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  1. FishAndBeer

    Reverse seared beef tenderloin

    My local grocery store had tenderloins on sale for 7.99 a lb. I picked one up and decided to revearse sear it whole... Started my coals with some post oak and got the kettle up to around 250... while it was warming up I put a foil pan in there with a stick of butter, some rosemary, fresh minced...
  2. FishAndBeer

    B&B Charcoal Sale

    I know a lot of guys here perfer the B&B brand so I thought I'd share. Ace hardware has the 17.6 LB Bags are on sale for 9.99 right now... Pretty good deal if you ask me I just went to my local Ace and grabbed the last 2 bags...
  3. FishAndBeer

    Philly Cheatsteaks

    Got this idea from a youtube video so I figured id try it out. Started with 80/20 ground beef. Threw in a little seasoning, some dales and Worcestershire sauce into the meat. Also chopped up some sweet peppers and onions once the blackstone was heated up thew it on Boy did this smell good after...
  4. FishAndBeer

    Salmon on the Blackstone

    Made some salmon on the blackstone tonight... turned out awesome. The blackstone has been one of my favorite purchases in a long time. Basted it with a little butter and rosemery.. no dill on hand.. the taste turned out wonderful thanks for looking! The lady and I both truly enjoyed this simple...
  5. FishAndBeer

    Pork butt carnitas

    First time trying this so we will see how it turns out but I started with a pork butt seasoned with some dirty bird.. About a hour in... while waiting for it to hit 160 I juiced some oranges and cut up a onion. I also finely grated about 8 garlic cloves. it hit 160 so I pulled it to wrap now...
  6. FishAndBeer

    Ribeyes on the blackstone

    Scored some beautiful ribeyes on my grocery store run today. Decided I wanted to try them out on the blackstone instead of the kettle tonight. I let them sit to get to room temp. Than covered in oil SPG and a little cow cover. Threw them on and flipped them every couple minutes untilthey were...
  7. FishAndBeer

    Tilapia tacos on the Blackstone!

    Hey y'all... not to many pictures but the final product. I recently got a Blackstone and I am absolutely loving it. This is only my third cook on it but decided to make some fish tacos. The slaw Is a bagged blend from the store than I added fresh cilantro, and some avocado and tossed it with...
  8. FishAndBeer

    Pulled pork chipotle bbq nachos

    Hey all. I had some leftover pulled pork and the craving for nachos so I threw this together. I started by making some chipotle sauce I than layared pulled pork, cheddar, a mexican blend cheese, onions, bbq and chipolte sauce on some tortilla chips Threw them in the oven at 400 for about 20...
  9. FishAndBeer

    First hot and fast pork butt on the kettle

    Hello all. New to this fourm but have been lurking a long time soaking up information. Today I am cooking a pork butt keeping the kettle around 275-300. Seasoned it last night and wrapped in seran wrap in the fridge overnight. Than put a fresh coat on before throwing it on the kettle. Let it sit...
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