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    Roast beef sammy time!


    Bangers and Mash!

    This was my first time making this, so I tried to follow the recipe as is. I scaled it back for only a pound of pork, and used ground instead of pork shoulder. This was kind of spur of the moment so I didn't hang the links, or rest them in the fridge. They were stuffed, and thrown in the...

    Lekue Silicone Bread Maker

    If this has been mentioned before, I apologize. I just picked up one of these on Amazon, and I am very impressed. I'm usually the only one eating bread, and was tired of buying big loaves. This bread maker did the trick. Opened up as the mixing bowl. Closed up, and ready for the oven, or...

    A few pickled veggies

    I scored some nice looking cucumbers, green beans, red onions, and okra at the local Farmer's Market the other day. I decided to pickle all of it. I used SmokinAl's pickle recipe, but processed the jars in a water bath so they would be shelf stable. 4 pints of pickled cukes, 2-1/2 pints of...

    National Chicken Wing Day!

    Like we need an excuse!

    First time pickles

    Followed Al’s recipe, but boiled the jars to make them shelf stable. The wait is going to be terrible.

    Fridge/Freezer raid!

    It was leftover night. Re-heated a burger patty and topped with Roma tomato slices, horseradish and Duke's mayo. Sides were corn with poblano and red peppers, Frozen fries with a Carolina dipping sauce and dill pepperoncinis! Of course, I had to add a few dabs of hot sauce to the meal. Dave

    RecTec Drumsticks

    I decided my RecTec wasn't getting enough love lately, so it was time to fire the Mini up. Smoked some drumsticks at 180 for a couple of hours, and then cranked the temp to 425 to finish them off. Served with Greek salad. Drums were seasoned with SPOG, and basted with a Vinegar, Mustard...

    Nashville Smashville.

    Decided to grill up some smashburgers on the Jumbo Joe. Put some red onions, and red taters in a foil pack to cook as well. SPOG was the only seasoning. Toasted the buns, and coated them with horseradish and Duke's Mayo. Threw in some tomatoes to top it off.

    New member of the family.

    Unloaded the small gasser, and replaced it with a Weber Jumbo Joe. Great addition to the arsenal when I’m just grilling for one, or two people.

    Hottie Sauce

    Post up your Hottie Sauce collection.

    Thank You johnmeyer

    I want to give John a HUGE Thank You for sending me one of his 3D printed anti-flap attachments for my Chef's Choice slicer. This little gizmo pretty much cured my huge gripe about these slicers. The pic is halfway through a 2 lb pork belly after a couple of hours in the freezer. ZERO flap...

    What's Shakin? Bakin!

    I've had these pork bellies vacuum sealed in a Maple wet/dry rub for around 10 days in the fridge, then dusted with a little Slap Yo Mama!. Into the Rec Tec at 180 degrees until around 150. More pics to come.

    Never been to Chicago, but!

    I sure do like their dogs.

    To those in the Plains!

    To anyone living in that part of the country, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. You're getting some pretty epic weather right now!

    Vortex thighs

    For those of you that have a kettle, but no vortex, I would strongly suggest you look into getting one. These things take chicken to another level.


    I know everyone has their own opinion on this, but what is your preferred ratio? I've seen 2-1-1-1, 4-1-1-1, etc. I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday! Dave

    Beer and Boredom!

    So I was enjoying a cold snack and staring at my smoker wondering what I haven’t smoked on it. It being backpacking season, instant potatoes are a great meal on the trail, so I thought why not smoke instant potatoes. If it failed at least it was a cheap experiment. These turned out...

    3 day weekend

    i decided to take the day off and cook for the weekend’s activities. Made diggingdogfarms brat recipe for the Vols game tomorrow. My parents wanted pulled pork, so I’m smoking a 5# butt. I’ve got a Yeti full of beer and just enjoying hanging on the back porch reading on this forum. Hope...

    Question on snack sticks

    Do you guys (and gals) see a problem putting the stuffed sticks in a dehydrator starting at around 130 for a couple of hours before going into the smoker at 150? The lowest my Rec Tec will go is 150. Thanks for the help.
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