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  1. bluewhisper

    High on the Hog

    In the international news, a drug-smuggling ring was busted in Italy when feral pigs dug up $22K worth of buried cocaine. https://www.newsweek.com/italy-drug-bust-wild-boar-hidden-cocaine-destroyed-smuggling-operation-1471472 I want a gun and some knives and a meat grinder and my best disco...
  2. bluewhisper

    DaWeber 22 split grate hot indirect with CHX THG

    DaWeber is a rescue 1990 enjoying a second life with me. I've made seversl modifications to it, including cutting the OEM grate in half. One reason for this is shown here. First, the grate can easily be cut by three snips with bolt cutters. A hacksaw would work. Then, you should enlarge the...
  3. bluewhisper

    Can you cook under a roof?

    Weather came up in another thread, and it made me wonder, how many of us can proceed with whatever smoking or grilling, under a roof, regardless of rain? My patio is under a roof, and I have another slab behind the garage. That's my usual open-air smoking spot for the offset or the Weber. I've...
  4. bluewhisper

    Does anyone know the origin of the basic offset design?

    There are many brands and many versions, but does anyone know when/where/how the basic idea of having a firebox on the side of a barrel began?
  5. bluewhisper

    Wow that is some cheap construction

    I was browsing around in a big-box store that I won't name, and they had a display model of a vertical smoker whose brand i won't name. I poked around it a bit, opened doors etc. I was disappointed in the cheap construction. The thickness of the metal was comparable to that of a steel soup can...
  6. bluewhisper

    Smoking with honeysuckle wood chips?

    I tried the Search for this but the hits were about turkey. I've led volunteer events where we cut Amur Honeysuckle bushes out of parks, and the City crews chip them and dump the chips. I could get tons of that, literally. Does anyone smoke with that? Would it be poisonous or anything? I'm...
  7. bluewhisper

    Urgent warning to everyone near, or south of the Equator!

    Eat your ice cream before it melts. Here in Ohio I don't have that problem. Difficult times to be a nudist.
  8. bluewhisper

    Let's go to the bathroom

    These rest room facilities are in a local park. To me, they look like they could easily be converted to smokehouses.
  9. bluewhisper

    Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery

    I happen to live near the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery so as a nod to our Southern members I stopped in to take a first look and pay my respects. This is on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. It's like a smaller version of Arlington National Cemetery. Many POWs who never made it home...
  10. bluewhisper

    Recommend a small sauce maker

    You can find all of the major sauce brands by the gallons, but what about the little guys? What regional producers deserve attention? Share your reviews. I'm starting this thread because I was approached by a guy in a grocery parking lot. At first I thought he might be a panhandler, but he was...
  11. bluewhisper

    Sweep Log: Outside Garden bay #111

    Yesterday while I was wearing an orange apron at work, I swept out bay 111 which held a pallet of bundled split firewood earlier this year. Some of the bundles had broken, and there was a shopping cart full of a mix of hardwoods and birch. I asked my assistant manager if I could take it, and he...
  12. bluewhisper

    Steel pail + chicken wire = ash screen

    When I'm running DaWeber I can snuff the fire after I'm finished cooking, which leaves some usable fuel. So, I finally got a steel pail for bbq ashes. I have some spare chicken wire (aka "poultry netting") so it was easy to roll some out, cut it, and fold it double. I pushed that down into a...
  13. bluewhisper

    DaWeber Lowboy project

    Here's a project I've had in mind since I rescued this 1990 (date code M on the top vent) 22-inch Weber kettle. I wanted to set up a short version, to be at a convenient height for people sitting in chairs. I'll keep the original legs. First, since the front leg had no tip on it, I got a 1-inch...
  14. bluewhisper

    Spring is here and grills are going on display

    When my local grocery store's entrance is lined with bags of charcoal, I know they're beginning to promote grilling season. But everything is priced at top dollar, not like in the Fall when things are marked down. Yesterday I was looking at some grills that were priced at $69.00 and frankly not...
  15. bluewhisper

    Saturday's butt

    I found a nice deal on a shoulder butt so I grabbed it. I scored it and gave it a rub And then on to the offset, smoking with briquettes, maple splts and pecan chunks. Meanwhile, I prepared the mop - "Market District" is the in-house brand name at Giant Eagle stores. Nice...
  16. bluewhisper

    Tesla Roadster orbit pic

    "Set as Desktop Background" clicked.
  17. bluewhisper

    Pork sausage project for a cool day

    Yesterday was 40F and breezy, and I was on the patio with a pork butt, the Chop-Rite #10, and the 22-inch Weber. I had two plans: One was to grind most of the pork for breakfast sausage, and the other was to smoke some of the pork to cube into a batch of chili. I had originally intended to buy...
  18. bluewhisper

    Smoked Dried Pepper Grinding Comparison

    Like many people here, I smoke peppers. I usually start from dried pods which might already be brittle and crumbly, or tough and leathery like Guajillo which become brittle after some smoky discipline. Then I grind them, and I have two coffee grinders to choose from. Both of these are from the...
  19. bluewhisper

    Did anyone else get password reset emails they didn't ask for?

    I got two of them overnight. But there's nothing wrong with my password and I'm logged in just fine.
  20. bluewhisper

    Smoked tuna?

    I'm surfing a site of Mexican recipes, in Spanish, and I came across "atún ahumado" which would be smoked tuna. That made me wonder, does anyone smoke canned tuna?
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