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  1. cseymour

    Mustard finishing Sauce???

    Hi All, Was reading some posts but could not find the recipe for the mustard finishing sauce. I have used SoFlaQuer's vinegar based sauce and always get great praise for it (I guess I follow directions well :)) Can someone post the link to the mustard sauce -- that sounds like it is worth...
  2. cseymour

    Back in the saddle

    Hi All, Been away form the forums for a while. Did my first smoke of the year (and in a long while) today. Did a fatty this morning (no pics, my son got to it too fast) and some ribs. Still have a butt on the smoker now. Will post some more pics when done.
  3. cseymour

    Preparing ribs

    HI all, I made a couple racks of ribs this past weekend using Jeff's rib rub and the 3-2-1 method. The ribs tasted great. My question is, how do you cut the ribs to serve them? I think one of the racks still had the brisket on, would you remove this before you smoke the rack? Any tips would...
  4. cseymour

    Minion method question

    Hi all, I have a char-griller with an offset firebox. This weekend I wanted to try using the minion method as I was smoking some butts and I knew I was going to be in and out a couple of times. I use a charcoal basket. Bringing the smoker up to temp worked fine. Got it up to and maintained...
  5. cseymour

    Quick question about wood chunks

    Hi All, Got 2 butts on now for tomorrow's MD meal (kids prefer next day for the pulled pork). Anyhow, I am trying the minion method in my Char-griller using RO lump. My question is with this type setup how do folk handle the wood chunks for the smoke or do you just use the RO by itself? I am...
  6. cseymour

    Butt or Shoulder

    Hi All, I have done a couple of butts on my Char-griller and thanks to these boards the wife and kids are calling for more (though the wife likes to tease about how long it takes). Well I was in Wally world the other night (I have gotten the other butts here as well) and noticed on the...
  7. cseymour

    1st Butt taking a long time?

    Hi All, Attempting my first butt today. I used Jeff's Rub last night. Was up at 5:30 this mornign firing up the Char-Griller. Re-rubbed the butt this morning then put her on at about 6:45 AM. Grill temp has been fairly constant around 225. It is now 5:00 PM and the internal temp is only 162...
  8. cseymour

    Pork Terminology

    Hi All, I had wanted to make pulled pork today but could not find a Boston Butt per se. The one store had pork shoulder, is that the same thing? Also, they had a picnic, wasn't sure what would be good for pulled pork. Any help for a slightly confused smoker in training? Thanks. Chris
  9. cseymour

    Couple of poultry questions

    Hi all, Been reading the posts on brining and want to make sure I am getting this right. In one post it said if you don't have room in the fridge, you could add ice to your bird and brine. Is that correct? would you add enough for the 10-12 hour soak? I am pretty sure a 5 gall bucket...
  10. cseymour

    Another Fatty question

    Hi Guys, About to try smoking my first couple of fatties. Do you thaw them before you smoke them? The ones I got today were in the Freezer section. Also, do you use a thermometer or do you just go for 3 hrs? Thanks. Chris
  11. cseymour

    Newbie Question about smokers

    Hi All, I know this has probably been answered somewhere, but as I have learned, sometimes all you have to do is ask :) !!! Am looking for opinions on 2 smokers I am looking at purchasing (I can only get one, for now ) I saw the Char-grill with a side firebox that was reasonably inexpensive...
  12. cseymour

    New member - just saying Hello

    Hi all, Just wanted to say hello. I am actually still in the market for my first smoker, trying to decide between a Char-griller with Firebox and a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain. Kind of confusing, but since me and my family love good Q and the 2 places in town have disappeared, I have...
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