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  1. Ishi

    Mississippi Mud Roast

    Wow I never seen or heard of this but Iowa is miles from Mississippi. The ingredients and the main attraction is a meaty chunk roast. Ready for the 8 hour cook Ready to shred All shredded up Homemade baked beans topped with homemade bacon Served with mashed potatoes and ready to get stuffed.
  2. Ishi

    True Dinosaur Beef Ribs!!

    My son-in-law and his parents bought the local locker this past April and when he told us the news I told him that was going to be my Part Time/ Fullish time job cause I’m retiring from my present job after 40 years the end of December. He said they were figuring on it. With the pandemic going...
  3. Ishi

    Extra Thick Ribeye Reversed Seared

    Two weeks ago whole Ribeye was on sale for 7.99 lb. The guy behind the counter found a 13 pounder in the cooler and asked how I wanted it cut. I told him to steak it out with one inch steaks except for the middle piece to be at least two inch thick so I could reverse sear that bad boy. I only...
  4. Ishi

    Tacos Al Pastor

    The recipe for the marinade The hard to find items were ordered from Amazon The dried peppers were reconstituted on the stove and all the seeds were removed. Nitrile gloves were worn at all times when dealing with the peppers and marinade Really to pulverize The marinade chopped...
  5. Ishi

    Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

    Beef Arm Roast was in sale so I bought a couple and one had burnt ends written all over it. Meat cubes up and Blues Hogs Bold & Beefy seasoning was applied. The end were smoked at 200 degrees for three hours plus extra smoke was applied. After the smoke the homemade sauce and ends were put in...
  6. Ishi

    First Attempt at Dry Curing Bacon! ( Double Checking I’m correct

    This is my first attempt at dry curing bacon. I’ve cured many slabs using Bear’s and Pops recipes. I’m just not 100% confident yet and I’ve purchased a gram scale. The slab is 14.370 lbs and this is the conversion using diggys calculator. Any help to ease my paranoia will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Ishi

    Smoked Pork Chops (Ends)

    A few months ago my son-in-laws parents bought the local Locker. When he told us that they were buying it he was going to run the business and learn the business from the present owner for several months. I said to him I was going to work there cause I’m very close to retiring from my present...
  8. Ishi

    40 lbs of Hindquarters

    While getting groceries Saturday night chicken hindquarters were on sale for .69 cents a lb so I had the fella wrap up three to put on the pellet grill. After he wrapped them he ask “would you like a 40 lb box for 20$“ my reply was how fast can you put them in the cart. Once home I vacuum...
  9. Ishi

    Pork Burgers

    With the high price of ground beef I need to learn to make a good pork burger.My first attempt so I cut up some homemade bacon added some Cookies Flavor Enhancer. Grilled them on the sear grates toasted the buns and add BBQ sauce the last few minutes. They were good but if anyone has ideas to...
  10. Ishi

    Outback’s Alice Springs Wild Turkey/Chicken

    I had a great spring Wild Turkey season and ended up tagging a couple with the bow. A few days later a friend posted this recipe on FB and I was going to use Wild Turkey for myself but the Mrs side has to be chicken. I followed the recipe but next time I’ll cut back on the mustard. It was a tad...
  11. Ishi

    Iowa Cheesesteak Delights

    I had a package of rare top round in the freezer that I cooked a few weeks ago. The daily challenge is what’s for supper during this shutdown. We got a idea and ran with it and glad we did. The onions and a few green peppers were cooked on the pellet grill and the hoagie buns were toasted at the...
  12. Ishi

    Moink Balls

    My job is considered a essential business so it life as normal except for the weekend. I don’t have much time now to cook but was able to make these this weekend. Cheese stuffed inside The meat balls were smoked with cherry wood for one hour then the grill was turned up to 275 degrees and...
  13. Ishi

    Smoked Hot Beef Sandwich

    In Iowa this is what’s called a hot beef sandwich. The four major food groups are used. Meat , potatoes, gravy and bread. I was hungry for this meal after I found a beef roast in the freezer. The roast was smoked for two hours at 200 degrees. Then the roast was wrapped in tinfoil to fully...
  14. Ishi

    Birthday Bash Reversed Seared Prime Rib

    The Mrs and I are having birthdays soon that end in a zero so we had the kids over for a awesome dinner RS Prime Rib. The Rib was 11# and was lightly seasoned with Sea Salt and a Traeger beef rub. Going on the pellet smoker at 225 degrees. Appetizers galore On the Grillgrates sear for...
  15. Ishi

    Wendy’s Chili

    Several years ago after deer hunting with the kids our tradition was stopping at Wendy’s and getting a burger, fries and chili. Couple months ago a friend posted a recipe for Wendy’s chili so it was a must try. Personally I think it’s different but was very good. The chili was cooked on my...
  16. Ishi

    Cold Blustery Beef Ribs

    We bought a 1/4 beef from a local farmer this winter. I was digging through the freezer and found these ribs that I forgot all about. It was cold and windy outside but they cooked up beautifully. Sea salt and CBP was used on the ribs and a pot of homemade baked beans.
  17. Ishi


    This a a great time of year with garden fresh tomatoes and homemade Bacon! The Mrs makes me cook it outside so the house doesn’t smell like bacon :emoji_frowning: Something so easy but taste so great! The tasty Sammie piled high
  18. Ishi

    Wild Turkey Rollups

    Wild Turkey Rollups I found this recipe in a magazine last week while in a medical facility that looked very good. The timing was perfect cause I was going to slice up some freshly cured and heavily peppered Bacon. Easy to make and very good.... so good in fact I’m going to make it again...
  19. Ishi

    Scored Today on Pork Bellies!!

    The grocery store that we shop at now stocks pork bellies. This morning while get groceries I seen they were marked down to 1.99$ lb.... I cleaned them out!!! Let the curing begin
  20. Ishi

    Fajitas/ Burritos Pellet Grill Style

    The title says it all this tasty treat can be called either one. The pellet grill was set on max and the Grillgrates was flipped to the griddle side. The round steak and veggies were sliced thin. EVO coated the mixture and fajita seasoning was liberally applied. The sizzle and smell...
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