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  1. wild west

    Store bought canned tomatoes

    I think there are some members here that use the San marzanos grown in California. As good or better quality but less spendy. I'm sure they will chime in if they see this. I've grown my own but wasn't happy with the quality Maybe too cold climate here on the prairies.
  2. wild west

    Think I'm ready to talk about it finally

    They likely caught fire and put out some sooty black smoke. I get 10 to 12 hours from a full tray of pellets.
  3. wild west

    Think I'm ready to talk about it finally

    I see you mentioned maybe the pellets burned too quickly. Was the tray full and how long did it take to burn them.
  4. wild west

    Tasty Chicago Pizza FAIL!!!

    Thanks for the help guys
  5. wild west

    Tasty Chicago Pizza FAIL!!!

    I don't have a round 12 inch cake pan. Is there any reason you couldn't use a 9x13x2 aluminum pan instead
  6. wild west

    Snack stick casing

    I buy 21-23 pretubed sheep caseing from JB Sausage Maker Supplies in Saskatoon. They have a website but I'm not sure if it would be worth while for a real small order. I've also seen collagen caseings at cabellas and also at princess auto so you could check those out.
  7. wild west

    Brisket Brined for PASTRAMI Question

    I'm not sure what the right answer is but your method is not something I would do. It's my understanding that the curing process does not occur at temperatures below 34 degrees . Also going through the freeze thaw cycle 17 to 21 times(2 1/2 to 3 weeks) would certainly degrade the meat quality...
  8. wild west

    InkBird - No longer in business??

    It looks like they were addressing your issue in post #9. Did you try to pm them.
  9. wild west

    Dry Brine/Pastrami

    Sorry Moisture reabsorbed by the meat
  10. wild west

    Dry Brine/Pastrami

    Hi Dan. General rule for dry rub cure is the cure will penetrate 1/4 inch per day so 1/4 inch per side per day and adding a couple days as a safety measure means it would be fully cured in 5 days. I generally let it cure for close to 2 weeks though to allow any moisture that's extracted by the...
  11. wild west

    Question about plug-n-play PID controller-thing...

    I have the same auber model that I use with a hotplate in my insulated food service cabinet. In the summer months I can run Temps up in around 320 to 340 so I stripped all the controls and such out of the hotplate so no meltable parts. Then I wired the two burners together and used high temp...
  12. wild west

    MES won’t stop heating

    I looked at that model of inkbird pid but it only controls temp up to 248 degrees so went with a different one instead.
  13. wild west

    Does Anybody

    Yup .....real good
  14. wild west

    Charcoal supplies

    Have you checked walmart or canadian tire. That's where I buy here in sask. No shortage 8.99 for the 16 lb bag of royal oak classic. Almost double that price for kingsford blue bag
  15. wild west

    Sausage Hanging

    I'm not familiar with that hanger but if it doesnt replace the top rack in the smoker could you lay it on top of the top rack for support with the hooks facing down
  16. wild west

    Temperature differences?

    Hi Mike. As you have found by these books that there is a wide range in opinions how to produce good bbq and there is no right or wrong way if you are happy with the results . 225 is a more traditional temp for smoking but in my opinion 165 finish internal temp is only good for chicken. It's...
  17. wild west

    Bologna hanging or laying??

    I've tried both hanging and laying flat and now just lay flat on the racks for the same reasons as mentioned above. I usually smoke for about 8hrs and then finish to 145 via sous vide and hold that temp for 30 mins in the kitchen sink (a water bath on the stove works as well but is more hands...
  18. wild west

    Featured Local fruit wood

    I've never tried it but have read you can use jack fruit wood. Also lychee wood and coconut husks are used.
  19. wild west

    Bacon raped Lollipops

    Those look great. I need to learn how to remove the tendons.
  20. wild west

    Weber Kettle or ProQ Frontier for Occasional Smoking

    I have both plus a couple other smokers and a gas grill. If I was to only have one it would be the kettle. The pro q is sold as napolean apollo here in canada is is a very good quality smoker ( a close comparison is the wsm) and you can also use it as a grill useing the bottom section by...
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