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  1. Murray

    Amazon freebie??

    Most of this purchase is for electronics to build a PID, the rest is to replenish my depleted electrical supplies. $1.32 in GST. Don’t know what’s happening at Amazon.ca but I’ll take a break in sales taxes any day.
  2. Murray

    Front Shoulder Ham Questions

    This is my first attempt at ham using Pop’s brine. It’s a 1.28kg(2.8lb) bone removed front shoulder roast, has been in the brine for 9 days. I’m thinking of treating this much like cold smoked bacon, reason being my wife isn’t a fan of too much smoke on hot smoked meats yet she loves cold...
  3. Murray

    Masterbuilt Digital Smoker. Mods.

    From Auber’s technical services team. Links at the bottom of this pdf from SMF that provides additional information.
  4. Murray

    PID Design Questions

    Sourcing out components for a PID build and have a few questions. 1) Can’t seem to get my head around solid state relays. Internet research suggests that a 40Amp is better than a 25 Amp relay although a 25 Amp will suffice for a 800Watt element drawing 6.7 Amps. Why would I consider a 40 Watt...
  5. Murray

    Black Friday: Why bots will beat you to in-demand gifts

  6. Murray

    Pickerel Deep Fried

    After a quick rinse. Battered and protected from the oil with bread crumbs Not the healthiest meal but a family favourite. Usually I use cod but my wife found a deal, 11 pounds for $99. We had 22 pounds not that long ago. Best freshwater white meat fish IMHO.
  7. Murray

    First “Hairdryer” Smoke of the Season

    Final had to break out the hairdryer to start the MES, I guess winter is finally here. I usually smoke “Willy Welfare” (no name) cheese since the kids when they come to visit will clean me out of smoked cheese. While the cheese was smoking I was reading @SFLsmkr1 excellent article on cold...
  8. Murray

    New Wave Thermometer?

    https://www.ectherm.com/ This popped up in my Facebook feed, thought it was interesting.
  9. Murray

    Lessons learnt over the summer

    I spend the summers in Northern Saskatchewan with a healthy population of mosquitoes and black flies and of course our mosquito coil supply was running low, all stores where sold out. Dam Covid, seems everybody was spending time outside. So I thought I’d try my mailbox mod. as a smudge. Worked...
  10. Murray

    Old Featured Threads

    How does a person find old threads that were once featured on the carousel?
  11. Murray


  12. Murray

    Starlink Satellites

    I have been watching this in the evening/pre dawn sky, not as spectacular as they were when first launched but still pretty cool to see. https://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=starlink&fbclid=IwAR13cpl8BBH-jz7v0pR_n3pgS4NqDhvfUqqK9FruJpwPvcIHLnoaWtlUPNM#MAP
  13. Murray

    Smoking with Hops

    Was at this Brew Pub and noticed on the menu their bacon is smoked using hops.Back in my home brewing days I used hops in pellet form so smoking with hops in pellet form would be easy. A couple of decades ago I planted some hop plants along a fence, now I have hop cones coming out the wazoo in...
  14. Murray

    TP19 Availability in Canada

    I reached out to ThermoPro asking why their Instant Read TP19 wasn’t available in Canada, their reply was: Hello, The TP19 should be available in Amazon Canada in the near future. Sincerely, Customer Service Representative ThermoPro
  15. Murray

    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Helped my wife out today with Christmas preparations. Drained in the fridge overnight. Wrapped in fondant Dipped in chocolate. and finished these off, 15 hours of TBS of Bradley Pucks ground to sawdust.
  16. Murray

    Fried Turkey

  17. Murray

    Doctor’s Orders

  18. Murray

    I would anything for you

  19. Murray

    Making Bacon

  20. Murray


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