is there a safe...
  4. ron petersen

    First Ribfest

    Haven't had a chance to look at the forums as a lot of them are for smaller groups. I am going to cook for a local city Ribfest in Aug 11. I need to get all the planning and prep done before that time. I have done a great job last week cooking for 80 people, some of the ribs have fallen apart...
  5. ron petersen

    Freezer Build

    Boss has an upright freezer going to the dump, only 8 years old. I wanted to see if this freezer would be a good build for a smoker. The racks are the freon type that can't be removed unless I cut it. Like to know if this will work for a smoker, if so I have till tonight to get it. Please let...
  6. ron petersen

    Large Group and Rib Fest Cooking

    Hope this is the place to post. I am currently building a RF cooker and will be starting my first large cook for 80 people. I'll be doing just baby back ribs in June, July and August I'll be doing Rib Fest Competition. I am looking for ideas and suggestions for cooking for a large group. The 80...
  7. ron petersen

    What to Use for Heat

    Still learning the cooking with my RF tank and getting ready for competition in a few months. I am liking the wood so far but cannot find any here in Watford City, ND or nearby. Few Q's What is best for getting heat to the smoker, especially for 4-8 hour cooks or longer? I can use chunks for...
  8. ron petersen

    260 Gal Build

    Onto my next build and hoping to get finished before next cookout and competition. Gotten a 260 gallon tank last year, been sitting on it for a while as I was collecting metal and working with Dave on the build calculations. Here is what we have so far: Length of Tank 88" Diameter of Tank 30"...
  9. ron petersen

    UDS Plans Needed

    Looking for plans to build a UDS Smoker. Basically need the placement of racks, vents, etc. There are many on google search and many that are different. I want to do one the right way the first time. I also am planning on insulating it. TIA
  10. ron petersen

    250 Gal Build

    Starting a build with 250 gallon propane tank. Been working with Dave on this and has been a huge help, especially understanding the math and terminology parts. Here is what I have so far: Volume of the Cook Chamber.... Use the Inside Diameter of the tank... Diameter X Diameter X 0.7854 X...
  11. ron petersen

    Types of Wood For All Around Smoking

    Looking for best type of wood for mainly heat in my RF smoker. I have been getting mixed hardwood bundles and not knowing what is what when I smoke. I want something consistant. No trees near my area in ND, but about 150-500 miles away I can get firewood of ash, red/white oak and maybe maple...
  12. ron petersen

    250 Gal Smoker Build

    Got a 250 Gal. Propane tank and getting ready for another build. Actually 2 builds. Will get photos and show progress. First I need to get my car hauler cleared to use as a "work" bench as I use the welder at work (sold my equipment to my job). Looking at a RF unit with warming box. Beginning...
  13. ron petersen

    New Build 24x48 Patio Smoker

    I just got a diesel fuel tank 24x48 and looking to build an insulated RF unit. I need help (ideas) on how to get the insulation on the round tank and seal it. I also want to add propane burner under the cooking grates in case I want to BBQ/Grill steaks, etc. I made a good size griddle and want...
  14. ron petersen

    Found Another Tank

    23x72 diesel tank. Looking to build a backyard BBQ reverse flow with a BBQ lid on FB. Going to look for wheels, steel and grating materials. Tank seems clean and doesn't smell of diesel but will burn off when I open it.
  15. ron petersen

    Warming Box Add-on

    Looking to add a warming box\cook chamber to my RF. I am thinking of making it 24x24x30-36 with several rails to make adjustable for different meats. Goal is to cook more meats and hoping to get into cooking contest or cook-outs. I want to use the extra WB to cook as a CC if needed. I saw a...
  16. ron petersen

    Trailer Build

    Not sure where to start on this RF Build. I am liking the smoking fun and looking to get into local competition cookouts. Found a chunk of steel that is 1/2" plate steel in a U shape, 32" wide, approx 30" deep and 96" long. 2 pieces and a shorter 3' piece. All bent to a U shape. I am liking the...
  17. ron petersen

    Kitchen Gazebo-Shed

    Not sure if this is the right place. What I am looking to do is build a Kitchen Gazebo or a shed for cooking. The North Dakota weather can get brutal and not going to stop me from BBQ'ing in the winter. My thoughts were to build a 8x12 to 10x12 shed with lots of windows, good ventilation...
  18. ron petersen

    Found Tank New Build

    Found a compressor tank from a customer, looking to get started. Already cut the tank stand and compressor stand off. Would like some ideas to what threaded inserts in tank. Will cut and fill if not needed. Open to ideas and suggestions. I have so many questions, mostly measurements, size...
  19. ron petersen

    New from North Dakota

    I am very interested in building a smoker as I have only used a gas grill. Now is the time to start getting into real cooking. I have been lurking on here and think I am going to go with the reverse flow smoker. The Cajunator smoker caught my eye and attention for some reason. I am looking for...
  20. ron petersen

    Looking for Cajunator Plans by Zeeker

    Are these plans online somewhere to build the cajunator? I like the setup and would not mind the extra work that goes with it. Please let me know where I can find these plans or are there similar ones out there? Thank You, Ron
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