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  1. bradger

    Featured my first turkey breast

    this was the first time i smoked a turkey breast. was in smoker for about 4 hours in the smoker using apple,maple chips. then finished in oven at 400 for 30 minutes. the pick is after the oven.
  2. bradger

    went a little crazy

    i was at the store when i saw the price for whole chickens 99 cents a pound a price i wave not seen in almost a year. i couldn't resist put 3 in the freezer and started brineing one to smoke tomorrow, brine consists of salt,apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and orange peal.
  3. bradger

    Asian sauce

    I mentioned this sauce in my stir fry post, and since no one asked here it is 113g sesame oil 113g ginger paste 43g rice vinegar 105g soy sauce so their you go, nice and simple and great tasting
  4. bradger

    first stir fry on my blackstone

    So i have had my blackstone for about a week, and today i finally truly broke it in, with stir fry. end result while i was prepping i started the rice. done in a pan. i cheated a little, bought frozen peppers and onions, i cut the mushrooms and chicken thigh. on go the black stone. used...
  5. bradger

    my gaser is dying

    So the burners on my gaser are not working well, the rest of it is in pretty good condition, normally I would just replace them. but i have been considering buying a flat top. I could probably change it to a wood/charcoal grill. so i came here for opinions, one more bit of info I've used...
  6. bradger

    homemade sauce for pork shoulder

    so as promised here is the bbq sauce for my pork shoulder. it came out a little runner than i would have liked but has good flavor, forgot to take some picks put started with fresh tomatoes, pureed with boat motor. cooked for a while added some onion chips, garlic powder, worcestershire...
  7. bradger

    my first shoulder.

    I had been debating on getting a pork shoulder for a while, but the timing never worked out, when i would see it at my grocery store i wouldn't be off for a few days, i didn't want to get one freeze it just to unfreeze it a couple days later. so lucky me, i saw one yesterday and was off today...
  8. bradger

    my travel knife set

    Some time ago someone are here mentioned how much the dislike the knives that are available in the rooms, and was looking for something to travail withe. I have the same problem, so i went looking for something as well , i found something knife set with wood and plastic cutting boards, but...
  9. bradger

    need help

    doing some cleaning i came across some knives, i have been thinking of bringing along my own good knives on vacation, i have recently bought a knife role bag and looking to fill, any way i need help identifying theses two knives.
  10. bradger

    Baked Jicama fries

    Ok i know what some here are probably thinking, WHAT THE HEK IS JICAMA! well it is kind of hard to explain so im going to let this link do it for me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachyrhizus_erosus so here is my attempt at making fries with this unusual vegie made fries mixed with peanut oil...
  11. bradger

    Wood cooked Pizza any one

    I put this here because i can't find anywhere else to put it. About a week ago i broke out my wood grill/fire pit. also found my pizza stone. So after my latest shipment of veggies i get, this shipment their were a lot of tomato. A pizza was already planed. so on Sunday after work did a 2...
  12. bradger

    Well I finally did it.

    I have been thinking of doing this for a while now, so early this morning I made the decision to finally do it, with one stipulation attached which was being able to get fresh chicken at the store that i was, i also knew i had come wood charcoal chunks. Some people on here that have looked at my...
  13. bradger

    Rib day

    Do to a lot of sales at my local grocery store over the past few months i got an over abundance of ribs. So since i had a day off i decided to smoke one of them up. Made up my one rub, only 2 ingredients. I love the KISS method. brown sugar and cayenne. i wish i would have measured the...
  14. bradger

    smoky Orange chicken

    Went to the grocery store wanting some whole chicken, I haven't been able to get any since the quarantine. Was planing on buying a few if they had any. they did only three, but at 2.79 a pound, i decided to only get one. Now that I had it what to do with it, what seasonings. after thinking...
  15. bradger

    Boar loin, photo essay

  16. bradger

    Zucchini bread. the new and only way to cook it.

    Smoked of course. So a while back i joined the vegetable subscription servious. The last shipment i got a bunch of Zucchini put it in the fridge, and forgot about it until today. It was starting to turn, I wanted to try smoked pumpkin bread. but since i have no pumpkin. Go to the Zucchini...
  17. bradger

    Chicken? Pork? I couldn't decide

    I thawed chicken breast to make boneless wings, but didn't get around to it, i had also defrosted pork chops. So throw both on the grill. did an orange chicken from orange peel i made. the pork was done with a pork rub i made There you have it
  18. bradger

    Mango salsa

    With summer right around the corner, I love having Mango salsa with all types of fish. so i decided largely do to the fact that i recently came into the possession of three mangos, so i decided to practice on them to try out smoked salsa. Some of them could have been ripe enough but gave it a...
  19. bradger

    Say hello to my new friends

  20. bradger

    complete success on smoking a cooked ham.

    Smoked a fully cooked ham today with potatoes it came out prefectly. potatoes with a little oil water and chives. set up ham on unused smoker rack above the taters. the taters and my carving board, just because.
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