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  1. dave schiller

    Giving Up Wood Burning

    After many unsuccessful attempts to smoke with just wood, I'm giving it up. As many times as I've tried, I simply cannot maintain the temperature I want AND get thin blue smoke at the same time. I'm using a New Braunfels offset that I rebuilt/restored. There are no leaks to speak of, so I...
  2. dave schiller

    Need some help in calculations

    I've been tasked to provide pulled pork bbq sandwiches for an event my wife is organizing in a month or so. She says to plan on serving 100 sandwiches. I'm currently researching the cost per meal (will serve individual bags of chips, offer slaw with the sandwiches). The cost per meal for...
  3. dave schiller

    Difficulty in lighting charcoal

    Last night, I decided to grill a couple of steaks on my small Weber kettle. I filled my chimney about 3/4 full with Royal Oak lump and proceeded to light it. I first used a single paraffin cube but nothing lit. Then I tried again with 2 cubes, still without success. So I then tried with...
  4. dave schiller

    Corn for smoking meat?

    I note that several folks use corn cobs for smoking meat. Since there a number of pellet smokers available and also corn fired stoves for heating, could corn be used for smoking in a pellet smoker? I've never seen an article about it. Wonder what the flavor would be? Have any of you folks...
  5. dave schiller

    Franklin Smoker

    It's been over a year since Franklin announced he would be building and selling smokers. I've not seen anything since then. Anybody have any updated info?
  6. dave schiller

    Need Some firewood?

    Folks, there's a major hurricane bearing down on southeast NC. If this one is like the last one several years ago, there will be all the free wood you need after next weekend. Some people will be paying to have it cut up and hauled away. Pay attention to updates/news on Hurricane Florence...
  7. dave schiller

    Boston Butts on Sale

    They are $0.99/lb at Harris Teeter stores in the southeast coast states. Just in time for bbq on July 4. The sell-by date on the one I bought is August 18.
  8. dave schiller

    Photo Test

  9. dave schiller

    Sad Story

    There was a restaurant in Raleigh that cooked all their food in Kamado smokers.  They advertised that this was the only restaurant in the world that cooked that way.  My wife and I ate there a couple of times and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was different and avant garde in the interior design and...
  10. dave schiller

    Brisket Has Stalled

    It's been at 162-165 for a couple of hours.  It's now 1230 and dinner is planned for about 1730 or 1800.  If I wrap now, this thing may be ready too early, even with a rest in a cooler.  How long can I continue to cook it before too long.  It's plenty moist now but I don't want to dry it out.
  11. dave schiller

    Need Some Reassurance

    I'm starting a brisket early tomorrow morning for dinner tomorrow night with some guests.  In order to get ahead as much as possible (I need to help my wife straighten things up), I trimmed and rubbed it (salt & pepper) about 1:00 pm today.  It's back in the fridge, in a covered baking dish.  Is...
  12. dave schiller

    Fire at Franklin BBQ

    A sad day in Austin.  http://www.foxnews.com/food-drink/2017/08/29/franklin-barbecue-to-rebuild-following-devastating-fire.html
  13. dave schiller

    Question About Weber Paraffin Starter Cubes

    The only discussion on these that I've found was about ten years ago, so I'll start a new thread.  I have some cubes that I haven't used, but did burn one today to see how they behave.  Seems to light easily, burn hot, and is unaffected by a breeze.  However, I noted an odor of some type of...
  14. dave schiller

    Franklin Smokers

    I note on Aaron Franklin's web site that he will be making and selling smokers in 2018.  No info is given as to price, dimensions, etc.  Somehow I don't think they will be cheap.  Scroll to the bottom of his home page for info.
  15. dave schiller

    Paging Joe Black

    Check for a PM from me.
  16. dave schiller


    I've been using charcoal for heat and wood pieces for flavor.  I was derided for not using wood exclusively since I have an unlimited source of free oak.  The wood I've picked of consists mainly of rough cut red oak that's a full 2" thick and varies from 2" wide to 12" wide.  Photo is attached...
  17. dave schiller

    Harbor Freight Wood (Log) Splitter

    I picked up the electric 5-ton unit today and have played with it a bit.  Anyone else out there have or have used one?  Seems to work well for what I'm using it for; making splits for my offset smoker. Couple of observations.  The unit is low, which means raising it to a comfortable height is...
  18. dave schiller

    Web Site Errors/Omissions

    I thought I posted this yesterday, but now can't find it.  I guess it didn't get posted, so I'll repeat it Why is it many brand name stores display web sites aren't accurate and reliable?  Many times, I have searched for and located a particular item in a store, only to find that it's not there...
  19. dave schiller

    Complaint About Big Box Web Sites

    When I search for a particular item and find it, often the item is not to be found in the store.  Many times, the site indicates that a specific store has 45 or whatever in stock.  Then when I go to the store, there are none there and the clerks have no clue.  Best recent example is the Costo...
  20. dave schiller

    Brisket Trimmings

    A lot of fat is typically trimmed from a brisket prior to smoking it.  What can be done with this "waste"?  Maybe put it in a shallow pan and cook it along with the brisket or put it in a perforated container and collect the drippings.  And then, what could be done with the end product? ...
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