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  1. n4ynu

    MES 30 SPORTSMAN ELITE HEATING ELEMENT MOD for AMNPS Repositioning and Airflow Improvement Mod

    Preface: Ok, so I wanted to enter the electric smoker world for better temp control and less micro managing cooks, yes, so I could spend more time enjoying cooking rather that every minute watching temps, cook and fire (stick heat or stick smoke) or coals (or both), so I bought the MES 30...
  2. n4ynu

    Temp Probe Install after Smoke Stack Mod on MES 30 Sportsman Elite Analog

    Ok, so after a very successful and simple Smoke Stack Mod here : http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/250505/mes-30-sportsman-elite-smoke-stack-mod   I finally got my Cuisinart Meat Temp Probe from Lowe's here : http://www.lowes.com/pd/Cuisinart-Digital-Remote-Meat-Thermometer/1000004542   Now...
  3. n4ynu

    First Country Style Ribs in my MES 30

    Ok, so neighbor was so impressed with the Split Breasts I did she asked me to cook her up some more breasts, she got the whole split breasts with no bone and or skin, I was worried, but brined for 3 1/2 hours and low temp cook (225), smoke and gave them to her and she freaked out they were so...
  4. n4ynu

    MES 30 Sportsman Elite Smoke Stack MOD

    Ok, like I had said previously, I saw the need in a few areas where having a little more "Exhaust" Vent might be good, so found the Stack I wanted and went from there, the following is the info on the Smoke Stack : The Part is from a Master Forge Grill that Lowes sold, I do not see them at the...
  5. n4ynu

    Seasoning Smoker and Trail Chicken Cook

    Ok, this is the story of Seasoning Day and Trial Chicken  :) This Post and All here is pertaining to the MES 30 Sportsman Elite Analog Electric Smoker I purchased from Cabela's, these Models are made by Master Built specifically for Cabela's and Bass Pro ( I am sure maybe some could be found...
  6. n4ynu


    Ok finally got my drip shield done !!!!!!!!! I went to Lowes and purchased a 12X18 piece of aluminum from the hardware/screws etc area It is very thin, maybe 30 thousandths tops, nothing heavy duty Basically this is very simple, just leave the 12 inch alone and mark you a couple of lines for...
  7. n4ynu

    AMNPS Flare up fix for MES 30 Sportsman Elite

    Ok, I have not seen a post for a flare up issue but I have a seriously simple fix, it is so simple it will make you say "DUH" as I did while I was laughing. As I said, I have not seen a post on a flare up regarding the positioning of the AMNPS over the "s" portion of the element, and then this...
  8. n4ynu

    AMNPS MOD ( Simple and most likely un-needed but I like it )

    I got the AMNPS for my MES 30 Analog Smoker, I kind of did not like the way it slid about on top of the wire bottom rack where the Chip Tray went, so I did this : This is the bottom rack that holds the water bowl and the chip tray upside down with the AMNPS in the place of the chip tray and...
  9. n4ynu

    MES 30 Sportsman Elite Analog Electric Smoker RACK MOD

    Finally got my final 3 racks in  So time to lay out this MOD, I put pics in my Profile under a Album for this and will place this MOD in the comments, for that Album, and for anyone wondering why I made it a "personal" album, it is merely to make it easier for those looking that would like to...
  10. n4ynu

    Spell Correct / Edit bugging on posting and replies

    Not a big deal, but when you go to edit a word or do a spell correct, the window/editor defaults to a "paste" function, so regardless of the action you would like to take regarding highlighted text, it only allows you a "paste" option, not major but would be nice if it was fixed    
  11. n4ynu


    I posted this in the General Discussion Forum................I am a noob after all....................... so thought i would move it here in the correct Forum for electric smokers seeing that is what I am using  Hello All ! I just this evening got another welcome from the "Roll Call" thread...
  12. n4ynu

    MES 30 Sportsman Elite Analog Electric Smoker FYI and upcoming Mod

    Hello All, This is a reply I shared with Frank who was interested in the Mod for extra racks I am doing (actually have done, just waiting on the extra Racks to get here for the pics so I can show the complete mod from start to finish), it consisted of so much I wanted to share it here in the...
  13. n4ynu


    Hello All !   I just this evening got another welcome from the "Roll Call" thread from Gary s, the following is my comment to him which will save me some work here :) Wanted to share that comment and my acquired spices and equipment for Smoking and a couple of pieces for the meat processing...
  14. n4ynu

    Problems with posting ?

    Not sure why, but I have spent 3 hours trying to make a post with links, and every time I do, when I get t the end it goes blank and the draft function is not working so I have to do it all over and over and over, I give up guys, I am sorry but this site is so buggy from all the cookies and mess...
  15. n4ynu

    Thankyou for the Welcome Jeff !

    Just getting here but only after doing much surfing between sites and yours and your community was by far the best of the bunch, what a bunch of nice people you have here and very helpful, great job on the forum my friend, looking forward to being schooled the right way and I think I have the...
  16. n4ynu

    Newbie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All info is in Profile, In Central Va, and call me Guy............................ Ok, just joined your forum, have to say I have enjoyed it as I have been copying and pasting info from Pops "Simple Brine" thread. Have to say I like what I see regarding Pop's tips and all of the helpful...
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