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  1. niallam

    Light v's Dark Sugar

    Slightly more of a bitter taste from the dark sugar but not really noticeable to most I'd say. Used all light for rub and BBQ sauce and all dark in the second pic. What do most use?
  2. niallam

    Missed the boat on this one :)

    My friend has to go to ever Ryder cup to represent his family but he deffo missed out on this for me    
  3. niallam

    Making own lumpwood charcoal

    Anyone done it? I've have an endless wood supply thanks to a new motorway a few fields behind me and a lot of trees that needed "moving" to our yard :) lol I probably have 3000kg wood. I could cook with the wood but don't want to over smoke the food so going to try make some lumpwood instead...
  4. niallam

    Made ribs yesterday

    First and most importantly you need to set up the workstation :) 7am start kinda means no beer 8 racks on, probably the limit of the cook area without using any sort of rib holder or putting them standing up. Wrapped up with a little apple juice Last hour I give 2 good coats of my...
  5. niallam

    2 x 5lb pork shoulders

    Picked up these 2 for dinner, dry brined them with a whiskey smoked sea salt and now rub on them and at 5lb each should take just under 10 hours I hope. This is my second attempt at full shoulders, my first was on a cheap offset that took 13 hours (bigger shoulder) but needed houry temperature...
  6. niallam

    US measures, bit of help

    Found a rub recipe I want to try but all in cup measurements. Thought it'd be easy but a cup measurement seems to differ for different products? 1 cup packed brown sugar is different to white sugar and both different to other stuff as well.
  7. niallam

    Salt in rubs, and using different salts

    Not really a recipe so posting in general. I use salt in my rubs, always have done. I read some people don't and go for a dry brining instead. Anyway, I get this in work, only discovered yesterday. Have 2 retail shops in our business and the staff constantly get samples in so here's what I...
  8. niallam

    Firebox idea...

    The desktop version of the site gives better pictures but essentially the firebox has a lid on top that can be opened and used as a mini grill :) It's never going to mass produce food but looks fancy lol http://radarhillsmokers.com.au/24-inch-smoker/
  9. niallam

    Is my price crazy?

    Ireland is country with no real access to propane tanks or large compressor tanks. I've built 3 reverse flow smokers, well, got the metal fabricated and another chap to weld everything for me, 1 each for me and my brother and 1 for sale. Am I looking a crazy price? $2000 with shipping within...
  10. niallam

    Start of smoker build.

    Myself, my brother and a friend are starting building 3 identical smokers, 1 each :) This site with its endless info from some very knowledgable members and their builds is what we're going to be working off. Smokers are pretty much non existent in Ireland. Our first step was to mock up our...
  11. niallam

    Best mesh?

    Folks I'm looking for the best type of mesh for a smoker build for the racks. Been googling but can't find the name of the type used. It's probably got a specific use other than a BBQ which would lead me to it but I ain't sure :) Thanks.
  12. niallam

    New Smoker Build

    I'm sure most have looked at their own build but have come across a similar problem as me, just can't find any old compressor tanks anywhere over here. The biggest readily available is a 1250 x 380mm (external) 34kg propane tank, or the slightly shorter one as well. My brother is pricing a...
  13. niallam

    New to Smoking

    Evening all, Niall's the name and i'm from sunny Ireland :) Mostly a chicken thigh smoker and have it down to a good art now, have done 1 pork shoulder which actually turned out very tasty if i do say so myself.   I've always been a big BBQ person but tried my first ever "Pork Butt" or...
  14. niallam

    New from Ireland

    Hi all, Niall's my name, from Ireland. A country where a BBQ is a burger on a gas grill :) Been doing a small bit of smoking for just over a year on a cheap offset smoker I picked up online. No shops really sell them over here, can get custom built reverse flows alright but you'd need to supply...
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