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  1. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    Thanks I had a great time doing it. And the flavor is amazing.
  2. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    That's how I learned to debone. That technique works with about any bird. Though duck does take a little bit more work.
  3. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    I did 45 mins of smoke then i bumped the temp to crisp the skin and finish cooking it. It was done in about 1 hour since it has no bones it cooks a lot faster.
  4. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    Chef Jimmy am definitely have to give that a try it looks amazing.
  5. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    Thanks I am definitely going to do it again. Maybe mess around with the stuffing. I also do it in duck.
  6. bratrules

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    Its been awhile since ive posted anything ( along while I got a new born in the house). Anyway I thought i'd post up this one as this yard bird came out amazing. Its stuffed with bacon, spinach , and pepper jack and corn and a little zucchini i had left over. I smoked it at 250 with the apple...
  7. Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

    Deboned stuffed smoked chicken.

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  14. bratrules

    Come Back Every Day to Win! A-MAZE-N Products Thanksgiving Giveaway

    “If I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest, I plan to smoke everything for Thanksgiving.”  lol
  15. Homebrewers Roll-Call

    Homebrewers Roll-Call

  16. bratrules

    Homebrewers Roll-Call

    After all this beer talk i thought i would post a pic of my latest brew!! This brew cleaned up really well in about two weeks. It tastes really good!!
  17. 1167171_10200957348350229_1903709233_o.jpg


  18. bratrules

    First Whole Hog (Q-View)

    Great job!!!!  man i got to give that a try!!!!!!!
  19. bratrules

    Bacon wrapped pork loin

    Thanks it came out super juicy and it tasted so good!!
  20. bratrules

    Smoking Beer (wort) on Grill - Any Guidance, Please

    I've cold smoked grain before when i made a smoked cherry stout. I took 1 pound of un-milled two row and cold smoked using cherry wood for about 2 hours. The beer was good but a little to smoky next time i think i would cut back to 1/2 a pound! oh and be careful with liquid smoke the stuff is...
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