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  1. tx smoker

    Beef Back Ribs & Turkey Breast On The Stick Burner (Q-View)

    The clean up process from SNOVID 21 is coming along nicely, albeit a lot of work. Decided to slip in some cook time last Saturday and have a couple of friends over for dinner. Tracy wanted the meaty beef back ribs, which was fine but my stash of smoked turkey was getting low too so did a combo...
  2. tx smoker

    Featured 2021 CenTex Que & Brew Event Is Happening....We Hope

    We did the first one in 2019 and had grand visions to do the second one last Summer but y'all know what happened with that idea :emoji_wink: This event is the brain child of our good friend Zach ( @Misplaced Nebraskan ) and I was blessed to have the honor of hosting it. This year is no...
  3. tx smoker

    Who's Planning To Attend The TN Gathering Next Month?

    At this snapshot in time it appears that Jake ( @TNJAKE ) and Jim ( @JLeonard ) will definitely be doing the event that was posted not too long ago. It will be held April 30th to May 2nd if memory serves me correctly and I'm planning to attend. My airline tickets were gotten yesterday so I'm...
  4. tx smoker

    Johnny Ray Is Coming To Visit!!

    What started out as a genuine offer to host a visit from an SMF member, I just got confirmation that @Johnny Ray will be coming to visit later this month. I'm very much looking forward to meeting he and his lovely bride. The icing on the cake is that I get the honor...privilege...of preparing a...
  5. tx smoker

    Bachelor Night Dinner: Seared Lamb T-Bones (A Few Pics)

    I was blessed to receive an amazing package of exotic and interesting goodies from our good friend Jake ( @TNJAKE ) in out Christmas exchange. One of the items I received was a package of 6 lamb t-bones. Tracy not being a fan of lamb would not have appreciated them so I waited till she was gonna...
  6. tx smoker

    Special Meal For A Special Lady: Valentines NY Strips (W / Pics)

    My birthday was a week before Valentines Day and Tracy let me cook whatever I wanted. Being that she humored me I thought it only fair to cook whatever she wanted for Valentines Day. I asked her a couple days in advance and she came up with a simple but delicious menu request: NY Strips...
  7. tx smoker

    Deep Dish Meatball Parmesan Pizza (Pics)

    I've been toying with this concept for a week or two now and finally decided to pull the trigger after reading the lasagna thread that was posted by Ryan ( @Brokenhandle ). Don't ask what lasagna had to do with being the driving force behind me deciding to go ahead and do this because I honestly...
  8. tx smoker

    Life Somewhat Returning To Normal

    Well some good new alas, and hopefully I'm not the only one who is in this position. Unless the power was cut at some point in the night while I was asleep, we've not had an electrical outage since late afternoon yesterday. Water came back on in the middle of the night but went back off for some...
  9. tx smoker

    A Little Fun: Your Favorite T-Shirt (4 Pics)

    This may seem a bit silly but I'm bored out of my mind. Actually I thought about this a couple weeks ago but decided to go ahead and toss it out there. I've been a T-Shirt fiend since elementary school. On the shelves in my closet are hundreds of them. I've collected them from concerts, places...
  10. tx smoker

    Green Chile Pistachio Crusted Loin Chops (W / Pics)

    My buddy Ray ( @sawhorseray ) recently showcased some pork chops he did. They appeared to have a light coating or breading of some sort and they looked absolutely amazing. When I saw them I knew I had to do something along those lines. Y'all know that I tend to get a little weird at times with...
  11. tx smoker

    I Am Declaring This A Disaster (Lotsa Pics)

    Tracy and I bought the land that the house is built on just over 10 years ago. It took 3 years for the economy to rebound so we could get a decent price for our previous house and for me to design the new house and get it built. Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of us moving in. As soon as we got...
  12. tx smoker

    3 1/2 Pound T-Bone: An Exercise In Simplicity (W / Q-View)

    I've seen a few episodes of Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine and have enjoyed them to a large degree. One theme I believe I've picked up on is that when he creates the new menus for these places he tends to keep it simple but still makes some really good food. I took that concept last...
  13. tx smoker

    Smothered Italian Sausage & Pasta With Spicy Sauce (Pics)

    I've kinda had a craving for Meatball Parmesan subs recently. My buddy Steve ( @Steve H ) posted a couple of Italian sausage subs he did a few days ago and man did they ever look good!! Those suddenly took precedent over the meatball subs I'd wanted so got a package of homemade Italian sausages...
  14. tx smoker

    Grilled Calzone Turnover (W Pics)

    Not exactly sure what to call this or what it is, so I just called it this, even though I never turned it over :emoji_laughing: This one was done a little while back and has just been sitting in the folder on my desktop. It was kind of a cool cook and a really good meal so thought I'd toss it...
  15. tx smoker

    Couple Of Good Friends, Couple Of Porterhouse Steaks (Pic Heavy)

    As with many others, we have severely restricted our interaction with people over the past year. There have only been a few people that we really trust. Two of those people have been our best friends for a long time and the pandemic has only made the bond closer being that the time we do spend...
  16. tx smoker

    Pork Loin Carnitas In A Cheddar Cheese Bowl (With Pics)

    I'll preface this by saying that these aren't authentic Caritas. All I had was a pork loin so went with it and did not mess with running to the store for a shoulder. The seasoning however was authentic. Sadly though I didn't write down amounts so can just give a brief summary if asked. I cubed...
  17. tx smoker

    Happy Birthday TN John!!

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's John's ( @SmokinVOLfan ) birthday. He's finally old enough to drink all those light beers he tends to showcase when he posts his amazing meals. Hope you have a great day my friend and can't wait to see what you cook up for yourself as a birthday offering. Robert
  18. tx smoker

    Holy Moly Stromboli!! (W/Pics)

    I actually made this a while ago and the pics have just been sitting in a folder on the desktop of my computer. Every time I thought about posting it somebody else posted something similar so I kept holding off not wanting to steal somebody else's limelight. The time has come....finally. Made...
  19. tx smoker

    A Couple Of NY Strips (Q-View)

    A couple weeks ago I stopped at Costco to get some cheese. That's it. Only three blocks of cheese and I'm leaving. Turns out they were running a special. If you buy 3 blocks of cheese for $312 you get a 15# USDA Prime beef toploin roast, a 9# pork loin, two cases of diet coke (for Tracy), twelve...
  20. tx smoker

    Beef Brisket Bacon Experiment: Success!! (Pics)

    I've wanted to try making beef bacon for a long time but can't seem to find the bellies. I contacted several places online as well as a couple of local ranches that process their own beef. Nothing, nada, not a single response. On a whim I decided I'd give it a shot using an 18# CPB whole packer...
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