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  1. bradssmokeshak

    My first baby backs

    Started smoking only a year ago. So i figured i would try the coveted nbaby backs. I make my own rub with 3 sugars and a hand full of spices. Made the glaze with this rub and some bbq sauce i made from scratch about 3 weeks ago. Juicy and tender. What do yall think. First image is last years...
  2. bradssmokeshak

    Too dry. Little help

    Okay i was smoking a porkloin. It was about 7 lbs. I used a sweet rub i created. I also injected it the night before with an apple juice base with my rub mixed in. Okay so i figured that would make it juicy throughout the smoking process. I was wrong. Kept temp in my propane smoker around...
  3. bradssmokeshak

    practice for christmas.

    Imgonna make a pizza fatty for the grand kids along with a couple others on christmas.so today im practicing pizza fatty. Im sure of other fatties i have mad in past but never one with pizza sauce.
  4. bradssmokeshak

    a real noob here

    Hello all. I am brad, I am new to this site and smoking meat. Lets see I have a new vertical smoker. Propane I know I know everyone says I chose wrong but it fits me better. I dont have the time to tend to charcoal every few mins or so. Got a buddy that has charcoal and swears by it. But anyhow...
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