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  1. dad of four

    Maverick 732 about to go on sale at Amazon

    The Maverick 732 is slated to be a Cyber-Week special on 12/3/2014 If your a Prime member, you can access is at 10:00 AM (EST), if you are a non-prime member, you have to wait a little bit longer. amazon.com/gp/product/B00FYV3EBW I think to get the special price you may have to open the main...
  2. dad of four

    Thought a cut of meat was 2 pieces, oops, it's one

    Yesterday I bought what I though was 4-small Pork Shoulder Blade Boston Roast. I was planning on cooking them tonight/tomorrow, and promised 3 close friends that they could each have a butt. Upon further review, it turns out they a 2 Roasts of 9 pounds each. So now I am wondering what I...
  3. dad of four

    Re-arranging the Forums Home Page

    OK, I realize this comes under the heading of OCD... One of the forums I read the most is Electric Smokers. Judging by the number of threads, the Smoking Supplies & Equip is pretty popular. But... There it is under Cold Smoking & Recipes. Ughhh. This requires me to scroll an extra 1/2 second...
  4. dad of four

    Bradley digital 6 rack on lightning deal @ Amazon

    $359 Sorry, no.pic, as I'm on mobile device.
  5. dad of four

    char broilet offset smoker on Lightning deal at Anazon

    $179 #12201571
  6. dad of four

    mes 30 on lightning deal @ Amazoj

    Old style $229
  7. dad of four

    MES 40 on sale @ Amazon, HURRY

    Edit:  I see someone else already posted this...  Not sure how to delete a post ts on a Lightning deal for $310 until 4:00 EST (GMT-5) Click on View Lightning deal to see discounted price
  8. dad of four

    363 days until Thanksgiving, can someone start/maintain a Brining sticky?

    I went nuts chasing down all the threads to find various Brining recipes. Sometimes they were easy to find, sometimes they were buried several responses into a thread. Is it possible to create a Turkey Brine sticky that only contains Brining recipes/instructions And... Can it be kept clean...
  9. dad of four

    Buttermilk Brined Turkey

    I decided to give Jeff's recipie from a current newsletter a try. http://www.smoking-meat.com/november-10-2011-smoked-buttermilk-brined-turkey.html My family likes white meat,so I opted for a Turkey Breast as opposed to a whole bird 1. 3 day defrost in the fridge 2. Brining in a 2-1/2 gallon...
  10. dad of four

    Speaking of Cats

    We just adopted 2 kittens, and I am looking for an online forum for cat-owners, or more specifically Himalayan cats? p.s. that's not me, its from awkward family pet photos
  11. dad of four

    Pre-heating the Faux Cambro

    I bought this item 10 years ago at a Close-out store. I use it every day for meals as a Trivet that also keeps hot food hot. It is essentially a small slab of granite that you can heat in your microwave It gets nice-and warm after 3 minutes in the microwave, and then it slowly releases its...
  12. dad of four

    Pulled Pork - Timing

    I'm attending a small party, and am furnishing 2 Boston Butts for pulled pork. The party starts at 8.  I will be away from home between 5:30 & 7:30 Do I shoot for having the butts ready at 5:00, and then hold them in a cooler until 8:00 -or- Do I have them ready at 7:30, and then bring them...
  13. dad of four

    Cleaning my MES - Let the steam do the work

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but after cooking a butt this weekend, I took an old bath towel and got it almost soaking wet. I folded it so it was the same size as the cooking rack, put it in the smoker at 275 with the vents closed After an hour, the steam had worked its magic...
  14. dad of four

    Still confused... What did I buy "Pork Shoulder Boston Butt Conv"

      What exactly did I buy? Any recommendations on how to cook this beast? It was the smallest one they had. at 14 pounds, we are talking about 28 hours in the smoker
  15. dad of four

    quick question about cutting pork shoulder in half

    1. Sorry if this has been covered, I'm on a slow connection w/ my droid... Picked up my first pork butt today. Got the smallest one still 14 lbs. Smoking with an MES-40 Can I cut it in half to roughly cut cook time in half. Left overs? Do I cook all 14 lbs, and freeze left overs, or freeze raw...
  16. dad of four

    Beer can chicken - going skinless?

    Cover your ears... No one in my family likes chicken skin. I've previously grilled chicken, but they all remove the skin prior to eating. So, when smoking Beer Can chicken, I'm wondering if it would be better to just remove the skin prior to smoking.  (I suppose I can answer my own question...
  17. dad of four

    Using Electric Smoker to hold food

    Anyone care to offer an opinion about using an electric smoker to keep food warm until it is time to eat. Specifically, I had to run an emergency errand before my beer can chicken was done. I was tempted to call my family at the appropriate time and instruct them to turn the smoker down from...
  18. dad of four

    MES 40 - Question about racks

    2 quick questions... 1.  If I just need to use one rack, which of the 4 racks should I use?  Top, Middle-Top, Middle-Bottom, Bottom 2.  In order to help with cleanup, if I am not using the bottom rack, can I cover it with tin foil, and cook on one of the other racks?
  19. dad of four

    Question about thermometers for MES 40

    Rather than hiijack a recent thread Thermometers for MES I'm confused about the Meat Thermometer for the MES 40 Doesn't this unit have 2 thermometers?  One for the Smoker temperature, and one for the Internal Meat temperature? If it only had one, then when I stick it in the raw meat, the...
  20. dad of four

    Baby Back Ribs & Corn on the Cob

    So I got my first set of Baby Back Ribs in the MES40 smoker. I've seen a recipie  for Smoked Corn on the Cob. I'm wondering, however, if I can smoke them both for the same meal. The Ribs take 5-6 hours, with 3 hours of smoke. The Corn takes 2 hours. Doing a little math, the smoke time would...
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