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  1. dennis waters

    Spring is knocking

      Friends and family at "Matildas" cook and it is nearly time for another one.!!!!
  2. dennis waters

    My Cook Shack Photos !

    Photo #1 Annie has learned where the food comes from !
  3. dennis waters

    New cook shack and lots of steer and pig meat

    The shack will be initiated this weekend, brisket, pulled pork, six racks of ribs, four kind of Texas sausage, tater salad, charo beans, dump cake, and "Matilda's" redneck Five gal Margaritta machine and TEXAS STEINER Beer. Live music, friends and family, WELCOME and good bye winter ! Q View...
  4. dennis waters

    Smoke shack finished

    "Matida's Big Ass Smoker" and smaller smoker in place, fish cookers and etc in place. !/2 case of Arkansas POST Red Muscadine wine and plenty of good ole TEXAS STEINER BOCK BEER. Ready to Rumble! Photos will follow after a quick trip to Dallas tomorrow for a promotion reception for my daughter...
  5. dennis waters

    Sunday Family Get Together Q views Brisket and etc

    Rain falling here in East Texas on a Sunday morning. Was up at 5:00 a m getting smoker hot . Meat went on at 6:00 a m. Beans soaked all night and started low and slow. Mushrooms stuffed with crawfish, potato salad and blackberry dump cake.
  6. dennis waters

    Cold East Texas Rain and a smoker loaded

    Cold rain falling and a temp drop of 20 degrees here in East Texas. The smoker is loaded with jerky smoking low and slow and a big pile of Pittsburg Texas hot links smoking along side. Nothing like a "Pittsburg Hot Link Wrap Around" and a cold Stiner Bock. For all you "Non-Rednecks" a wrap...
  7. dennis waters

    Daddy's TEXAS GURL love jerky

    I carried a bag of my jerky to my daughters in McKinney, Texas. So, now I have to make more this week and ship it to her. "Texas girls LOVE jerky" !!
  8. dennis waters

    Personal evaluation on "Lambs Breast"

    FRIENDS! --Being from the GREAT STATE of TEXAS I must confess that on several occasions I have consumed to much adult beverages (Steiner Bock /Jack Black) and other beverage's. Doing so I have eaten some BBQ Shetland pony cooked in a dirt pit, had "coon" (raccoon) and collard greens, rattlesnake...
  9. dennis waters

    Ribs and Lambs Breast Q view

    The meat is out of the smoker and resting. However some pieces just happened to fall off as I was taking them out of the smoker AND DAMM it is good. Being from "THE GREAT STATE of TEXAS" I cannot give a honest opinion of the lamb, this will have to be judged by the "ONE WHAT BRUNG IT".
  10. dennis waters

    Lambs Breast Q view

    Lambs Breast searing before going into smoker
  11. dennis waters

    Ribs---Ribs---Ribs Q view

       Ribs on @10:00 a m and the Lambs Breast on the grill searing with greek seasoning
  12. dennis waters

    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being from THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS I do beef and pork ! Tomorrow I am doing 9 racks of ribs, no problem with this , but, a friend brought over a package of LAMBS RIBS (lambs breast) and ask me to do them*******"I AIN'T never done no lamb of any kind! Please give me a hint on rub or whatever...
  13. dennis waters

    Beef Jerky on a spring like day (Q view)

    Finished the jerky process today !/2 cup of Jack Black 1Tbs sugar 1/4 cup soy sauce 1/4 cup Teriyaki 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce 1 bottle beer 1Tb sp kosher salt 1/4 tsp red pepper 1Tbs course black pepper sliced round roast approx 3/8 in and trimed fat placed in plastic bag with...
  14. dennis waters

    jerky first run

    My first run at making jerky,will know Sunday how it turns out               .
  15. dennis waters

    Arkansas Hog Fans Smoker

    I built this for Arkansas Hog Fans here on the Texas / Arkansas Stateline. On the back side it has a reciever hitch that slides into the reciever on the vehicle for transportation and a detachable handle for pulling it Smoke comes out the nose and the BUTTTTTT".
  16. dennis waters

    New cook shack coming

    Happy, Happy,Happy !!! My new cook area is getting a concrete slab and a large cover. Plenty of room to cook and hang out. Plans for sinks and portable cabinets in the works.
  17. dennis waters

    Whisky ???????

    Whisky, I am a OLD HIPPY and does anyone remember "STRAWBERRY HILL" ??????
  18. dennis waters

    Pulled Pork / Freezing Rain

    Well it made it to East Texas! Woke up this morning to the sound of thunder and freezing rain. Happy I did the smoke yesterday and today I will enjoy P P sandwich with an adult beverage and watch the freeze. 
  19. dennis waters

    Pork Shoulder on a cold East Texas day PHOTOS

    One day without rain and I got the chance to smoke A pork butt with my own rub and injected with Rum / Apple juice / and butter. Placed in sealed bag for forty-eight hours. Smoked @ 250-275, naked for three hours, double foiled for four hrs and naked for one hour internal 169 degrees. Pinto...
  20. dennis waters

    Rained out here in East Texas

    I have the shoulder ready and waiting for 12 hours with the rub on and now we have rain, storms,sleet and more to come. DON"T think I will smoke today! YES a covered cook shack is in the near future.
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