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  1. cheech

    VSS questions before I try my first batch.

    Like what has been said make it test it taste it. But start with the base recipe so that you have a standard to base future recipes from.
  2. cheech

    Bear's "Step by Step" Index

    wow thanks for sharing your knowledge
  3. cheech

    Michigan Made bbq sauces

    I am told Big Moe's is also available at Meijer stores and is a very good sauce
  4. cheech

    Newest OTBS Members

    Congrats and welcome to the club
  5. cheech

    Do you have a recipe in Jeff's book and going to be at MIM

    I would love to have those who have a recipe in Jeff's book and going to be at Memphis in May to sign my copy. If you are going to be there and willing to sign your page please let me know.
  6. cheech

    Thanksgiving turkey slow cooking in the oven - advice?

    -make sure to add butter between the skin and the meat, -not sure but from what I gather does not matter if you place breast up or down -mix your dry spices up with oil I prefer olive oil and a few drops of sesame oil -even after brining I find that placing the turkey in a oven bag works...
  7. cheech

    How long will finishing sauce keep

    I would guess that rather than it going bad the heat would be increased by the amount of pepper in there.
  8. cheech

    Smoked Dried Beef with lots of Qview

    Adding to my to do list. thanks for sharing.
  9. cheech

    Just want to say thanks!!!

    If you share some of the pictures inside the unit we can try to figure out what is up with the temps Nice work
  10. cheech

    New to building

    First make sure to introduce yourself in roll call so that we can give you a proper welcome. That looks like that will be a great start on your new smoker.  If you have any specific questions please ask sooner or later someone will come along who is a bit of an expert in that area. Welcome aboard
  11. cheech

    Starting the season;}-

    Don't forget to add some fatties to that too. Sounds like a great time.
  12. cheech

    scotch egg fatty

    Mix the egg into the fattie......Brilliant idea  
  13. cheech

    Best Salmon Dip Ever - Super Easy

    A little bit of Frank's Hot Sauce goes a long way too.
  14. cheech

    michigan newbie

    Welcome to the forum and welcome from a fellow Michigander
  15. cheech

    Help find a great place to eat in Dallas

    Well I ended up going to Sonny's Let me just say they may be changing the menu because of me. I couldn't help it but they had an all you can eat option. They put some serious hurt into me but I got my moneys worth. For a chain they are pretty good. Took some of their sauce home and will try...
  16. cheech

    Help find a great place to eat in Dallas

    Looking for a great place to eat in Dallas can anyone give me any suggestions? I am looking for a real Texas BBQ place.
  17. cheech

    Cabbage & Ramen Noodle Salad

    Last batch I made we took the noodles and added some butter in a fry pan and browned the noodles. It was awesome. Try it some time you may get hooked too.
  18. cheech

    Hi from Cedar Springs MI

    Welcome aboard. Drove through your town this afternoon. Glad to have you on board.
  19. cheech

    Crab Apple Tree

    Yes I use it on a regular basis and is as good as the regular apple trees
  20. cheech

    How do you ship Q to friends across country?

    I have some friends that have asked me to ship them some of my Q. How do you ship it with out it going bad? Will dry ice be good enough?
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