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  1. bud's bbq

    2008 Gathering Complete

    Sounds like it was a wonderful gathering. We really wanted to be there again this year. It was so great to talk to Mike, Chad, and Joe Saturday night. We promise to make it next year. Thanks for the memories and, by the way, the banner was very cool!!! Bud "dropsy" BBQ
  2. bud's bbq

    Who makes cookers?

    Think this is what your looking for. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=1476
  3. bud's bbq

    I'm soooo Mad at Myself

    I just walked in the door from running errands and some how, this ends up being my fault! She makes the best pumpkin cranberry bread of all time. But, the recipe was not really Tonto's. So, if she publishes it with her new garlic mod, she can take complete credit and enter it in the next...
  4. bud's bbq


    First and foremost, congratulations to the new inductees into what I personally treasure as an accomplishment and an honor: OTBS. Sadly, this site sounds all too much like a mid-day soap opera. SMF was initiated and perpetuated by folks of all backgrounds and from all parts of the country with...
  5. bud's bbq

    Breaking The Ice

    Placebo, I work for the largest office furniture company in the World, Steelcase. Your link cracked me up, falling on the floor laughing. Can't wait to share this with my office folks. Tonto, my beautiful important half, pointed this out to me and really enjoyed the laughs!!
  6. bud's bbq

    What is everyone doing for Christmas?

    Looking forward to having christmas at home. Mike and Jane are spending the holiday with us and we just have to do some smoking. I see where many of you'all are smoking turkeys. Any tricks to share?
  7. bud's bbq

    Happy Birthday Bud's BBQ

    Monty, Bill and Deb, Thanks for thinking of me. I sit here tonight, a Jack or two not with standing, and think of all the great bbq folks we have met. From Clinton Mo to Lebanon, Tn, rilly great people who share a very basic and fundamental love of smoked meat. Thanks again for making this...
  8. bud's bbq

    Happy Birthday Bud's BBQ

    Thanks for thinking of me. I don't put much on birthdays, but you all have made this one of the best! Mags, sorry but the 13th was taken when I was born. The 15th has a decent ring to it....... Hawg, maybe more like a minced meat pie lately????? Gypsy, great to hear from you. And, great to...
  9. bud's bbq

    SmokyOkie Ice Damage

    Good news on the power. Hope Okie can get back to normal as soon as possible. Anything we can do to help?
  10. bud's bbq

    SmokyOkie Ice Damage

    here's hoping Oakie and family are okay. Mike, any update on electric availability?
  11. bud's bbq

    2008 Annual SMF Gathering Alert

    The gathering last year was great. The logistics and planning associated with this type of event are staggering. Urge that we all give Mike, Chad and other planners our full cooperation. Mike, just a suggestion: Since SMF is not really a democracy, dictate a place, date and cost. The rest of...
  12. bud's bbq

    New Mascot ?

    We've got 3 kitty critters, none of whom are smokeable!! lol
  13. bud's bbq

    New Mascot ?

    Maggie is under age......so, no porno pics!!!
  14. bud's bbq

    New Mascot ?

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it......she just seemed 'rib ready'. The first doggie toy she took to was the John Deer toy. Why 'Maggie'? ......because of 'ultra Mag'!!!
  15. bud's bbq

    New Mascot ?

    As some of you know, Wylie Q was an erstwhile and honorable BBQ mascot who helped us kick off the first Gathering. Sadly, we lost Wylie in August. Wylie, as every one knows, also caused the infamous grassy ribs (sic, grassy knoll) fiasco at said gathering. We just returned from our last comp...
  16. bud's bbq

    Welcoming Pigcicles to the Mod Group!

    Hip, Hip, Horay for Pigs!! Jeff has re-confirmed his wise and judicious choice in talent. Glad to see you as a mod, Joe. bud
  17. bud's bbq

    Smokin' Scotsmen BBQ team Annoucement

    You are talking about Nelsonville Ohio comp on 19 20 Oct. We were originally going to do that one on Oct 19/20, but have decided to do Barn Burner comp in Libertyville IL on the same weekend!(19/20 OCT)Here is the link to the Liberteyville comp...
  18. bud's bbq

    Wish Tonto well

    She's Home!!! Some infectious disease spe******t finally broke the code on what kills the bugs best. We can take her off the IV and move to pills, thus, she was released late yesterday. I can't express how very much appreciated all of your thoughts and prayers meant. The tough ole crusty...
  19. bud's bbq

    Magnets on the fire box??

    Not sure about magnets, but is there some type of industrial grade, high temp epoxy adhesive that would work?
  20. bud's bbq

    Wish Tonto well

    Well, here we are at day 4 and the infection is getting under control but this bacteria is really fighting her. We are waiting on the culture tests to be sure the most effective antibiotics are being applied. We are hoping and praying that the next step does not lead to surgery. Ironically...
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