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    Retirement Curve Ball

    part B: Brian, a lot of the rules have changed since I contracted. At the time, a contractor you can put a good chunk of change in a SEP-IRA (self employment). I don't know what dollars they count, but this could be away to bring it down. Ask an accountant.
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    Retirement Curve Ball

    Congratulations Brian. If you don't need the money, I'd pass. That said, an extra $24K less taxes would buy a nice introduction to retirement road trip. There are sites with dog approved hotels. Our dog got a bath at Petco while we went to the one place we wanted to go that wouldn't take him.
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    Bacon Jam

    Obviously I want to make this too, but am a little challenged. 5 onions, a lot of shallots, (1/3 - 1/2 the volume of the onions?) * carmelized till brown, not burnt then chopped garlic for (I'm guessing a minute or so) till you can smell it. I think the garlic is the white hunks, so maybe 4...
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    Maple bacon

    I'm another bacon newbie and greatly appreciate the recipes. If someone could add times and temp, I'd appreciate it. I tried making 1lb with applewood today. Tasty, but needed a little more salt. I rinsed it off after the brine. Should I have just gone from brine to smoker?
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    Roast Beef Sandwich on Garlic Focaccia Bread

    Have you tried baking in your smoker or bbq? A baking stone really helps.
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    First Bird

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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    My Traeger Mods...So Far

    I bought mine at Ace Hardware. I think you want kiln bricks, from a pottery supply store, or other high temp bricks, like those from a pizza oven. When I combined these with my Ortech controller upgrade, my smoking temp's smoothed out.
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    Smoked Kielbasi

    Thanks for the info on the grinder.
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    Smoked Kielbasi

    Tropics, I have a raincheck for a few .99/lb pork butts and your recipe (Thanks!) has jumped the line of things I want to try. What meat grinder do you use and how do you like it? Thanks Again for the Inspiration
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    How Long Do Pellets Keep?

    I'm a newbie. I'm about 10 pork butts , 12 racks of ribs, some trout and salmon into smoking. I read on another thread about folks buying a lot of pellets when they come on sale. Assuming they are kept out of the sun in a dry spot, a garage or vented shed in my case, how long will they keep...
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    My Traeger Mods...So Far

    I'm catching up with all of you. I finally put my Ortech TR100 and a box of fire bricks in my junior. It happily craddled 4 racks of ribs, in my rib racks. A lid gasket is next. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas and implementations.
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